Rude Little Black Book

While a normal little black book suggests that it houses people you'd like to... get to know more intimately, the Rude Little Black Book ($10) suggests to the world another kind of relationship. Use it to jot down numbers, ideas, thoughts about people that you'd... [More]

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Vacu Vin Party People Glass Markers

It might be a challenge to remember which of these funky little Vacu Vin Party People Glass Markers ($7) is yours after a couple beverages, but aren't they damn cute?... [More]

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Jonathan Adler Georgia Vase

The texture on this Georgia Vase ($450) is just so... what's the word we're looking for... amusing? unexpected? exciting? Oh, we've got it! Titillating.... [More]

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WallCandy Night Lights

We have to take just a moment to brag. It's supposed to be summer, but it's not. We want to be outside, but it's too damn cold. (We know, this sounds like whining, bear with us.) So, we turned our living room into a patio.... [More]

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Small Bubble Machine

This bubble machine, currently on sale for $15, is being sold as wedding decor/hardware/whatever, but we feel there's no need to limit it like that. After all, it's a little machine that's only 4.5" by 3.75" by 7", and you put soap and batteries in... [More]

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My B*tches Party Pack

Reasons to bust out the My B*tches Party Pack ($2, on sale!) with a bunch of friends on a Friday night: You got dumped. Your friend got dumped. You got canned. Your friend got canned. Your boss is a jerk. Your friend's boss is a... [More]

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So if you really truly were never the kind of kid who played computer games until too late at night, you can skip this post. But if you were, and you didn't know about GOG.com (short for Good Old Games), prepare yourself for a week,... [More]

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pilo pilo-s.jpg

Pilo-Pilo Ring

Redefine passing out at work. Clearly, with the Pilo-Pilo Ring ($25), what used to embarrassing is now a power nap. And, NO, nosy cubicle neighbor, we weren't resting our eyes, we were straight up sleeping. So there.... [More]

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Sometimes, all you can do is sigh and mumble Whatever ($10). Oftentimes, that feeling comes at work. We recommend using these pushpin letters to decorate your cube. If you shoot them a withering glance, they'll understand.... [More]

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Font nerds and rummy addicts unite! Sure, they look so stylish, but the best part of Helveticards ($10) is that they eliminate the slightly creepy images of royalty on traditional playing cards. Is it just us, or do the King's eyes always seem to be... [More]

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Origami Napkins

These napkins are perfect for dinner parties with less than scintillating guests. You can hone your origami skills while that d-list guy talks your ear off about how his stocks are doing. Let's hope your parties are never dull enough that your guests have need... [More]

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Knock Knock TMI Stamp

Dear coworker, You know that memo about how you're not going to be in the office on Friday because you're having some minor foot surgery - specifically, for your ingrown toenail? Yeah, we didn't need to know that. Thank goodness for our handy TMI Stamp... [More]

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Fail Whale Wall Decal

Some companies like to call out employees when they do a good job with some sort of meaningless tchotchke or award. Here's what we're going to start at Outblush HQ. When somebody effs something up, we're going to take this 3 foot wide Fail Whale... [More]

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Hand-Carved Pirate Rubber Stamps

Wait, what? Your arts and crafts bin doesn't yet contain Hand-Carved Pirate Rubber Stamps ($22, set of 5) by Memi the Rainbow? It should! There are so many awesome pirate possibilities. It's never too early to start planning your Talk Like a Pirate Day party.... [More]

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Chalkboard Matryoshkas

The possibilities for these Chalkboard Matryoshkas ($16) are limitless. You could write a message with each word on one doll, draw clues to what secret treasure is hidden inside, or just make each one look like someone special in your life. Stay away from drawing... [More]

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Fred The New Black Pencils

We can't even keep track of what is the new black any more. For a while it was grey, then we think it was pink and now... have we come full circle and black is the new black? We're so confused! Good thing we have... [More]

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Fred Roman Candles

Cut it out with that cutesy thirty something individual candles on a cake thing, mkay? It's getting to be a fire hazard, not to mention quite embarrassing. If you *must* put our age in candles on a cake (which we think is just rude, btw),... [More]

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Graffiti Cocktail Shaker

This could be a bad combination. Too many martinis poured out of this clever Graffiti Cocktail Shaker ($25) and you might think tagging "I heart ponies" in your back alley is a good idea. We assure you, it's not.... [More]

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Like and Dislike Stamps

For as much time as we spend on Facebook, it's amazing more of it hasn't carried over into real life. Go ahead and use these Like and Dislike Self-Inking Stamps ($15) on inter-office memos, but we caution you against poking coworkers.... [More]

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Carmen Electra Electra Pole Kit

Get your freak on in your own home! Have you always wanted to try a strip tease for your guy, but not really sure how. The Carmen Electra Electra Pole Kit ($125) is here to help. This kit is packed with a three-piece professional dance... [More]

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