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Fashion Face Off Trump Cards

Picture pulling out cards and playing War with your buddies as a kid. Now fast forward to now, and think about how that elastic waistband you were wearing during that card game (bleh). Yes, times have changed, and so have our card games of choice.... [More]

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Bicycle Decade Trivia 80s Playing Cards

Celebrate: Bicycle Decade Trivia 80's Playing Cards

We love to seize the opportunity to celebrate each and every day - after all, the daily grind can be, well, a grind. We're learning that there are many holidays out there that may not have reached "Hallmark" calendar status, but they still count and... [More]

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Colorblock Roller Skates

These Colorblock Roller Skates ($189) - or some variation thereof - have been on our Christmas list since roughly 1989. Santa just does not seem to be getting the memo, so this year we're buying ourselves a post-holiday present. It's completely justifiable since these are... [More]

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Foodie Flashcards

It's always an awkward moment when someone says the recipe includes shallots and you respond with "Oh, I don't eat fish." Make sure you're free from food faux pas when you're armed with these Foodie Flashcards ($12). Stocked with tips and terms for social eating,... [More]

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Tiddly Winks

We admit it's been a real long time since we played Tiddly Winks ($13) but we couldn't resist reminding you, dear reader, of the fun to be had by a no holds barred game of Tiddly Winks. Set up obstacles, make bets or dares, and... [More]

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Personal Library Kit

Nothing ticks us off more than lending a favorite book only to have it disappear into the great wide yonder. The Personal Library Kit ($16) helps you keep tabs on your favorite novels and non-fiction and also stands in as a great prop for that... [More]

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Dining Table Ping Pong Set

Sort out disagreements about who is doing the dinner dishes before you leave the kitchen table with this Dining Table Ping Pong Set ($30). Whoever gets to 15 first is exempt from cheese encrusted casserole dishes and stacks of dirty bowls and will also enjoy... [More]

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Sexy Truth or Dare

Sexy Truth or Dare: Pick AStick

Pick your poison passion with the Sexy Truth or Dare: Pick A Stick ($16). This game consists of 50 sticks that allow you to either reveal a dirty truth or partake in a naughty dare. It's your choice.... [More]

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Inflatable Fruitcake Tin

Call it a succession of Christmas miracles, but at least one of us Outblush ladies has never actually come across fruitcake at a holiday meal. If you were assigned the much maligned dish at potluck, may we suggest the Inflatable Fruitcake Tin ($12)? Instead of... [More]

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Creative Outlets Stickers

Give your wall sockets the Pixar treatment and anthropomorphize them with these Creative Outlets Stickers ($3). Daily activities like charging your phone and vacuuming (yeah right) will never be quite so innocent - you'd make that face too if somebody came at you with metal... [More]

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Spin to See Who Pays Bottle Opener

At this point in our life, spin the bottle isn't doing much for us. We're either happily partnered or unwilling to kiss a total stranger. Spin the Bottle Opener however, is something we're very interested in. This Spin to See Who Pays Bottle Opener ($28)... [More]

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Set Editions Tie Breakers

We have two options. We can talk in circles about this all day long since we both think we're right/we should pay/we should do it, or we can just let the Tie Breaker ($12) decide like civilized human beings who believe in fate and are... [More]

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2011 Holiday Gift Idea: The Ladies of Star Wars Playing Cards

It's a little weird to give a guy nudie cards, especially if said guy is related to you, but there's no harm in a little sexy sci-fi action. We get it, every guy has had a crush on Leia ever since Jabba put her in... [More]

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30 Rock Nothing's Impossible Magnet

We definitely snorted coffee out of our nose when we came across this Nothing's Impossible Magnet ($5) featuring our favorite 30 Rock page, Kenneth Parcell. We're always up for a little dose of jubilant clueless optimism, and until 30 Rock's back, we'll get ours every... [More]

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Burlesque Russian Doll Set

These ain't your babushka's nesting dolls. The Burlesque Russian Doll Set ($36) includes seven painted, wooden dolls in various states of undress, so you can let her bare all or keep her bundled up. Personally, we're impressed with her ability to keep her cigarette holder... [More]

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Kate Spade Gold Playing Cards

Even if your poor poker face always results in a loss at Ladies Poker Night, you'll still feel like Richie Rich playing with these Kate Spade Gold Playing Cards ($18).... [More]

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Table Tennis

Table Tennis

Let the games begin after dinner! This awesome Table Tennis ($40) set expands to 48 inches for maximum play and is guaranteed to offer hours of fun. Beer tennis, anyone?... [More]

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Paper Voo-Doo Pad

What's better than having a voo-doo doll of your idiot ex-boyfriend? Having 60 different voo-doo dolls on paper, of course! Thanks to the Paper Voo-Doo Pad ($7) you can draw pins in your boss, the neighbor with the constantly barking dog, your coworker who clips... [More]

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State of Our Union Workbook

Hopefully you have a highly evolved partner who will actually enjoy filling out a State of Our Union Workbook ($19 for 2). The workbook is full of a variety of exercises to help you grow closer to your partner and learn more about each other.... [More]

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Spoon Sisters Magic 8 Ball Pen

Great, now we can finally take that Magic 8 Ball out of our purse. It was so damn cumbersome! But here's our question, how long before someone swipes our awesome Magic 8 Ball Pen ($7)? It's unclear, ask again.... [More]

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