DCI Magic Frog to Prince Kit

No valentine this year? No problem. Grow your own with the Magic Frog to Prince Kit ($8). Or, you know, go out with the girls for a super fun night and keep your prince in frog form until you're ready for him!... [More]

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Trampoline Coffee Table

How confusing would this Trampoline Coffee Table ($4500) be to a little kid - this furniture/toy combination would totally have an element of "do I actually get to play with this, or will an adult yell at me?" to it. Which is why we recommend... [More]

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Sex Rocks Oral Sex Candy

Sex Rocks Oral Sex Candy ($7). Menthol. Fun. Pleasure. Tingles. The perfect gift for your Valentine. Nuff said!... [More]

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Plants Vs. Zombies

You don't need to be any kind of gamer to enjoy this. You don't need to know what tower defense games are, or why this is and isn't one, to have fun. Plants Vs. Zombies ($20 for the schmancy Game of the Year edition) is... [More]

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Google Pillow 2010

It may seem like just a random list of words, but the ten items on this Google Pillow 2010 ($69) are the top ten most Googled words or phrases from the past year. Really, internet? Justin Bieber? We want to hear your guesses for 2011!... [More]

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Spin The Bottle Game

Spin The Bottle Game

Evoke the feeling of butterflies in your stomach during those basement spin the bottle games during your tween years! The Spin The Bottle Game ($30) will add a racy spin to your Valentine's Day this year. This game et includes 36 action cards featuring three... [More]

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The Periodic Tablecloth of Swearing

We don't know why swearing is so damned fun, maybe because our parents always told us not to, but it's a devilish good time. And what's better than a swearing fit? A British version! The The Periodic Tablecloth of Swearing (£10) will help you bone... [More]

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I Hope You Choke On A Dick Card

You Tell Us: I Hope You Choke On A Dick Card

Inquiring minds want to know what you think of the I Hope You Choke On A Dick Card ($4). We personally would like to stash a few of these in our desks for those appropriate moments with our frenemies. So you tell us.... poll by... [More]

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Heart-Shaped Gelatin Mold

Show your love your true feelings with a gelatinous treat from the Heart-Shaped Gelatin Mold ($9). This anatomical heart is so easy, even a tin man could use it. Simply fill the mold, put it in the fridge and eat; or if you're making a... [More]

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Magnetic Poetry Body Double

Turn Grammy into a bodybuilder, your brother into the ballerina he's always wanted to be, your boyfriend into a clown... oh wait.... with the Magnetic Poetry Body Double ($20). Twenty-five body tiles are great fun for the office or the home fridge. And you can... [More]

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Just Dance 2 from UBISOFT

We know Kinect is all the rage, but it's not like we're going to abandon our Wii all-together! Especially since Just Dance 2 ($30) is now out. Forget WiiFit, forget yoga class...spend an hour busting your butt along with Just Dance 2 and you'll work... [More]

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Grateful Deadopoly

If you're a Deadhead or know someone who is, you (or they) may get a kick out of Grateful Deadopoly ($38). Like regular Monopoly, you throw the dice and proceed around the board, but instead of purchasing railroads, you may be plopping down hard earned... [More]

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Saturday Night Live Game

Saturday Night Live has been on television since before many of our readers were born. How weird is that? You know what's not weird (but really, really fun)? The Saturday Night Live Game ($20). First of all, you get to customize the game and choose... [More]

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Royal Pink Kitty Condom Case

Keep your, eh, "kitty" safe with the Royal Pink Kitty Condom Case ($10). Don't let your protection get all mangled and nasty in your secret purse pocket, house them in this kitschy case with clear inside pockets for two condoms. Hand sewn and made with... [More]

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Diana Eng Fortune Cookie Coin Purse

It might be the cutest coin purse we've ever seen, but we want to know, does keeping your lucky pennies in this Fortune Cookie Coin Purse ($45) make them extra lucky?... [More]

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Jimmyjane's Wink Blindfold

Sometimes we need to just get to the point. The Wink Blindfold ($30, on sale) from Jimmyjane's gives us that option. First, it's lavishly made from silk and suede, so we have a feeling you'll be donning this mask every night. And second, one side... [More]

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Superbitus Money Box

Dropping a full Superbitus Money Box ($32) that you've labeled with your latest object of desire will be way more fun than taking a hammer to an unsuspecting piggy bank. It's 2011, let the savings begin! What are you collecting your cash for?... [More]

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addictable small-s.jpg

Addictaball Toy

Computer vision syndrome doesn't have to be a fact of life. Embrace a game that isn't on your high tech gadget: the Addictaball Toy ($12). It's kinda like a labyrinth toy with 100 numbered stages of spirals, drops, swinging arms, flips, and slides to battle... [More]

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Matryoshka Madness Robots

Too Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute. The Russian doll trend goes sci fi in the Matryoshka Madness Robots ($15). You might remember the Matryoshka Madness Monster Toy that we featured before Halloween - these are less scary. How cool would it be to use these nesting dolls as desk... [More]

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All Occasions Cards

Handle any and all manner of situations by simply presenting one of You and Me, the Royal We's All Occasions Cards ($36). Whether you need to give an apology, thanks, or a big F You, now you can do it without uttering a word.... [More]

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