Lucky Lotto Scratcher

Is your scratch ticket track record so abysmal you get excited when you win a buck? Maybe it's time to turn things around. These Lucky Lotto Scratchers ($7 each) might be the ticket to adding a few extra zeros to those puny prizes. Or they... [More]

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Color-In Sectional Globe

We've found a great way to set out our travel ambitions: this Color-In Sectional Globe ($40). We'll use our markers to color-code countries. Green will mean we're dying to get there. Purple is for possibly interesting. And we'll use red for "unlikely to have indoor... [More]

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Cherry Candles

We've reached a point where we really don't want to count out all those birthday candles and face the fact that we need more than one box. So we've started putting a sweet little Cherry Candle ($20 for a box) on top of our birthday... [More]

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Lil' Reds Disposable Cups

We've found a way to make beer pong more challenging that doesn't involve shotgunning a few extra cans before we start. These Lil' Reds Disposable Cups ($11) are sized just big enough to accommodate a ping-pong ball, which means we're going to have to start... [More]

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Doctor Who Yahtzee

We know we have "sucker" written all over our faces, but we can't help squee over the Doctor Who Yahtzee 50th Anniversary Collector's Edition Game ($25, available for pre-order). The dice cup is the TARDIS? Awesome! The dice themselves are representations of the Doctor's most... [More]

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DIY Kaleidoscope Kit

See the world in a different light - through a homemade kaleidoscope! This DIY Kaleidoscope Kit ($16) provides you with everything you need to create your very own instrument for distorting your vision into a whirlwind of colorful fragments - all without the LSD (and... [More]

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Mr. T In Your Pocket Key Chain

We pity the fool who can't see the fun in this Mr. T In Your Pocket Key Chain ($12). This handy gadget makes it a breeze to cleverly sound-bite everybody's favorite badass. Use it to impress your friends, deter clingy dudes in bars, or prevent... [More]

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Box O Zombies

Okay, so hordes of undead may not be roaming the earth yet, but that doesn't mean we can't be prepared! Anything's possible on Halloween, right? We'll plot our our future escape route using a Box O Zombies ($15). The six miniature statues included will help... [More]

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Canned Air from New York City

Anyone else getting Spaceballs flashbacks? Granted, this Canned Air from New York City ($10) probably isn't quite as refreshing as the sweetly scented winds of Druidia, but those desperately nostalgic for the Big Apple might appreciate a whiff. That, or it'll make for a pretty... [More]

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Alexander McQueen Fashions for Paper Dolls

It's about as close as we're likely to get to anything from the famous fashion house. These Alexander McQueen Fashions for Paper Dolls ($10) reproduce some of the designer's signature looks in two-dimensional format. At least someone around here will be able to look fabulous.... [More]

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Ze Super Zeros Zonk The Monkey

You've got a best friend interviewing for a promotion in the next couple of weeks. And not only is she nervous, she's terrified. She's the kind of person who's afraid to fail. Give her a little extra boost: leave Zonk ($24) on her desk next... [More]

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Snake Eyes Yard Dice

We all love lawn games, but after a few hours the bocce starts veering towards boring. That's when it's time to break out these Snake Eyes Yard Dice ($50) and up the stakes a bit. Not only will a bit of backyard gambling add some... [More]

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James Bond 007 Miniature Vehicles Set

You're just as excited about the new Bond flick as your boyfriend is, but we know he'd be more excited to get this James Bond 007 Miniature Vehicles Set ($60) than you would. The set features eight tiny die-cast replicas of vehicles featured in Bond... [More]

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Scrabble Typography Edition

Face it, if your Saturday night plans include a cutthroat game of Scrabble, chances are good that you're a full-blown nerd. And there's not a damn thing wrong with it. In fact, we think it's time to go one step further and get the Scrabble... [More]

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Tea Leaf Reading Kit

Impress your friends and get your daily caffeine fix all at once with this Tea Leaf Reading Kit ($12). It'll have you predicting job promotions and babies from piles of sodden Darjeeling before you can say "charlatan."... [More]

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Merit Badges: For Excellence in Life

We're pretty hopeless at knots, so we're relieved to know that Merit Badges ($10) exist for things like this. Everyone has a talent, people.... [More]

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First Aid Flask

This is kind of the modern day version of those St. Bernards with rescue kegs, yeah? First Aid Flask ($20)... [More]

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While hosting the monthly get-together at your pad is fun, it's never really fun and games. Instead of breaking out Twister or Monopoly, bust out Coloraturo ($75). The whole puzzle breaks apart into differently colored triangles and blocks. It isn't difficult to put back together.... [More]

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NYC Souvenir

Did you leave the Big Apple without a memento? We doubt it, but we also doubt your I Heart NY tee and Empire State Building pencil are as authentic as BROOKLYNrehab's NYC Souvenir ($16). Each souvenir tube contains a real New York City pigeon feather... [More]

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Monster Piñata

When is a party more than just a party? When it involves beating the crap out of this adorable Monster Piñata ($55), that's when! And since he doesn't come prefilled, we can stuff him with awesome treats like Nips and nail polish, instead of the... [More]

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