While hosting the monthly get-together at your pad is fun, it's never really fun and games. Instead of breaking out Twister or Monopoly, bust out Coloraturo ($75). The whole puzzle breaks apart into differently colored triangles and blocks. It isn't difficult to put back together.... [More]

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NYC Souvenir

Did you leave the Big Apple without a memento? We doubt it, but we also doubt your I Heart NY tee and Empire State Building pencil are as authentic as BROOKLYNrehab's NYC Souvenir ($16). Each souvenir tube contains a real New York City pigeon feather... [More]

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Monster Piñata

When is a party more than just a party? When it involves beating the crap out of this adorable Monster Piñata ($55), that's when! And since he doesn't come prefilled, we can stuff him with awesome treats like Nips and nail polish, instead of the... [More]

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Best Wishes Key

We can't decide if this is the kind of key you give to your late night booty call so you don't have to get out of bed when he's at the door, or if this is the kind of spare key you give to your... [More]

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Perplexus Epic

Our brains hurrrrrt. They've been working overtime trying to solve this Perplexus Epic ($30) 3-D puzzle, and our relative lack of fine motor skills isn't helping the situation. But at least focusing single-mindedly on getting that little metal ball past 125 different barriers means we're... [More]

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Porcelain Fortune Cookies

We have a feeling we're going to be buying a lot of these Porcelain Fortune Cookies ($16). Why? Because as adorable as they are as home decor accents, we're eventually going to be overwhelmed by our curiosity re: our fortunes, and will give in to... [More]

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Lighted Bocce Ball Set

Why should your bocce-tossing fun end just because the sun's gone down? Keep the game going into the wee hours of the morning with this Lighted Bocce Ball Set ($85). Each of these full-weight, super durable balls comes with a built-in LED light, making it... [More]

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Bike Chalk Trail Kit

How long do you think we'd have to practice before we could write "Outblush" in cursive in front of our building with one of these Bike Chalk Trail Kits ($27)? We're guessing at least four hours, but we'd have to take breaks because all those... [More]

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Spy Deck Cards

Judge all you will, but we've been blowing through the first three seasons of White Collar on Netflix Instant. Now we're all kinds of obsessed with spy-related things, including our set of Spy Deck Cards ($15). We may not be pulling off a jewel heist... [More]

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Camera Door Eye Sticker

Knock knock. Who's there? Say cheese. Say cheese who? Say, cheese pretty awesome, I think I'll let her in! We'll be here all week, folks. Tip your servers!! Camera Door Eye Sticker ($10)... [More]

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Town Hall Bingo

Give Cranium a rest and bust out Town Hall Bingo ($129) for game night instead. Assign a caller, crank the bingo cage, and compete for cash prizes. Or compete for the last chocolate peanut butter brownie.... [More]

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Sizzling Bacon Candle

While we may be kinda over the whole bacon-slapped-on-everything trend, we're still considering keeping one of these Sizzling Bacon Candles ($16) around. It should come in handy for perfuming up the kitchen. We're trying to ease away from fatty bacon goodness, so maybe smelling its... [More]

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Kaos Cyclops Water Balloon Launcher

The deceptively simple Kaos Cyclops Water Balloon Launcher ($12) vastly increases both the range and speed of your water balloons, enabling you to hit your targets before their suspicions are aroused. It even comes with a bag of biodegradable balloons, so that your environmental conscience... [More]

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Popsicles Temporary Tattoos

We lack the commitment capacity for real tattoos, and that's probably a good thing. If we were to get ourselves inked, we'd almost certainly pick something silly, like a tribute to our favorite summer snack. And while that would make us happy for a day... [More]

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Bungee Jumping Squirrel Feeder

It's an undeniable fact: if there is seed, squirrels will eat it. You might as well admit defeat now and turn a pain in the rear into a source of hilarious entertainment by way of this Bungee Jumping Squirrel Feeder ($17). We're already daydreaming about... [More]

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Harry Potter Chopsticks

Accio rice bowl! We're going to be throwing our forks out the window once we get hold of these Harry Potter Chopsticks ($14), which are shaped like the magic wands of each of our favorite members of House Gryffindor. More specifically, we're picking up the... [More]

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Doctor Who License Plate Frame

We can't help but love this admittedly cheesy Doctor Who License Plate Frame ($9). And as it turns out, we're not alone. Since slapping this puppy on the Outblush Camry (which is sadly not bigger on the inside), we've attracted happy honks and waves from... [More]

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Playable Art Cube

After messing around with this Playable Art Cube ($20) for a while, we determined that it's basically a prettier, less irritating Rubik's cube. All of the pieces are interconnected and you can pull them apart and twist them around, but then you have to get... [More]

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Oblo Puzzle Sphere

The colorful 21-piece Oblo Puzzle Sphere ($20) is supposed to help kids develop their fine motor skills and spacial reasoning, which we're sure it does. In fact, maybe kids "get it" more than we do, because it takes us forever to take it apart and... [More]

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Cactus Cooler and Ring Toss

So it turns out there's still a little bit of college coed left in us. Our weekends are tamer, our skirts are longer, and the likelihood of our doing body shots is much lower, but we still think this Inflatable Cactus Cooler and Ring Toss... [More]

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