Skillet Thai Coconut Pumpkin Ketchup

Now that it's officially September, you can feel totally justified in your consumption of all things pumpkin, including (but certainly not limited to!) Skillet's Thai Coconut Pumpkin Ketchup ($8). It's the perfect transition condiment because you can slather it onto your grilled foods or add... [More]

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Mix It In Ice Cream Maker

Pinkberry, you've sucked us in for the last time! Rather than dropping money on our desserts once (okay, more like twice) a week, we're going to make our own with the Mix It In Ice Cream Maker ($100). It's not just an ice cream maker... [More]

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DIY Feta Cheese-Making Kit

A DIY Feta Cheese-Making Kit ($26)? Uh, we'll pass, we're not about putting our hands on any cow udders. Oh, it's not that involved of a process? We can just buy milk from the store? Do tell, then. Sure, we suppose we could handle following... [More]

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The Original Aviator Mug

Coffee from a jar surrounded by a leather wrap? Rustic. If you're the type to consider purchasing The Original Aviator Mug ($30), then we think we may be able to ascertain a few things about you: you like your coffee black and strong, possibly with... [More]

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The Instant Cocktail Party Kit

Okay, so technically, this The Instant Cocktail Party Kit ($60) from AHeirloom is missing one crucial cocktail party element: booze. But hey, we have a feeling you've already got that under control. The delish cherries and lightly spiced walnuts from Red and Brown's will turn... [More]

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Hoosier Hill Charms Cereal Marshmallows

Remember when you used to eat Lucky Charms directly from the box? A half hour later, you'd peek inside and realize that you had "inadvertently" snatched all of the marshmallows out, leaving only the oat pieces behind (which were plenty sugary in their own right,... [More]

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Silhouette Sense-Enhancing Wine Glass

Uh oh, someone forgot to finish making this wine glass! Wait, no - the hole is intentional. Since enjoying quality wine requires smelling the beverage as much as tasting it, the unconventional shape of the Silhouette Sense-Enhancing Wine Glass ($51) allows drinkers to get their... [More]

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Nutella Cookbook

Apparently, there is a myriad of ways to use Nutella. At some point, we should flip open this book ($13) and try one of the thirty different recipes before we unscrew the cap to our jars and dive in with spoons (because honestly, once you're... [More]

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Short Stack Editions Vol. 6: Sweet Potatoes

Everyone you know is raving over the health benefits of sweet potatoes, but you tend to only eat them covered in butter and mini marshmallows on Thanksgiving. Widen your tuber horizons with this recipe book ($14), which contains both savory and sweet recipes so you... [More]

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Blah Blah Hot Stuff Thermal Mug

This Blah Blah Hot Stuff Thermal Mug ($14) perfectly describes the conversations you have with any and all people you may come into contact with before your caffeine kicks in. In fact, we liken the pre-coffee blather of others to the teacher on the Peanuts... [More]

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Artichoke Candles

In preparation for a romantic dinner at home, you sent your man to the store for artichokes and candles. Somehow he read your list as a single item and came home with Artichoke Candles ($9) instead. Hmm, we guess you can use these to set... [More]

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Stainless Steel Grill Grids

We know when you're tailgating the big game of the season, a perfect char on your meats and vegetables isn't at the forefront of your mind, so when you pack up your portable grill and all the accouterments, make sure you also throw this set... [More]

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DIY Hooch Kit

Who's got the hooch? You do! In fact, you made it. Sometimes we get a little jealous of those Prohibition-era Americans who brewed booze in their bathtubs. That's why we support your efforts at turning fruit juice into alcohol with the DIY Hooch Kit ($11,... [More]

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Quinn Popcorn: Hickory Smoked Cheddar

We live for cheesy popcorn, but finding a brand that we can pop at home in the microwave has been an unsuccessful quest... until now. Quinn Popcorn: Hickory Smoked Cheddar ($5) has a rich flavor that surpasses most artificial cheese powders that are prevalent in... [More]

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Muggen Ceramic Mug

Sure, you can get all fancy with transporting your java to work or class, but you're a straightforward kinda gal. You're also too smart to pay a premium price for a high-tech thermos that barely works as advertised. This Muggen Ceramic Mug ($10) is right... [More]

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SOSU Srirachup

Heinz is a classic, but it's a little too generic to offer the kick you're really looking for in a condiment. SOSU Srirachup ($7), on the other hand, is part ketchup, part hot sauce. Made with organic California tomatoes and organic chile peppers, you'll have... [More]

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Awning Stripe Paper Beverage Caddy

You know you do it. Your friend texts and wants you to drop by for a bonfire/dinner/social engagement that requires you bring alcohol and you have 32 seconds to change your clothes and rummage around the fridge for your beer stash. You've got two bottles... [More]

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Mug Shots Shot Glasses

Drink with the best of the bad boys, just... don't get yourself into loads of trouble and wind up with a mug shot and a stint in the slammer. The back of each glass in the Mug Shots Shot Glasses Set ($17, set of 6)... [More]

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Kikkerland Wine Bottle Thermometer

Wine experts say to serve Chardonnay at 50ºF. Meanwhile, wine drinkers say, "How the hell do I know what temperature this bottle of wine is?" The Kikkerland Wine Bottle Thermometer ($6) snaps around your bottle to give an accurate reading of the content's temperature. You'll... [More]

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20095_6 gallon with Food 1500x1500-500x500.jpg

Augason Farms Emergency Food Storage Kit

Seeing another earthquake in the news was all it took for us to say, "Okay, it's time we finally prepare ourselves some rations." You don't want to be left starving after the Big One strikes. The Augason Farms Emergency Food Storage Kit ($160) seems like... [More]

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