The Pennant Party Box

Paper mustaches and top hats were cool the first few times. But now everyone's doing it, and you're a leetle tired of sporting a handlebar mustache in every party picture. The Pennant Party Box ($25) switches things up. The felt pendants still bring the fun... [More]

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Bocce Ball Set

The great summer lawn game debate: bocce ball, badminton, or croquet? This year we're on Team Bocce! All we need is a good-lookin' set like this one ($298). The stripes and polka dots lend it a preppy vibe, as if lawn games didn't already have... [More]

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Americana Jigsaw Puzzle

We know, you'd much rather spend your free time reading a fluffy novel at the beach. But it's still too damn cold out for that. Spend the rest of your winter hibernation piecing together the Americana Jigsaw Puzzle ($24). It's not akin to the fun... [More]

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Bsclly Ouija Board

Aren't you sick of Ouija boards being so sweet and cutesy? Is Hello Kitty not an appropriate theme for channeling the dead? Well, this Bsclly Ouija Board ($61) has skulls and ravens! You're just a scary attic and a few candles away from a night... [More]

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Kate Middleton Paper Doll

No word yet on whether or not an "expecting" version is in the works. For now, we'll have to be content with dressing the Duchess's svelte figure in gorgeous recreations of her most famous fashions. Kate Middleton Paper Doll ($13)... [More]

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Wine Tasting Party Kit

We know it sounds counterintuitive, but we think buying this Wine Tasting Party Kit ($25) might actually be a great way to sober up our weekend fun. After all, just about all of our parties tend to involve consuming massive quantities of wine. At least... [More]

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LED Digit Magnets

No, they're not actual LEDs. In fact, they don't even glow in the dark. But we still think these LED Digit Magnets ($13) have their fair share of nerd cred. Use them to geek up your fridge, desk, or dishwasher.... [More]

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Atari Arcade for iPad

Prepare to get hot and bothered, retro game-loving ladies. You can bring back your 8-bit glory days in style with this Atari Arcade for iPad ($60). It transforms your tablet into a classic button-and-joystick-driven gaming experience, and with the Atari's Greatest Hits app, you'll be... [More]

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Bar Games Drink Mats

As if drinking a few brews with friends wasn't entertaining enough! Pack a box of Bar Games Drink Mats ($12) into your purse before you head out for a night in your favorite corner booth, order a round, and then get crackin'! There's a particularly... [More]

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Pino the Cork Voodoo Doll

Step one: Tape picture of ex-boyfriend onto this Pino the Cork Voodoo Doll ($44). Step two: Stab repeatedly throughout work day. Result: Lowered therapy bill.... [More]

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Match a Pair of Shoes Memory Game

Our nieces really enjoy playing Memory, but there are only so many times we can look at a bunch of cartoon farmyard animals before they all start to blur together and suddenly we're having our asses kicked by a seven-year-old. Not cool. We can't give... [More]

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Tattly Valentine's Multipack

Feel the love this Valentine's Day the traditional way: temporarily. This Tattly Valentine's Multipack ($25) is chock-full of fake tats you can enjoy for a few days, then rid yourself of without so much as a Dear John letter. No lawyers, no tears, and no... [More]

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Wiggly Eye Dice

Is one pair of eyes on your opponent not enough? Keep several on him with the Wiggly Eye Dice ($16). You know he's cheating - one simply doesn't obtain that much Monopoly money so early in the game. Don't let him strong-arm you out of... [More]

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The Storymatic

Who needs actual creative genius when you've got The Storymatic ($30)? This set of color-coded cards helps you put together the lead players and plot of your very own magnum opus. We suspect it might be how Michael Bay comes up with his movies.... [More]

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Croc Pile

Facebook is the devil. Just a browse through the news feed drags us into a host of breakups, illnesses, injuries, and - perhaps worst of all - political debates. We need a less stressful way to procrastinate, and think we've found it in this Croc... [More]

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Wii U 8GB Basic Set Console

By the time you shell out the moola for a gym membership and a Zumba class or two, you've all but broken the bank. But for the same price, you can grab yourself a Wii U 8GB Basic Set Console ($300). The sleek new Nintendo... [More]

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Moxi Lolly Roller Skates

We haven't set foot onto a roller rink since junior high, but we've been streaming a lot of Wonder Years episodes lately. Winnie looks so cute on her skates in season 4 that we had to find ourselves a pair, too, and these Moxi Lolly... [More]

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Wine Words Party Pack

Get the girls to bring along bottles of their favorite vintages to a night in, and you're almost ready to host your own low-key wine party. Add the Wine Words Party Pack ($15) from MIXT Studio and you're in business. The kit provides you with... [More]

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What? Card Game

Thinking about introducing your new boyfriend to your parents? Well, before you do, do a trial run of sorts amongst a group of friends by playing What? ($20). That way, you'll know his answers to all the insane questions your dad is surely going to... [More]

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I Heart Guts Gutzilla Gigantic Guts Set

Is anyone still collecting Beanie Babies? We sure hope not. But if we did find any holdouts, we'd work on convincing them to making a switch in their stuffed toy fetish by picking up this I Heart Guts Gutzilla Gigantic Guts Set ($199). How much... [More]

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