Personalised Circus "Book Belongs To" Stamp

If there's one thing we love passing along, it's a healthy love of reading! We think this super cute Personalised Circus "Book Belongs To" Stamp ($50) paired with our favorite childhood book (Little Women) would be an awesome gift for a newly-chapter-book-reading niece. And because... [More]

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Sardine Tin Puzzle

At first we couldn't believe all those puzzle pieces could fit into the tin, and then we realized it was was a sardine puzzle ($8). Oooooohhhhh. Grab it for the cousin who likes anything ironic.... [More]

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Magic Unicorn Mask

Well, obviously, you realize what your guy is going to be for Halloween. Now you just need to work on creating your own perfect wood nymph outfit (and on convincing him to be said unicorn, which might require magic of its own). Magic Unicorn Mask... [More]

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Bar Bingo

You know what you won't see in Bar Bingo ($8) for reasons of rarity? Successful delivery of a pick-up line, the creepy barfly taking a hint, and the bartender smiling. First one to bingo gets a free drink.... [More]

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Oscar Diaz Tube Toys

Woo! Traveling with tykes just got easier, thanks to these cute Oscar Diaz Tube Toys ($15). Pack up a tube and then bust it out in the middle of a long car ride or a plane trip to instantly occupy a bored kiddo.The construction of... [More]

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Winner Bottle Opener

We're hard pressed to think of an occasion for which this Winner Bottle Opener ($14) wouldn't be appropriate, but in case you need some help determining when and why to bestow this honor, here's a list: - Graduation - Father's Day - Friday - Crossed... [More]

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animal-hands-temporary-tattoos- small.jpg

Animal Hands Temporary Tattoos

Take your hand puppetry to the next level with these Animal Hands Temporary Tattoos ($8). They'll make you the life of toddler birthday parties, and later might come in handy as a way to chat with your adolescents about awkward topics such as sex, drugs,... [More]

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Inflatable Medium T-Rex

We can think of about thirty awesome things we could do with this inflatable T-Rex ($20). Here's a sampling: - Hide him on the porch to scare away undesirable visitors - Use him as a pool float - Make him an excellent substitute lawn reindeer... [More]

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Bowling Zombies

Sure, these Bowling Zombies ($20) are supposed to be a game for kids, but we think they're also perfect for a party on your back deck or as a breakroom pastime. We've always thought we'd use a good high-powered rife as our go-to zombie apocalypse... [More]

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Beer Puzzle

Wondering what to get your beer-obsessed, puzzle-loving husband for Father's Day? How about a subscription to a beer of a month club and a Beer Puzzle ($16)? You can promise not to judge him to his face for turning the puzzle into a piece of... [More]

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Harry Potter Themed Refrigerator Word Magnets

Every day, while we wait for the microwave to finish zapping our lunch in the break room, we play with the fridge magnets. Our sentences used to be hilarious, but now they're just...boring. We've been staring at the same words for ages. It's time to... [More]

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Diablo III

Pssst! Wanna make your man's day? Diablo III ($60) drops today. If you're not the type to also nab a copy for yourself and roll a Witch Doctor, then make sure you've got some other activities planned. Once you plop this in his lap he'll... [More]

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Apple Ukulele

An apple to play keeps the doctor away... Did you know that music helps alleviate stress and can help you lose weight, too? Okay, the second part's a lie. But we still believe this Apple Ukulele ($395) is good for your health. Technically, it can... [More]

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Arctic Princess

Obviously spending over one hundred bucks on a wooden boat is not realistic for most parents. You can get a lot of loot with that kind of money. But we have to say this Arctic Princess ($156) boat would make an unforgettable present for a... [More]

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Mask and Tail Set

You know what they say about childhood ... hare today, dog tomorrow. Or, was that here today, gone tomorrow? These cute Mask and Tail Sets ($48) come in fox, cheetah, tiger, zebra, crocodile, raccoon, and giraffe, and we're willing to bet your wee one will... [More]

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Color of Money Puzzle

Actually earning money, rather than putting a money puzzle together, might be more beneficial.... But you know what they say about all work and no play... Color of Money Puzzle ($25).... [More]

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Les Bulles D'Agathe Scented Bubbles

Blowing bubbles is super fun! It's even better when each bubble is gorgeously scented with fragrance designed by famed perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. Les Bulles D'Agathe Scented Bubbles ($20 each) come in pear, violet, cut herb, or mint. And yes, brides-to-be: we were also thinking they... [More]

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This Is Spinal Tape

Puns are great. They make us giggle for hours and hours. We're still giggling about This Is Spinal Tape ($8), which gives punny tribute to one of our favorite pointlessly hilarious mocumentaries as well as being actually, honest to god, spinal tape. As in tape... [More]

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Double Rainbow Maker

We've seen for ourselves how life-changing the experience of a double rainbow can be. Now we can manufacture profound bliss in the comfort of our homes, just about any time we like. The Double Rainbow Maker ($40) uses a solar-powered motor and light-refracting Swarovski crystals... [More]

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Magnetic Putty

Science is awesome. It also makes the best freaking toys. Take, for example, this Magnetic Putty ($15). Teeny weeny iron-based particles are dispersed through this gray globby mass, and animate it like alien nanobots when it comes into contact with the included Neodymium Iron Boron... [More]

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