Double Chocolate Decadence Cookies

You know those days when you really want to knock someone out, but you keep your calm and resort to using your big-girl words to solve an issue? On those days we think you deserve a treat for keeping it together. We resort to eating... [More]

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While we're not all vegetarians here, exactly (mmm, steak on the grill...), we do recognize that we should take a moderate approach to our carnivorousness. Herbivoracious: A Flavor Revolution with 150 Vibrant and Original Vegetarian Recipes ($16) gives us scrumptious ideas for those days we... [More]

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The Globetrotter Popcorn Sampler

We admit, we watch waaaay too many movies in our house. We spend most nights camped out on the couch, scrolling through Netflix and Hulu Plus for flicks we haven't yet watched. We might as well turn movie month night into an occasion with The... [More]

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Sage-Roasted Mushrooms

We love making a tasty main dish, but when it comes to whipping up creative sides we get stumped. We're tired of basic green salads, so it's a good thing these Sage-Roasted Mushrooms ($35) add a little oomph to weeknight dinners and stand up to... [More]

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Cigare Rolled Butter Cookies

Obviously Freud's "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar," (if he actually said it) was not referring to these delicious Cigare Rolled Butter Cookies ($25). These treats go way beyond the basic stinky stogie. We're thinking they'd make a cool housewarming gift, a good yes-it's-a-baby-now-let's-not-blow-smoke-in-its-face... [More]

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Artifact Bags No. 215 Lunch Tote in Waxed Canvas

Paper bags are so elementary and Tupperware is just a little too ordinary. But this Artifact Bags No. 215 Lunch Tote in Waxed Canvas ($65) pushes the boundary. It has an executive attitude that we hope the actual executives will notice. (They say that it... [More]

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Sriracha Lollipops

Remember how you didn't use to like Atomic FireBalls as a kid, but now you're taking shots of Fireball whiskey on occasional wild nights? And how Sriracha was way too effing spicy for you when your palate was less evolved, but now you're eating Sriracha... [More]

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Party Glasses

Brighten up your summer mojito by muddling your mint and mixing your rum in these Party Glasses ($20, set of 4). Speaking of mojitos, we just tried a fantastic recipe that uses pineapple rum. As if the sweet, minty, boozed-up concoction could get any better!... [More]

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Planet Wise Reusable Snack Bags

We've been working on reducing our carbon footprint this year by switching out a few of our wasteful bad habits for earth-friendly ones. We've already made the change from buying lunch out to bringing it from home during the work week. Now our cute new... [More]

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DRY Soda Multi 12-Pack

We see a tasting party in your future! These DRY Sodas ($12 for 12) come in flavors you won't be finding at your local Albertsons. We're partial to the Wild Lime and Rhubarb flavors, but wouldn't sniff at a cold Blood Orange pop, either. And... [More]

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Sock Monkey Party Cookie Cutter

We've finally mastered our favorite sugar cookie recipe and think it's time to graduate from our star-shaped cookie cutter to something that requires a little more finesse! While the Sock Monkey Party Cookie Cutter ($13) looks simple enough, we think the decorating part will be... [More]

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Rosemary Mini Flatbread

We can think of at least three reasons why these Rosemary Mini Flatbreads ($7) should have a special place in your kitchen/diet. One, they turn basic chicken salad into a mouth-watering experience. Two, they're an easy addition to Italian fare. Three, they make a delicious... [More]

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Artisanal Bamboo Salt Chest

During our formative years, there were three kinds of salt in the house: table, kosher, and rock. And that seemed like a lot. We confess that we're still trying to figure out the whole salt pairing movement, but we think it would be fun to... [More]

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Hazelnut Pear Frangipane Tart

Everyone already knows you're awesome. There's no need to take time from total world domination to bake a pastry. This Hazelnut Pear Frangipane Tart ($25) tastes as good as a homemade dessert (or even better, depending) and takes no effort to prepare. That leaves you... [More]

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Francis Ford Coppola Diamond Sauvignon Blanc

With the temps climbing and the sun shining, we need to switch out our favorite red vino for a light, refreshing white. Though the Diamond Sauvignon Blanc ($16) is on the drier side for a white, it has a full, fruity taste. If we're not... [More]

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Venchi Crema Cacao

Oh, Nutella, you have a little competition. Venchi Crema Cacao ($17) steps it up by using roasted Piedmont hazelnuts and rich chocolate. We want to smear it on fresh croissants, on a warm shortbread crust, and directly on our tongue. A jar of this might... [More]

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Seattle Chocolates Komforte Bars

We couldn't decide which Seattle Chocolates Komforte Bar ($4 each) to eat, so we may have bought all five. Each bar is made with yummy chocolate and nostalgically comforting flavors like French Toast, Ramen, and Apple Pie. The kooky Savory Ramen ended up being our... [More]

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Peanut Butter and Himalayan Pink Salt Truffle Fudge Bites

You know what we really want for our birthdays? To hang out in bed with a good book, a box of chocolates, and an ice cold Diet Coke. We don't need the breakfast in bed or the flowers. We just want to overeat these rich... [More]

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Global Blends Spice Kit

We've made it our mission to sample as many different cuisines as we can. Of course, our pocketbooks aren't deep enough for us to eat out every night, so when we're not eating duck confit at the new French place down the street, we'll be... [More]

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Chip-Zel-Pop Pail Gift Tin

The Chip-Zel-Pop Pail Gift Tin ($41) from funkychunky may have a strange name, but the contents are plenty familiar! The salty-sweet snack packs potato chips, pretzels, and popcorn drizzled with caramel and three types of chocolate (dark, milk, and white) into one ginormous tin. We... [More]

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