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Playmate Chess Set

The fun never stops with the Playmate Chess Set ($31) by Buro fur Form. With amusing rubber pieces that look like finger monster puppets we'll be laughing at something other than our sneaky check mate (mwahahaha). We really like that it comes in chartreuse and... [More]

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Will Ferrell Sunscreen

You know Ron Burgundy would luv to put his hands all over your body to rub in this Will Ferrell Sunscreen ($10). Impress the other ladies at the pool; choose from Sexy Hot Tan or Sun Stroke for a lightweight sunscreen with SPF 30 and... [More]

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Normal Watches

These are totally going to do for watches what the Swatch did back in the Eighties. Designed by two guys who love bikes and met by kismet, these Normal Watches ($20) are meant to be stacked and admired. With hilarious graphics and catchy phrases like... [More]

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Do it yourself studded sneakers

Studs are BIG this season, metallic studs that is, and we're totally freaking over these Kettle Black Converse ($550). Then we thought, hey, we can do that, check it! How to stud yo' feet: You'll need a pair of shoes, studs, a regular hammer, and... [More]

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Incognito? Moustache Ring

We're not sure if you noticed, but the moustache is back with a vengeance. This Incognito? Ring ($45) allows us ladies to get in on the action. You'd better believe we're wearing ours until one of our friends forcibly pries it from our fingers. Yes,... [More]

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Adam Levine Adimals Plush Toys

Greans, Munkers and Squins will keep us company when all our friends are vacationing. The Adimals ($14) by Adam Levine are cute and cuddy with just the right amount of wonky cross-eyedness and pseudo menacing sharp teeth. These handmade novelties are an extremely limited variety,... [More]

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Charley Harper Memory Game

Charley Harper was best known for his modernistic wildlife prints. In the 50's and 60's, he and his wife Edie dominated the American Modernist movement, bringing a keen eye for color, and an interesting spin on his artwork. We're so excited to see these masterpieces... [More]

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instructables-100x100.jpg - Make, How To, and DIY

Want to learn to make or homemade tonic water? How to sew a Sock-ta-pus? Take another stab at those Science Fair projects you didn't get to do in elementary school? has got you covered. We only recently discovered this free online community of DIY-ers... [More]

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30-Minute Mozzarella Kit

Ever since we read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, we've been eager to try our hand at making homemade cheese. Why? We'll know exactly what went into it, how fresh it is, and, well, it just sounds fun! The 30 Minute Mozzarella Cheese Making... [More]

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Pon Farr Perfume

Pon Farr Perfume ($30) is a woodsy, sandalwood, peachy fragrance hailing from planet Vulcan. If you're a certified Treky then you already know that Pon Farr is the event that occurs every seven years, when Vulcans everywhere must mate, or die of some terrible blood... [More]

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Barneys New York Psychedelic Circles Backgammon Set

Attention gamers of all ages, faces, and places! This fantastic Barneys New York Psychedelic Backgammon Set ($795) is just about the darn near cutest backgammon set we have ever laid our eyes on! It's about time that someone put some style and effort into a... [More]

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Wild Republic Plush Zebra Shark

We've all had days that mandate a helping of stuffed animal therapy. Some people, however, just don't understand that and can be prone to making oh-so-humorous remarks - which, after that kind of day, is exactly what we don't need. Put the fear of plush... [More]

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Shot Glass Chess

Beer pong? For amateurs. Drunken Jenga? Pshaw, puh-leeeeze. For the truly erudite partygoer, Shot Glass Chess is the way to go. It’s a full chess set, only instead of the standard knight, pawn, & bishop pieces, there are shot glasses etched with pictures of the... [More]

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Tire Swing Horse

Here’s a new take on the good old fashioned tire-swing. Target has taken it one step further and introduced this fun Tire Swing Horse ($80). Easy to hang from a tree or your porch, this wild stallion comes with tufted-hair and is wiped clean to... [More]

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The Daily Mood

We’re occasionally the type to wear our heart on our sleeve, and when it comes to letting our co-workers know what kind of mood we’re in, that’s something we can get behind. (Yeah yeah, sometimes we’re the ‘moody girl’ at work – deal with it.)... [More]

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Chi Chi Chihuahua Embroidery Kit

All you Generation Y-ers out there, dig out your hankies: Gidget, the Taco Bell chihuaha of “Yo Quiero Taco Bell” fame, died on Wednesday at the venerable age of 15. *sniff* Besides making us crave a Chalupa, we knew we had to memorialize this fast-food... [More]

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Knit Lite Knitting Needles

Yes, it’s okay, you can call us knitwits. You can pretty much find us purling, cabling, and K1P2ing up a storm anytime, which left us with a dilemma… How do we knit in movie theaters and other dark locales without disturbing those around us? Knit... [More]

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Fossiliced Dinosaur Ice Cube Tray

Great for 8 year olds that are obsessed with dino-bones, but also great for moms who’re obsessed with jello shots! This ">Fossiliced Dinosaur Ice Cube Tray ($14) comes in both Triceratops & Tyrannosaurus designs. Made from food safe silicone, they're super easy and fun. Just... [More]

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Five Onomatopoeia Pillows

Didn’t you love the word onomatopoeia when you were a kid? Repeating it over and over will bring a smile to your face, just like this set of Five Onomatopoeia Pillows ($90). You’ll feel like you’re in the Batman TV show when you’re lounging around... [More]

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Pac-Man Moving Plush Toys

DwindledwindledwindlePOPPOP! If you're a child of the eighties, we'll bet LOTS of quarters that you spent more time with Pac-Man and those google-eyed ghosts than was good for you. Renew the acquaintance! These 8" battery-powered pac-plush toys (the yellow dude and all four spooks, $30... [More]

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