SAND by Brookstone

Don't want to give up your beach days just yet? We don't blame you! A tub of Brookstone's SAND ($15-20) will make the inevitable seasonal transition just a little bit easier. The magical stuff feels and acts just like damp sand, but it's made from... [More]

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Super Mario Themed Beer Pong Table

Beer pong and '80s video games just seem to go together. We don't know how or why, but don't question it - the more you overthink it, the less you get it. Maybe you'll understand the Super Mario Themed Beer Pong Table ($179) better halfway... [More]

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Rocca Playing Cards

For one of our last remaining pastimes that doesn't involve a screen, cards are starting to seem a little too two-dimensional. Add some depth to otherwise flat games with the Rocca playing cards ($28)!... [More]

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Animal Parade Puzzle

Why don't parades like this ever pass through our town? The Animal Parade Puzzle ($40) features a different animal for every letter of the alphabet, so the puzzle aspect shouldn't be too difficult if you remember that alligator goes somewhere near the beginning.... [More]

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Breaking Bad Plush Set

It's easy to "respect the chemistry" when an adorable eight-inch Heisenberg tells you to! The Breaking Bad Plush Set ($30) really presents the softer side of the hard drug game.... [More]

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Chalkboard Globe

Think you can build a better world? Best to start at the drawing board. The Chalkboard Globe ($340) seems like it would be a whole lot of fun, even if it doesn't have a practical geographical purpose (our version probably doesn't include an accurate placement... [More]

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Monty Python's Wafer Thin Mints

Monty Python's Wafer Thin Mints ($3) are wafer-thin, for an explosive ending to a very fulfilling meal!... [More]

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Tekno Bubbles

Fact: bubbles have a pleasing appearance. Fact: objects that glow in black light have a similarly pleasing appearance. Logical Conclusion: Tekno Bubbles ($4) are freaking sweet! Available in blue and gold.... [More]

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Black Playing Cards

An all-black deck of playing cards? I guess the red suits finally got with the picture. These Black Playing Cards ($10) feature not only the world's most stylish color, but also some of that cool triangle art the kids are into these days.... [More]

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Style Wars: A Trump Card Game

If you've ever listened to a fashionista rattling off the contents of designers' seasonal collections by the year, you know they're not that far from Trekkies in their enthusiasm or their selective memory. It makes sense, then, to have a fashion card game! Style Wars... [More]

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Ball of Whacks

Toys...we don't grow out of them with age, we just get better ones. Make no mistake about it - this Ball of Whacks ($33) may be highly cerebral and involve intense critical thinking, but at the end of the day it's still a toy. What... [More]

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Barbie Catwoman Doll

We were totally about to pull the trigger and buy this Barbie Catwoman Doll ($42), but then we realized that we don't want to own the doll, we want to be her. Anyone have a good hair flip tutorial in their bookmarks?... [More]

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Mechanical Kitty Coin Bank

What's this mysterious package, and what would happen if you put a coin on that strange button-looking thing? Yes, the Mechanical Kitty Coin Bank ($20) really is as cute as it looks. The box lid stays closed until you put a coin on the button,... [More]

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Fun Slides Carpet Skates

Fun Slides Carpet Skates ($20) allow you to zip, glide, skate, and slide on any carpet. Buy them "for your kids."... [More]

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Star Wars Chess Set

Hmm... Do you think the same people that like chess would also like Star Wars? We've seen novelty chess sets and we've seen Star Wars merchandise, and this Star Wars Chess Set ($70) just feels right. All of our favorites are there, including Queen Vader!... [More]

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Kinetic Creatures

So what if they're made of cardboard - your kids love playing with boxes! The beauty of Kinetic Creatures ($40 - $50) is twofold: first, there's putting them together, which includes all the fun of LEGOs and model-building, plus the aromatic smell of cardboard, and... [More]

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Not Your Mom's Dinner Party Table Topics

News flash: though you probably remember them as nights of interminable boredom during which you were required to look well-behaved before being banished to your room, your mother's dinner parties were in actuality probably rowdy affairs. But if your own seem to be falling a... [More]

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Ridley's Balloon Modeling Kit

No, this Ridley's Balloon Modeling Kit ($13) hasn't been lingering on a storeroom shelf for a few decades. The time-worn packaging is all part of the nostalgic fun, which means the animal-making balloons included in this kit won't explode from dry rot and scare the... [More]

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For the dog lover who doesn't like dogs! This Port-a-Pug ($17) is a cardboard model that's way easier to assemble than the original! Whether you lack the space or the sinuses for actual pet, this cute cutout will help fill the void.... [More]

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Decision Maker Desk Toy

Magic 8 Balls are just toys, and any advice they give is just a random roll of the dice... This Decision Maker Desk Toy ($40) is the real deal, though. Anything with black matte and engraving must be accurate!... [More]

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