Sherlock Cluedo

We already had kind of a thing for Sherlock, and that was before the lovely Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch had a go at the role. Now the mildly sociopathic sleuth has us quivering like schoolgirls at a Bieber concert. Playing Sherlock Cluedo ($39) is probably the... [More]

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Wild & Wolf Ridley's Jacks

Can you remember the last time you played jacks? Us neither, which is why we're really hoping Santa sticks one of these Wild & Wolf Ridley's Jacks sets ($6) in the stocking for us this year. The jacks will be great ornamental tchotchkes once we've... [More]

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Bicycle Skull & Bones Cards

And now, a more literal interpretation of the dead man's hand. Bicycle Skull & Bones Cards ($6)... [More]

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Cards Against Humanity

Still playing Apples to Apples? Stash it back in the game drawer and bring out Cards Against Humanity ($25) instead. The game is simple: one person reads the question off of a black card, and everyone else responds with their funniest white card. With questions... [More]

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Bird Bingo

It just might be possible to convince people that bird-watching is an entertaining pastime, now that you've discovered Bird Bingo ($20). Of course, these nicely illustrated playing cards are meant to be used along with the included bird tokens, but we prefer the idea of... [More]

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PillowMob Photo Pillows

Haven't you always wanted a humiliating photo of yourself blown up and turned into a puffy couch pillow? Yeah - us neither. But we can sure appreciate the fun of turning someone else's terrible snapshot into one of these PillowMob Photo Pillows ($30), then placing... [More]

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Beer Tasting Tool Kit

The market is jammed with more fine craft brews than ever, which means there's all the more potential for beer lovers to treat their taste buds. Do it properly with this Beer Tasting Tool Kit ($16). Use the included paper sleeves to cover labels, take... [More]

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Clyde Freaker

We've been told that carrying around a Miller Lite takes our sparkly pumps and cocktail dresses down a notch or two. We're not going to switch our beverage just for the sake of appearances - and don't have to, when we can instantly class up... [More]

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Water Wars

How would you like to reassign that laser tag budget to something else, like additional beer? Make the moderate investment in Water Wars ($40), and we're pretty sure you'll be able to get your urban warfare fix (safely) in the comfort of your own backyard.... [More]

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Slip Into The Darkness Gift Set

The perfectly spooky Slip Into The Darkness Gift Set ($132) includes Dark Side of the Moon earrings, an incense-rose-and-pencil scented candle, and our very own honest-to-goodness tarot deck. In other words, everything we need to masquerade as fortune tellers except the flowery skirt and fake... [More]

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Photoretouch Mirror

We've often wished we could walk around with our very own Photoshop filter. Spot removal? Check. Maybe a little hue adjustment to take some of that red out of our noses? That'd be nice. Sadly, Adobe hasn't yet created the technology (though we're not putting... [More]

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Lucky Lotto Scratcher

Is your scratch ticket track record so abysmal you get excited when you win a buck? Maybe it's time to turn things around. These Lucky Lotto Scratchers ($7 each) might be the ticket to adding a few extra zeros to those puny prizes. Or they... [More]

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Color-In Sectional Globe

We've found a great way to set out our travel ambitions: this Color-In Sectional Globe ($40). We'll use our markers to color-code countries. Green will mean we're dying to get there. Purple is for possibly interesting. And we'll use red for "unlikely to have indoor... [More]

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Cherry Candles

We've reached a point where we really don't want to count out all those birthday candles and face the fact that we need more than one box. So we've started putting a sweet little Cherry Candle ($20 for a box) on top of our birthday... [More]

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Lil' Reds Disposable Cups

We've found a way to make beer pong more challenging that doesn't involve shotgunning a few extra cans before we start. These Lil' Reds Disposable Cups ($11) are sized just big enough to accommodate a ping-pong ball, which means we're going to have to start... [More]

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Doctor Who Yahtzee

We know we have "sucker" written all over our faces, but we can't help squee over the Doctor Who Yahtzee 50th Anniversary Collector's Edition Game ($25, available for pre-order). The dice cup is the TARDIS? Awesome! The dice themselves are representations of the Doctor's most... [More]

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DIY Kaleidoscope Kit

See the world in a different light - through a homemade kaleidoscope! This DIY Kaleidoscope Kit ($16) provides you with everything you need to create your very own instrument for distorting your vision into a whirlwind of colorful fragments - all without the LSD (and... [More]

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Mr. T In Your Pocket Key Chain

We pity the fool who can't see the fun in this Mr. T In Your Pocket Key Chain ($12). This handy gadget makes it a breeze to cleverly sound-bite everybody's favorite badass. Use it to impress your friends, deter clingy dudes in bars, or prevent... [More]

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Box O Zombies

Okay, so hordes of undead may not be roaming the earth yet, but that doesn't mean we can't be prepared! Anything's possible on Halloween, right? We'll plot our our future escape route using a Box O Zombies ($15). The six miniature statues included will help... [More]

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Canned Air from New York City

Anyone else getting Spaceballs flashbacks? Granted, this Canned Air from New York City ($10) probably isn't quite as refreshing as the sweetly scented winds of Druidia, but those desperately nostalgic for the Big Apple might appreciate a whiff. That, or it'll make for a pretty... [More]

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