Face It Stickers

"Personification" isn't just a vocabulary word from English class anymore! These Face It Stickers ($5) allow us humans to actualize our dreams of making inanimate objects more like us! (Because if that chair had feelings, it would feel envious that it wasn't human.)... [More]

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Tetris Magnet Set

Add a little 8-bit fun to those late night snack sessions with this Tetris Magnet Set ($6). With forty-nine magnetic blocks in those familiar shapes and colors, it'll give you something fun to do while you're trying to choose between a Hot Pocket and that... [More]

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The Redstone Inkblot Test

Every time - every single time - we see inkblot tests on TV or in movies, we automatically interpret the pictures for ourselves... but then no one analyzes our answers! It's more than a little frustrating! Finally, the Redstone Inkblot Test ($19) puts our psyches... [More]

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NO Sign

Bust out the NO Sign ($7, on sale) when you need to remind all who enter your office that midmeeting texting will not be tolerated. Likewise, the sign will help you put a ban on other contraband, like packs of chewing gum, cigarettes, and bags... [More]

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Sexy Truth or Dare: Pick-A-Stick

Sexy Truth of Dare: Pick-A-Stick ($16) is a streamlined version of the popular "hooking-up-without-being-slutty" party game. Pros: pre-planned truths and dares prevent players from manipulating the game for their hidden agendas. Cons: pre-planned truths and dares prevent players from manipulating the game for their hidden... [More]

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Hula Girls Party Picks

No backyard tiki bar is complete without these Hula Girls Party Picks ($4). Use them to add the perfect finishing touch to your homemade hurricanes and mai tais - soft tropical breeze not included.... [More]

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Mixed Heart Balloons

While any type of balloon can take a get-together and turn it into a celebration, a bunch of Mixed Heart Balloons ($5 for 10) can take a celebration and turn it into a classy, romantic affair. These pretties have engagement photo shoot or rehearsal dinner... [More]

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AppTag Laser Tag

Over the last few years, we've been watching the progress of augmented reality technology, where devices use real world camera feeds and add things like cartoon dragons. It's a cool idea, which is why we were so disappointed that no one's ever done anything great... [More]

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Ultimate Deck

It's like playing Go Fish with Edgar Allan Poe! Dave and Dan's deck of playing cards is the Ultimate Deck ($25) for anyone who enjoys card games, art, and the macabre!... [More]

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Kinetic Sand

It sucks when your sand castle dreams are constantly thwarted by the beach's being either too dry and crumbly or too wet and sloppy. Turns out sand castles are one of those things which Man does a bit better than Nature. This Kinetic Sand ($15)... [More]

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Tattly Nautical Temporary Tattoo Set

Pfft, shoes with sailboats on them? Cute. You took the nautical trend to heart and got an anchor inked onto your upper arm. (Okay, so it's soy-based and temporary, but we promise not to give you away!) Tattly Nautical Temporary Tattoo Set ($15 for eight).... [More]

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Malibu Barbie by Trina Turk

This ain't your kid sister's Malibu Barbie ($50). This updated version of the classic doll is all swagged out in designer duds by Trina Turk. You might feel a little silly picking up a Barbie doll at your age, but we can spare you at... [More]

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Wendy Darling Sailing Ship Kite

We would already have loved this Wendy Darling Sailing Ship Kite ($40) as a purely decorative mobile. But guess what? This ship actually flies if let loose in a brisk wind. No fairy dust required.... [More]

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Monster High Spectra Vondergeist Doll

Barbies got a lot of flak for promoting unhealthy body ideals for women, so Mattel came out with alternatives - like this Monster High Spectra Vondergeist Doll ($20), which makes Barbie's figure look like Adele's. But remember what it's like to be a little girl... [More]

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Ice Speed Chess Set

Regular speed chess not fast enough? Do you thrive under pressure and work better with... well... a fire under your ass? This Ice Speed Chess Set ($10) is two ice cube trays of chess pieces (use juice for the second color), which means you can... [More]

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Parenting Flashcards

Need to brush up on parentspeak before you find yourself out to lunch with your suddenly procreating girlfriends? Use the Parenting Flashcards ($10) from Knock Knock. They'll help decode mom-talk by defining words and phrases like poo finger, blowout, co-sleeping, and droopy-drawers, But wait, who... [More]

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Dippin' Dots Frozen Dot Maker

The Dippin' Dots Frozen Dot Maker ($20) is definitely marketed towards kids, but there's nothing pretend about our desire to pump out a few bowls of Dippin' Dots! And even if the plastic contraption fails in its attempts to recreate the Dippin' Dots we know... [More]

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Star Wars Talking Plush Cantina Band Member

Look at this Talking Plush Cantina Band Member ($15). It's hard to believe that when the movies first came out, this guy was the pinnacle of special effects! (Although, to be fair, he still looks better than the computer-animated aliens from the prequels...)... [More]

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Therapy Flashcards

There are more than a few people in our lives we wish would spend some time reclining in the psychotherapist's office. Tying them up and dragging them there could result in legal complications, though, so we'll have to settle for picking up these Therapy Flashcards... [More]

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World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle

What do you want to do for the next twenty years? How about the World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle ($300)! Featuring the work of pop artist Keith Haring, this six-foot-wide puzzle will look great unfinished on your basement floor!... [More]

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