Fail Whale Wall Decal

Some companies like to call out employees when they do a good job with some sort of meaningless tchotchke or award. Here's what we're going to start at Outblush HQ. When somebody effs something up, we're going to take this 3 foot wide Fail Whale... [More]

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Hand-Carved Pirate Rubber Stamps

Wait, what? Your arts and crafts bin doesn't yet contain Hand-Carved Pirate Rubber Stamps ($22, set of 5) by Memi the Rainbow? It should! There are so many awesome pirate possibilities. It's never too early to start planning your Talk Like a Pirate Day party.... [More]

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Chalkboard Matryoshkas

The possibilities for these Chalkboard Matryoshkas ($16) are limitless. You could write a message with each word on one doll, draw clues to what secret treasure is hidden inside, or just make each one look like someone special in your life. Stay away from drawing... [More]

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Fred The New Black Pencils

We can't even keep track of what is the new black any more. For a while it was grey, then we think it was pink and now... have we come full circle and black is the new black? We're so confused! Good thing we have... [More]

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Fred Roman Candles

Cut it out with that cutesy thirty something individual candles on a cake thing, mkay? It's getting to be a fire hazard, not to mention quite embarrassing. If you *must* put our age in candles on a cake (which we think is just rude, btw),... [More]

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Graffiti Cocktail Shaker

This could be a bad combination. Too many martinis poured out of this clever Graffiti Cocktail Shaker ($25) and you might think tagging "I heart ponies" in your back alley is a good idea. We assure you, it's not.... [More]

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Like and Dislike Stamps

For as much time as we spend on Facebook, it's amazing more of it hasn't carried over into real life. Go ahead and use these Like and Dislike Self-Inking Stamps ($15) on inter-office memos, but we caution you against poking coworkers.... [More]

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Carmen Electra Electra Pole Kit

Get your freak on in your own home! Have you always wanted to try a strip tease for your guy, but not really sure how. The Carmen Electra Electra Pole Kit ($125) is here to help. This kit is packed with a three-piece professional dance... [More]

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Gamer Girl: Doubtblush - CSI: Fatal Conspiracy

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything.... [More]

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Knock Knock Sex Appeal Medal

It's a pretty ballsy pick up line, not to mention more expensive than buying a drink, but if presenting this Sex Appeal Medal ($14) finally gets you a quickie in the copy room date with your office crush, we say it's worth it!... [More]

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Financial Padding

A very well-named yet cruel idea, this Financial Padding ($15) is certain to keep your package contents safe and really thrill the recipient... until they realize it's fake.... [More]

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Striped Felt Bow Ties

Cheap bottle. Expensive bottle. No matter what you're giving, the Striped Felt Bow Ties ($14) makes your bottle, oh-so snazzy! Dress up your bottles with a 4" wide bow tie that screams sophistication and fun. We wouldn't be surprised if he asks for a pipe.... [More]

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The Royal Museum of Science Space Model Kit

Because goodness knows your desk doesn't have enough non-work-related items on it already. Demonstrate your interest in the space race, attract attention, or just cement your position as the office space cadet with this set of little models ($68), depicting things like Sputnik orbiting the... [More]

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iPhone Cobra April Fool's Yeah

So when we saw this article this morning, about a proposed tour-of-NYC television special based on the Bronx Zoo cobra's Twitter account detailing where she's really been this whole time, we were totally like That's ridiculous; I will so watch it. And then of course... [More]

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Suede Roll Up Backgammon

A roll and go game for your picnic or lazy Saturdays, the Suede Roll Up Backgammon (£50) is perfect for the impending warmer months. Two snaps provide secure closure, and a soft suede body allows the set to be rolled for easy storage. The board... [More]

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Office Bowl

It's Friday! Time to slack off and wait til 5 pm let off a little steam. Take a quick break from work and bust out Office Bowl ($28). After a quick assembly of the cardboard pins and ball, you and your coworkers can play a... [More]

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Gnome Candle Set

We don't know if we'd ever be able to light the two little guys that make up the Gnome Candle Set ($40) - it just seems cruel. We think we'll just set them out for fancy occasions, like our mom does with those foiled taper... [More]

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Animal Wine Stopper

This way, when the wine is all gone, you can blame that lush of a giraffe you've seen hanging around! (It's ok if your scapegoat isn't actually a goat, even though it could be.) Animal Wine Stopper ($24)... [More]

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Confetti System Blindfold

How often are you really going to use a Confetti Blindfold ($110)? Not very often. Is every single one of those times going to be made even more awesome by wearing a fringey, shimmery blindfold? Oh. Hell. Yes.... [More]

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Buck Stacking Game

If you're going to keep parlor games around, it might be time to make a step up from the Jenga you've been toting around since college. (You know the one - with mild to moderately obscene dares written on the pieces.) The Buck Stacking Game... [More]

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