Earl the Squirrel Stacking Game

Thanks to A & G Merch's ultra-simple marketing style, we haven't the foggiest idea how to go about playing this Earl the Squirrel Stacking Game ($69). But we're okay with that. It's so cute, we won't at all mind leaving it out on the table... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Dino Popper

We swear, if you buy one of these Dino Poppers ($11), you'll get your money's worth out of it and then some. Hours of entertainment, we tell you! Keep it in the office to shoot at good-natured coworkers with or take it home and watch... [More]

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Wobble Chess Set

The look of this Wobble Chess Set is exquisite, as well it should be with each elegant piece crafted from either maple or cherry wood. Our only question - how do you knock your king over when you've been bested? See more chess sets.... [More]

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Army Guy Candles

These Army Guy Candles ($10 for five) make us want to plan a Toy Story-themed party. Never mind that we're adults. Maybe we can get our nieces and nephews together for a movie marathon, complete with little green alien plushies and Army guy-topped cupcakes.... [More]

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Secret Message Writing Set

Remember how much fun it was to pass notes in class? We liked it so much, we're tempted to continue the tradition today by sending bitchy missives through our office email. However, anybody at the top of the corporate food chain can read those emails,... [More]

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We're not superstitious types. We will by no means be basing any major life decisions on the advice of our Magic 8 Balls. Nor will we take seriously the pronouncements of this Predict-a-Pen ($10). It'll just be a source of inconsequential amusement. That is, until... [More]

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Sobriety Test Game

We're going to put ourselves on the record as saying that drunk driving is always a bad idea, which is why we'll never be able to enjoy a real-life roadside bout of Backwards Alphabet. We'll just get our kicks the safe and responsible way -... [More]

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Disguise Magnet Set

Those Christmas cards covered in pictures of your friends and their brats adorable offspring will be so much more fun once you've augmented them with this Disguise Magnet Set ($12). It'll make those matched-sweater portraits even more fun than the time the little monsters poured... [More]

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ZenWheels Micro Car

Cool alert! We've always loved all things remote-controlled. How much more awesome is the idea of using our beloved iPhone as a controller? The ZenWheels Micro Car ($90) zips around the room based on our input into a simple app. Comes complete with its own... [More]

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DVF Ping Pong Set

Working on developing a mean backhand? Perfect it with the DVF Ping Pong Set ($95). Or, well, at least look good while you fumble through the motions. Maybe the cheerful red paddles will bolster your spirits and help you master an overhand serve.... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Demerit Chocoholic Badge

There's certainly more than one Demerit Badge that we have rightfully earned, but this Chocoholic Badge ($4) is probably the only one we've been eligible for since the era when we were earning actual merit badges in Girl Scouts. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Finger Twister

Awkward conversations on the plane are no more! Bust this Finger Twister Game ($5) out from your carry-on and challenger your neighbor. Loser buys the next round of overpriced mini-bottle wine. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy!... [More]

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Sherlock Cluedo

We already had kind of a thing for Sherlock, and that was before the lovely Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch had a go at the role. Now the mildly sociopathic sleuth has us quivering like schoolgirls at a Bieber concert. Playing Sherlock Cluedo ($39) is probably the... [More]

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Wild & Wolf Ridley's Jacks

Can you remember the last time you played jacks? Us neither, which is why we're really hoping Santa sticks one of these Wild & Wolf Ridley's Jacks sets ($6) in the stocking for us this year. The jacks will be great ornamental tchotchkes once we've... [More]

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Bicycle Skull & Bones Cards

And now, a more literal interpretation of the dead man's hand. Bicycle Skull & Bones Cards ($6)... [More]

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Cards Against Humanity

Still playing Apples to Apples? Stash it back in the game drawer and bring out Cards Against Humanity ($25) instead. The game is simple: one person reads the question off of a black card, and everyone else responds with their funniest white card. With questions... [More]

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Bird Bingo

It just might be possible to convince people that bird-watching is an entertaining pastime, now that you've discovered Bird Bingo ($20). Of course, these nicely illustrated playing cards are meant to be used along with the included bird tokens, but we prefer the idea of... [More]

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PillowMob Photo Pillows

Haven't you always wanted a humiliating photo of yourself blown up and turned into a puffy couch pillow? Yeah - us neither. But we can sure appreciate the fun of turning someone else's terrible snapshot into one of these PillowMob Photo Pillows ($30), then placing... [More]

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Beer Tasting Tool Kit

The market is jammed with more fine craft brews than ever, which means there's all the more potential for beer lovers to treat their taste buds. Do it properly with this Beer Tasting Tool Kit ($16). Use the included paper sleeves to cover labels, take... [More]

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Clyde Freaker

We've been told that carrying around a Miller Lite takes our sparkly pumps and cocktail dresses down a notch or two. We're not going to switch our beverage just for the sake of appearances - and don't have to, when we can instantly class up... [More]

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