Kama Sutra Strawberries and Champagne Honey Dust

Make sure you're delicious for your mate with Kama Sutra's Strawberries and Champagne Honey Dust ($19). Reenact that French maid fantasy you've been harboring by dusting your lover's body with the sensual feather duster and saying, 'Voulez vous coucher avec moi, c'est soire?'... [More]

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The Settlers of Catan

Forget about strategy and bartering, like always, it all comes down to who has the most wood. It's like high school all over again. The Settlers of Catan ($36), one of the most addicting games on the planet.... [More]

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Ben & Jerry's Pint Lock

There are two ways to tell when your roommate's been doing the chunky monkey with your Ben and Jerry's. One, she's starting to look a little chunky monkey herself, or two, you've noticed your stash has been creeping down a spoonful at a time. Protect... [More]

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Dimension Burger Bell with Sesame Bun and Mustard Ooze

Outblush Operative Jenna S. writes: Just like the pony who is motivated to walk because of the carrot dangling in front of it's face, so too can we be motivated to excercise with visual food queues! Prop this Burger Bell ($8) on your handle bars... [More]

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That's The Ticket Book

We're already spread thin enough without having to give multiple pep talks to our roommate/spouse/best friend (kidding! That would make us awful people to say that out loud). Next time someone stops you on your way out to get coffee make an important business meeting,... [More]

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Gendarme Hat

Too early to be thinking about Halloween costumes? Oh no. We're thinking that with this kepi ($15) and a good rampage through the applique rack at the nearest craft store, we'd be well on our way to dressing up as Louis Renault from Casablanca -... [More]

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Japanese Condom Tin

So you've got a preggo friend with a sense of humor that you're hosting a baby shower for? Skip the lame "Guess the number of cotton balls in this baby bottle!" game and throw out the gender specific breath mints. Set out the Japanese Condom... [More]

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Think Geek Secret Decoder Ring

We can't help but recall one of our favorite A Christmas Story scenes when we see the Think Geek Secret Decoder Ring ($16). Poor Ralphie spent months waiting on his Little Annie Decoder Ring and all he got was a stupid advertisement! Luckily, with this... [More]

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Angry Birds Key Caps

We'll spare you the definition of addiction, chances are if you're an Angry Birds fan you know, but don't care! You'll just keep on flinging those dang boomerang birds into pigs for as long as it takes to get a perfect 3 star score on... [More]

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Knucks Temporary Tattoos

Go badass on a temporary basis with Knucks Temporary Tattoos ($5, set of 2) at Tattly. You can adorn your knuckles or wrists with clever words and phrases like, "Lost Luck" or "Stay Fast." Okay, so they're not exactly on the rebel without a cause... [More]

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Roadtrip Bingo

A typical road trip conversation might go something like this when you've got a serious game of Bingo in full swing. 'Hello Officer, is there a problem?' 'Have you been drinking tonight, ma'am?' 'No, sir.' 'Well you've been swerving all over the road for the... [More]

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Special Guest Post by Sexy Is For Everybody: OhMiBod Club Vibe

...Ready to dim the lights and learn a couple of new boudoir tricks? Say a warm, breathy Outblush welcome to our newest guest poster, Lupe Sino of SexyIsForEverybody.com, a blog devoted to all things naughty (obviously, NSFW, so take heed). Take it away, Lupe! OhMiBod... [More]

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Rummikub by Pressman Toy

Don't let the box deceive you, these little tiles can be the end of doing dishes, watching the boring movie your boyfriend got to choose, and folding laundry if you play they them right. No, I'm not talking about a live Jumanji, but this game... [More]

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Love Tokens

We're no saying your relationship could use a little boost. We're just hinting that you can never go wrong with working in a little added affection--especially when that affection is returned. Keep five Love Tokens ($16, set of 10) by Kaycee Binns for yourself and... [More]

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S.L.U.T. and D.I.E.T. Napkins

We like the idea of reclaiming slut, but we could've done better than Stressed-out Ladies Unwinding Together. Like, Single Ladies United Topless. Or Sometimes Lacy Underwear Tickles. Stop Looking Under There! Ok, so maybe it's not so easy to find a cocktail napkin worthy acronym.... [More]

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Angry Birds: Knock on Wood Game

True story: while stuck in an elevator for an eight floor ride, the kid in the stroller next to us kept whining to her mom "I want the iiiiitouuuuch. IIIIIIItouuuuuuuuch!!" First off, girl, it's an iPod touch. Second of all, you're way too young to... [More]

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Yes Organic Lubricant

Everything's going green these days, including, apparently, the mattress mambo. Yes Organic Oil-Based Lubricant ($24-36) is made from sweet almond & sunflower oils, white beeswax, and shea & cocoa butters for an all-natural oh-yes-God-THERE experience... Even in water. *wink wink*... [More]

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Star Wars Muppets Figurines

Story time, y'all ready? Girl meets boy. Boy loves girl. Turns out they are huge nerds in their own rights. Girl has particular affinity for all things Muppets. Boy can't go 36 hours without a Star Wars reference. Girl and boy decide it's time to... [More]

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16 Shot Roulette Drinking Game

16 Shot Roulette Drinking Game

Test your luck and take a spin....and a sip! The 16 Shot Roulette Drinking Game ($15 on sale) comes with 16 numbered shot glasses and 2 balls. We so want this game for our Labor Day BBQ!... [More]

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Pet Salt & Pepper Shaker

We're actually thinking that these Pet Salt & Pepper Shakers ($42) are a terrible idea because we'd end up snorting wine out of noses every time we tried to season our meal. No lie, it was kind of a challenge to even type these words... [More]

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