Screen shot 2011-09-26 at 8.21.20 PM.png Pillows

We couldn't pick just one, so here goes: We'd like to formally introduce you to the Boyfriend Pillow ($30), the Girlfriend Pillow ($15), and the Breast Friend Pillow ($35). Infinitely more comfortable than an actual person with hard pokey bones and things, these pillows would... [More]

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dance on broadway-L.jpg

Dance on Broadway for Wii

The jazz hands are coming out, no matter what anyone has to say it about it this time. Take a break from Glee and dance off your worries with Dance on Broadway for Wii ($10). We can practice our moves away from a mirror (shocker),... [More]

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Retro Barbie Doll Keychain

This Retro Barbie Doll Keychain ($11) is here to let you know that HBIC stands for "Head Barbie in Charge", and she doesn't want to hear that math is hard or that you're giving up being an astronaut to become a pet stylist. And she... [More]

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Horseshoes Set

First one to 40 gets out of doing the dishes for a week. Best two of three wins a bet. It's a good thing this Horseshoes Set ($37) comes stocked with two drink koozies and a bottle opener because we foresee your fall picnics being... [More]

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Pottery Barn Stainless Steel Alphabet Magnets

These Stainless Steel Alphabet Magnets ($29) are certainly more sophisticated than the colorful plastic letters that adorned our fridge during our youth (and then made a reappearance during our college years), but we don't have to use them in an adult fashion. Unless of course... [More]

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Prism Butterfly Kite

Did you know that the second Sunday of October is 'One Sky One World' day? People all over the world fly a kite in celebration. Grab the pretty Prism Butterfly Kite ($25), pack a picnic, and head to your local park or beach for a... [More]

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Aside from being a fun party game, Taboo ($29) can also function as a quasi-educational prep for your next family get-together. Introduce your creepy uncle Vern, your lush cousin Gladys, and your 40 year-old brother who still lives at home without using any rift causing... [More]

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Tailgaters Ring Toss

Tailgaters Ring Toss

Many of us like to partake in the weekly shenanigans during tailgating for our favorite football teams (college and pro - of course). We can't really say we're ever bored, but we'd certainly welcome a new game to the club. Tailgaters Ring Toss ($29 on... [More]

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Toilet Monster

Here's the thing, we think this could be an awesome practical joke for Halloween, but not if it backfires by literally scaring the sh** out of your guest. We suggest hiding the Toilet Monster ($21) in somebody else's bathroom, so you're not stuck cleaning up... [More]

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Scary Hands

We're thinking we're gonna dress in all black and let our hands do the talking this Halloween. Forget painting our faces and trying to choose from one of the plethora of sexy, sexy ladies choices. Scary Hands Temporary Tattoos ($8).... [More]

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Mustasche Memo Game

Bordering between creepy and totally cool, the Mustasche Memo Game ($25) totally kicks the trash out of the memory game we played as kids. Forget baby animals and their mommas, pairing two sides of a mustache is infinitely cooler. And it virtually guarantees your kids... [More]

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IDEA International Gold Playing Cards

If you liked those monochromatic playing cards we featured yesterday but were hoping for something a bit more Beyonce Kanye glamorous, check out these IDEA International Gold Playing Cards ($17). This time, if someone tries to snoop at your cards, not only will it be... [More]

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Monochromatic Deck of Cards

We wouldn't recommend these for drinking games or magic tricks, but if you're having a classy poker party and want a cut above your standard playing cards, these Monochromatic Decks ($17) are pretty slick. They'd certainly make it more challenging to sneak a peek at... [More]

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Retro Handlebar Mustache sunglasses

Two words: incognito hipster Retro Handlebar Mustache Sunglasses ($12)... [More]

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Artful Flyers

We're pretty sure as a kid we would have preferred one of these Artful Flyers ($9) in our stocking to the orange and nuts that no one ever ate. In fact, we'd prefer these rubber band airplanes in our stocking now, preferably to have races... [More]

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IKEA Cirkustalt Tent

We could buy the IKEA Cirkustalt Tent ($20) as a birthday present for our kids. Or we could set it up in the front yard on Halloween, jumping out of it dressed as a horrifying, murderous clown throwing flaming mini pumpkins at children who dare... [More]

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Doctor Who Eleven Doctors Mini Figure TARDIS Box Set

Wild accolades to the first person who buys this, stages a battle with a fleet of salt and pepper shakers, and sends us a picture. (All eleven incarnations, compatible with LEGOs, $40.)... [More]

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Lots o Huggin Bear

Celebrate: Lots-o-Huggin' Bear

We love to seize the opportunity to celebrate each and every day - after all, the daily grind can be, well, a grind. We're learning that there are many holidays out there that may not have reached "Hallmark" calendar status, but they still count and... [More]

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The problem with drinking during casual sporting activities is that by the point that things get really heated, everyone's too wasted to remember the score. Not that that's really a problem, per se, because if everyone's wasted, you're all winners! If you happen to be... [More]

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Crown Bubble Wand-small.jpg

Crown Bubblewand

So maybe we can't transport ourselves in one gigantic bubble, but we think having a Crown Bubblewand ($16) on hand is still magical. You never know when you're going to need to blow off some steam (or bubbles) or show the local neighborhood kids how... [More]

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