Apple Ukulele

An apple to play keeps the doctor away... Did you know that music helps alleviate stress and can help you lose weight, too? Okay, the second part's a lie. But we still believe this Apple Ukulele ($395) is good for your health. Technically, it can... [More]

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Arctic Princess

Obviously spending over one hundred bucks on a wooden boat is not realistic for most parents. You can get a lot of loot with that kind of money. But we have to say this Arctic Princess ($156) boat would make an unforgettable present for a... [More]

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Mask and Tail Set

You know what they say about childhood ... hare today, dog tomorrow. Or, was that here today, gone tomorrow? These cute Mask and Tail Sets ($48) come in fox, cheetah, tiger, zebra, crocodile, raccoon, and giraffe, and we're willing to bet your wee one will... [More]

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Color of Money Puzzle

Actually earning money, rather than putting a money puzzle together, might be more beneficial.... But you know what they say about all work and no play... Color of Money Puzzle ($25).... [More]

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Les Bulles D'Agathe Scented Bubbles

Blowing bubbles is super fun! It's even better when each bubble is gorgeously scented with fragrance designed by famed perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. Les Bulles D'Agathe Scented Bubbles ($20 each) come in pear, violet, cut herb, or mint. And yes, brides-to-be: we were also thinking they... [More]

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This Is Spinal Tape

Puns are great. They make us giggle for hours and hours. We're still giggling about This Is Spinal Tape ($8), which gives punny tribute to one of our favorite pointlessly hilarious mocumentaries as well as being actually, honest to god, spinal tape. As in tape... [More]

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Double Rainbow Maker

We've seen for ourselves how life-changing the experience of a double rainbow can be. Now we can manufacture profound bliss in the comfort of our homes, just about any time we like. The Double Rainbow Maker ($40) uses a solar-powered motor and light-refracting Swarovski crystals... [More]

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Magnetic Putty

Science is awesome. It also makes the best freaking toys. Take, for example, this Magnetic Putty ($15). Teeny weeny iron-based particles are dispersed through this gray globby mass, and animate it like alien nanobots when it comes into contact with the included Neodymium Iron Boron... [More]

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Solid Color Swing

Our cool sister had the genius idea of attaching two Solid Color Swings ($52 and up) to her basement ceiling. Whether it was was snowing, raining, or bitterly cold, her kids always had somewhere to play. So this swing will keep housebound kids from making... [More]

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Syma R/C Helicopter

It'll probably be a while before you make it Lady Gaga big and can afford to buy a real one. But who says you can't have fun in the meantime? Indulge your dreams - or torment your cat - with this Syma Remote Controlled Helicopter... [More]

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Peaches N Cream Barbie

If you were a sassy wee girl in the early '80s then get ready to ride a tidal wave of nostalgia that tastes of barrel drinks and orange Hostess cupcakes. Peaches N Cream Barbie ($61) was a shimmering and divine goddess of dollness. Her dress... [More]

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Jumbo Inflated Boxing Gloves

We really could have used these Jumbo Inflated Boxing Gloves ($15) as a kid. Growing up with four brothers was tough... At least these would have made getting a "dead leg" a little less frequent. Grab a pair for duking out who gets TV rights... [More]

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Pecker Bottle Pourer

You know how they make those real fancy aerators to decant wine so it tastes better? Do you think this Pecker Bottle Pourer ($7) will do the same thing? We're trying to come up with a use for it after last weekend's bachelorette party.... [More]

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Walking Dead Board Game

You've seen the show. You've read the comic books. You've even got a t-shirt or two. Still craving more zombie-busting action? Lucky for you, there's the Walking Dead Board Game ($40). You and up to three of your favorite survivalists can fight your way through... [More]

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Slang Flashcards

With a little practice and these handy dandy Slang Flashcards ($16), you'll be speaking jive in no time.... [More]

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Office Speak Rotating Stamp

Just to save you the hassle of getting out your readers, the 12 phrases on the Office Speak Rotating Stamp ($12) are: In the loop Outside the box I'm always right I need coffee Paradigm shift !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the same page Leave me alone I'm... [More]

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You Shall Not Pass Self-Inking Stamp

We don't know about you, but we've got plenty of teacher friends who would get a big kick out of the You Shall Not Pass Self-Inking Stamp ($10). We suppose this would have to be a novelty gift, but we'd definitely hand it over with... [More]

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I Park Like an Idiot Stickers

Threadless won our heart years ago with their artistic, witty, and overall awesome t-shirts. Now things are getting hot and heavy between us because we don't know if we've ever seen anything as perfectly brilliant as these I Park Like an Idiot Stickers ($10+). Available... [More]

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Food Fighters

No, it's not a typo. We really do want to tell you about Food Fighters ($13), not the Foo Fighters (although let's take a moment of appreciation for sexy Dave Grohl, yes?). These little green army men are actually toothpicks, which would come in handy... [More]

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Toasted Coasters

We're much too sophisticated to buy these Toasted Coasters ($14 for set of 8) for our own homes, but our kid brother will LOVE them. Okay, so we love them, too. We'd just be too embarrassed to have them sitting on the coffee table next... [More]

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