Penguin Race

Before video games and in-your-face television riled up kids more than coffee-flavored cereal, children had to entertain themselves by watching a penguin go up, then down, then up again. The Penguin Race ($24) may not have unlockable levels or seizure-inducing color flashes, but you just... [More]

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The Storymatic

The Storymatic ($30) is a game for creative people who aren't feeling that creative at the moment! Draw a character card (i.e., "oddities collector," "person with a devastating secret,"), draw a plot card ("nobody is watching," "at last, love"), and let your beautiful brain fill... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Color Changing Balloons

For once, people are going to be fighting for the job of blowing up the balloons. Watch as these change their hues right in front of your very eyes - it's magic! (Or we're just full of hot air.) Color Changing Balloons ($12) What's a... [More]

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Bouncing Planet Maker

Want to play God? Pick yourself up this Bouncing Planet Maker ($12). It includes everything you need to create your very own colorful solar system. And best of all, unlike boring traditional solar systems that just spin around in circles, yours will be able to... [More]

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On-the-Go Game Pad

You love playing hangman when you're waiting with friends, but drawing that noose is such a chore! This On-the-Go Game Pad ($9) contains all of your favorite childhood games like hangman, dots-and-boxes, and even tic-tac-toe. Because you can't personalize the hanging man on an app!... [More]

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Road Trip Jar Bank

Your saved-up loose change may not get you much more than a tank of gas and a burger in the next town over, but the idea behind the Road Trip Jar Bank ($10) is sound. If you can toss in some fives or tens as... [More]

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Sudoku Cube Puzzle

So you've just reduced quantum mechanics to a single equation and solved the mystery of the Hound of the Baskervilles - now you need something to unwind with. But that Rubik's cube is too easy! Matching colors, how kindergarten is that? What you need is... [More]

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Bourbon & Boots Box

We love Bourbon & Boots for its fab Southern-style clothes, accessories, home goods and snacks. In fact, we think this online outlet is so cool, we'll happily let them pick what goodies they send our way in this Bourbon & Boots Box ($42). Try it... [More]

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Sparkle Pony TravelHoop

Bring that glow-in-the-dark hula hoop on the road with you. Because you can. Sparkle Pony TravelHoop ($90)... [More]

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Face It Stickers

"Personification" isn't just a vocabulary word from English class anymore! These Face It Stickers ($5) allow us humans to actualize our dreams of making inanimate objects more like us! (Because if that chair had feelings, it would feel envious that it wasn't human.)... [More]

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Tetris Magnet Set

Add a little 8-bit fun to those late night snack sessions with this Tetris Magnet Set ($6). With forty-nine magnetic blocks in those familiar shapes and colors, it'll give you something fun to do while you're trying to choose between a Hot Pocket and that... [More]

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The Redstone Inkblot Test

Every time - every single time - we see inkblot tests on TV or in movies, we automatically interpret the pictures for ourselves... but then no one analyzes our answers! It's more than a little frustrating! Finally, the Redstone Inkblot Test ($19) puts our psyches... [More]

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NO Sign

Bust out the NO Sign ($7, on sale) when you need to remind all who enter your office that midmeeting texting will not be tolerated. Likewise, the sign will help you put a ban on other contraband, like packs of chewing gum, cigarettes, and bags... [More]

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Sexy Truth or Dare: Pick-A-Stick

Sexy Truth of Dare: Pick-A-Stick ($16) is a streamlined version of the popular "hooking-up-without-being-slutty" party game. Pros: pre-planned truths and dares prevent players from manipulating the game for their hidden agendas. Cons: pre-planned truths and dares prevent players from manipulating the game for their hidden... [More]

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Hula Girls Party Picks

No backyard tiki bar is complete without these Hula Girls Party Picks ($4). Use them to add the perfect finishing touch to your homemade hurricanes and mai tais - soft tropical breeze not included.... [More]

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Mixed Heart Balloons

While any type of balloon can take a get-together and turn it into a celebration, a bunch of Mixed Heart Balloons ($5 for 10) can take a celebration and turn it into a classy, romantic affair. These pretties have engagement photo shoot or rehearsal dinner... [More]

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AppTag Laser Tag

Over the last few years, we've been watching the progress of augmented reality technology, where devices use real world camera feeds and add things like cartoon dragons. It's a cool idea, which is why we were so disappointed that no one's ever done anything great... [More]

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Ultimate Deck

It's like playing Go Fish with Edgar Allan Poe! Dave and Dan's deck of playing cards is the Ultimate Deck ($25) for anyone who enjoys card games, art, and the macabre!... [More]

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Kinetic Sand

It sucks when your sand castle dreams are constantly thwarted by the beach's being either too dry and crumbly or too wet and sloppy. Turns out sand castles are one of those things which Man does a bit better than Nature. This Kinetic Sand ($15)... [More]

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Tattly Nautical Temporary Tattoo Set

Pfft, shoes with sailboats on them? Cute. You took the nautical trend to heart and got an anchor inked onto your upper arm. (Okay, so it's soy-based and temporary, but we promise not to give you away!) Tattly Nautical Temporary Tattoo Set ($15 for eight).... [More]

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