Karma Checks

What goes around comes around. This is why you let the person with only one item cut in front of you and your full cart, and why you offer to help your neighbor move that behemoth green couch into their apartment. For situation where a... [More]

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Paper Tweet

Why limit your tweeting solely to the twitterverse? Now, you can give your friends, coworkers, family, classmates, and complete strangers tangible tweets with the Paper Tweet Nifty Notepad ($4). With 140 characters neatly spaced out, you can work on your brevity and annoy people with... [More]

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Black Sheep

We're not sure how anything that doesn't have a face can be quite this adorably surly, but this black sheep ($15) has got it down. It might be the ears, or that ever-so-perky ribbon. We love that it's made with fleece from actual black sheep,... [More]

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Wiener Mug

"There he goes again, showing off his wiener." Typical! Wiener Mug ($12).... [More]

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Lord or Lady Gift Box

Renaissance Fairs. Cheap wigs, cleavage-inducing bodices, and swords being swung every-which-way. The Renaissance Fair is as frightening as it sounds, and wouldn't you rather be a real Lady of _____-shire? Well, you can be! The Lord or Lady Gift Box ($41) provides you with a... [More]

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Storm Kitty Pillow

You won't be protected from cute with the Storm Kitty Pillow ($55) - the Rebel Alliance, maybe.... [More]

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Storming the Castle

We still maintain that nothing is better than watching the movie and quoting every single line while we dream of our own sweet Westley, but Storming the Castle: The Princess Bride Game ($20) is pretty freakin' fabulous. Especially if you have little nieces to entertain... [More]

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Men's Underwear Magnet Set

Hold up your calendar, tickets, baby pictures and school drawings with the Men's Underwear Magnet Set ($9). The six styles revealed and explained are hysterical - but where is commando?... [More]

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Princess Leia Apron

We're pretty sure every guy wants his lady to dress up like Slave Leia at some point, but a) we don't all have the body of a young Carrie Fisher and b) even if we did, a metal bikini? No thanks. Fulfill the fantasy in... [More]

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Special Guest Post by Glo: Bullet Buddies

Today's guest post is brought to you by dating, sex and relationships enthusiast (read: obsessive ponderer) Natasha Burton, the Relationships Editor at Glo, a recently-launched lifestyle e-magazine for women. She'll be bringing you her picks of the best products, accessories and books for your love... [More]

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Don't Die Out There Deck

If you know someone heading into the wilderness for the first time, The Don't Die Out There Deck ($7) would be the perfect little gift to ensure you'll see them again. Full of survival tips and practical information from an outdoorsman and physician, they'll learn... [More]

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Splat Stan Coaster

Look Stan, we warned you about what would happen if you messed with us before our first cup o' Joe... you didn't listen... there are consequences! Splat Stan Coaster ($10).... [More]

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Zoo Pops

Zoobilee Zoo, Zoobilee Zoo, magic and wonder are waiting for you. In your freezer that is. Zoo Pops ($13).... [More]

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Magnetic Gravity Shot Glasses

We feel that from time to time it's good to tap into your inner co-ed. Remember that Frat party in 2005 where you ended up covered in bath tub gin shots? Wouldn't the Magnetic Gravity Shot Glasses ($25) have come in handy? These six colorful... [More]

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city girls-s.jpg

City Girls Magnetic Kit

Those of you that dug paper dolls as a kid might like the more grown up version, the City Girls Magnetic Kit ($14)... But then again, it may be better suited for preteen fanfare. Who knows, it could be the the visual tool we need... [More]

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Environment 101

You recycle and sometimes bike to work, but you sometimes wonder if there's more you could be doing in your daily routine to give our planet a little hand. Well, there is! And Environment 101 ($20) will teach you what those things are. There are... [More]

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Funny Face Lolly Mould

The Brits - seems like their humor is on a whole other level than most of their friends on this side of the Atlantic. Take for instance the Funny Face Lolly Mould (£7.99) - a simple household child product made goofy, ridiculous and utterly fabulous.... [More]

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Giant Chess Set

If you've ever watched History of the World Part 1, or Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and wanted to play a game of life-sized chess, you're not alone. While we can't find human pieces, or oversized knights that will move by magic, we did... [More]

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Guitar Spatula

Get your morning off to a rocking start with the Guitar Spatula ($15). This silicone spatula has a heat-resistant neck and body with imprinted guitar details. A nice sized flipping surface allows you to flip and fold pancakes and eggs worthy of the rock gods.... [More]

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Bear In The Woods Napkins

The Bear In the Woods Napkins ($5) pose a perfectly valid question. "if a bear shits in the woods, should i have a cocktail?"... [More]

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