Amy Poehler Tina Fey Action Figures

You can't hear us squee-ing, but that's exactly what we're doing over here at Outblush headquarters. This SNL Weekend Update Amy Poehler and Tina Fey Action Figure Set ($30, pre-order) is the best thing we've seen all week - no, all year! Not only does... [More]

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1,000 Colors Puzzle

Worst nightmare or no big deal? It depends how well your eye is trained for color! The 1,000 Colors Puzzle ($49) is made up of 1,000 puzzle pieces in, you guessed it, 1,000 CMYK colors that, when completed, form a satisfying and stunning gradient. Even... [More]

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Jumbo Clear Confetti Balloon

On one hand, this Jumbo Clear Confetti Balloon ($14) from Knot & Bow is sure to make a huge celebratory statement at your next shindig. On the other hand... confetti... everywhere. Your best bet for a compromise is to take this balloon to a party... [More]

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Stunt Marble Maze

For the love of all that is good in the world (and most of all, for your own sanity), you're willing to spend any amount of cashola on an item or two that'll keep your kids occupied for more than thirty seconds at a time.... [More]

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Puzzlebox Orbit Mobile Edition

We are still waiting for someone to come up with real mind bullets, but in the meantime, we can enjoy something close to god-like powers with this Puzzlebox Orbit Mobile Edition ($189). Strap on the accompanying EEG headset, and your brain waves will determine whether... [More]

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Selenite Wand Bundles

Want to feel like a real wizard? It will take more than spouting fictional spells in pidgin Latin. These Selenite Wand Bundles ($28) give off some seriously good vibrations, helping you focus your mental energy and shake out your chakras. Use them to combat the... [More]

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Child of Wild x Flash Tattoos

We're longstanding fans of Flash Tattoos' fabulous jewelry-style temporary tats. Their various glittering gold and silver metallic designs last for 4-6 days if kept clear of soap, sunscreen, and other lotions and oils. Their latest release is a collaboration with funktastic sustainable brand Child of... [More]

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Couples Edition TableTopics

A recent New York Times article has been making the rounds. It's all about falling in love, specifically a series of 36 questions that is purported to make two people fall in love if these questions are asked of each other. It's always a good... [More]

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Osmo Game System

Nope, the Osmo Game System ($80) isn't a new rival to your PS4. It's actually for your kids. The system operates with your iPad (including the Mini), and comes with three brain-challenging games and tangible pieces little ones can use to manipulate and piece together... [More]

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Fancy Pea Shooters

These Fancy Pea Shooters ($15) are a good, old-fashioned way of spicing up your next gathering. Because nothing says "Having fun yet?" like someone spitting a wad of paper at your face.... [More]

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Tea Leaf Reading Kit

What does fate have in store? Riches? Love? The Grim? Find out with this Tea Leaf Reading Kit ($13). The included booklet will help you interpret the mystic signs you see in the bottom of your cup. (Hint: If your mystic sign looks like a... [More]

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Custom Personalized Paper Dolls

Did your mother tell you not to play with yourself? Well, she clearly didn't know about these Custom Personalized Paper Dolls ($35 each). Send illustrator Jordan Grace Owens a few snapshots, and she'll create a whimsical two-dimensional alter ego for you to dress up and... [More]

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Animal Planet Radio Control Inflatable T-Rex

Until they come up with one that stands about 20 feet tall, this Animal Planet Radio Control Inflatable T-Rex ($49) is on more of a velociraptor scale. But velociraptors are terrifying, so we figure this blow-up beast will still be good for creeping out a... [More]

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Monogamy: The Board Game

If the rigors of commitment have your eyes threatening to rove, maybe it's time for drastic measures. Monogamy ($20) turns getting sassy with your long-term partner into a dirty take on family game night. Start things off with a supposedly sexy staring contest, and progress... [More]

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Hoyle Slice Cards

When we first saw these Hoyle Slice Cards ($5), we thought they were seriously neat. Then we realized that shuffling skinny little decks of cards requires roughly the same dexterity as assembling nanobots. It's a great case for involving small, nimble-fingered children in your poker... [More]

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Name That Movie: 100 Illustrated Movie Puzzles

Think you're a real cinema buff? Illustrator Paul Rogers wants to put you to the test. In Name That Movie ($12), he challenges you to guess the flick based on his whimsical illustrations of iconic scenes and sets, from the Big Kahuna Burger to the... [More]

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Hand-Illustrated Playing Cards

Fancy a game of poker or gin rummy with a deck of these Hand-Illustrated Playing Cards ($12) by OneCanoeTwo Letterpress? Actually, it doesn't really matter what you play because when you own this card deck, you're already a winner. Unless, of course, you lose on... [More]

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The Wine Deck

Enjoy a round of five-card stud and expand your knowledge of modern viniculture at the same time! The Wine Deck ($16) combines traditional playing cards with a crash course in all things fermented, covering everything from vino vocabulary to pairing wine with pizza.... [More]

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Game of Thrones Temporary Tattoos

You'll have to wait 'til spring for the fresh violence, sex, and glory of a new season of Game of Thrones - and even longer if you're one of those poor suckers still hanging off the cliff edge of A Dance with Dragons. But at... [More]

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Besties Temporary Tattoo

Face it: when it comes to choosing a best friend, you're about as fickle as a five year old in a cupcake shop. That's why choosing who to treat to one of those ever-so permanent necklaces can be tricky. You'll have no such problem with... [More]

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