Ginger Lime Mojito Mix

Spice up your average mojito with the Ginger Lime Mojito Mix ($10) from Nantucket Speakeasy. This mixer is infused with ginger to add a twist to your usual rum, mint, and lime concoction. We know mojito season is slowly coming to an end, but the... [More]

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Soooo, we experienced a new low last weekend. The guys at the liquor store not only know us by name, but knew what time we'd be in on Friday (5:20ish pm) and what we'd purchase (two bottles of the week's discounted merlot). Enter Julibox ($40... [More]

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Canasuc Sugar Sticks

While we currently give ourselves only enough time on weekday mornings to brew a quick cuppa coffee and dash out the door, we're seriously considering waking ten minutes earlier so we can enjoy a hot drink with a Canasuc Sugar Stick ($14 for 10). Each... [More]

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Novo Fogo Cachaca

So Gisele Bündchen is having yet another genetically-gifted offspring? We plan on celebrating her Brazilian baby with some Novo Fogo Cachaca ($30). Well, to be honest, we were planning on indulging in this Brazilian sugarcane spirit long before we knew she was expecting. We just... [More]

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Bodum Double-Wall Stainless Steel Travel Coffee and Tea Press with Lid

Apparently our desktop Keurig machine was not "office appropriate." Well, we'll see what they have to say about this Bodum Double-Wall Stainless Steel Travel Coffee and Tea Press ($30). We can still make all the single servings of coffee and tea that we want, but... [More]

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Q Drinks Kola

We're not super big soda drinkers (or pop, call it what you will). Not that we don't enjoy a cold cola here and there - it's just that the sugary-sweet concoctions dig deep into our allotted daily caloric intake. Thus, low-cal Q Drinks Kola ($9)... [More]

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First Aid Cocktail Shaker

A Bloody Mary or a gin fizz from the First Aid Cocktail Shaker ($25) may be just what the doctor ordered to cure our dull headache and wobbly-feeling muscles. We'll toss back a strong one, burrow under the covers, and see you when the light... [More]

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SuperChoc Bar

Now that you know these Gnosis SuperChoc Bars ($10) exist, we think it would be a smart decision to stock up. Cue up the more you know.... [More]

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Harvest Bay Coconut Water

What's the deal with coconut water? We're seeing celebrities endorsing it like it's going out of style. Is it going out of style? We read in a magazine that Taylor Swift thinks it makes her hair healthier and that it gives her more energy. We... [More]

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My Eco Can

My Eco Can ($13) is a reusable, resealable, eco-friendly "water bottle" that fools your hand into thinking you're indulging in your usual cola pick-me-up, but treats your body to a refreshing, sugar-free, calorie-free, chemical-free beverage, hot or cold. Toss out the old and welcome in... [More]

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Northwest Seasonings Sample Pack

We went to Seattle once. We thought it was lovely. Which is to say, we thought the hot dudes tossing fish around Pike Place Market were lovely. Who'd have thought we'd get an insta-crush on a man throwing a salmon? We're going to try to... [More]

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360 Glazed Donut Vodka

Whoa man. We were a whole new level of hungover last Thursday. Hot weather, booze, and a day off midweek do not make for smart choices on our part. We were stumbling around our friend's kitchen, trying to decide whether a sugar bomb or some... [More]

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Two By Two Natural Butter Biscuits

You know when something has butter listed in its name, it's got to be good. That's what we said to ourselves when we added the Natural Butter Biscuits ($18) to our shopping cart. We were not disappointed! The cute animal-shaped cookies practically melted in our... [More]

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Glier's Original Goetta

If you've ever eaten breakfast in Cincinnati, then you've probably experienced goetta - a mouthwatering fried concoction of pork, herbs and oats. Think of what would happen if sausage, oatmeal, and corned beef hash had a baby. Lucky for you, there's a cheaper way than... [More]

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Gone to Heaven Pecan Candies

We don't know about you, but we get a little crazy if we don't eat often enough. And by "a little" we mean ape-shiz. Instead of risking a meltdown when someone asks in a less than sugary way if we've paid the rent/made dinner/showered today,... [More]

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Preserved Lemon Syrup

This summer, we have been using our bottle of Preserved Lemon Syrup ($21) from Morris Kitchen in everything, from the obvious, like gin and lemon tonic, to the fun, like on top of homemade blueberry ice cream. The sky is the limit, since the syrup... [More]

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Drinklip Portable Cupholder

At first, you wouldn't think there'd be much call for the Drinklip Portable Cupholder ($20). We mean, it'll obviously provide a cupholder where there isn't one, but flat surfaces pretty much do the same thing. But now that we've got ourselves one, we clip it... [More]

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Sugars Gift Set

Salt's been getting a lot of attention lately. And although we're guilty of jumping on the bandwagon, let's not forget our sweet little friend, sugar. Give your foodie friend this Sugars Gift Set ($33) for her birthday. Everyone already has Himalayan and Black Sea salt,... [More]

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Venturini-Baldini Lambrusco Dell'Emilia

You know that friend who always invites you over for chef-quality meals? You know how you always feel sort of guilty that you end up bringing a bagged salad and a bottle of dressing? Venturini-Baldini Lambrusco Dell'Emilia ($14) will take care of that guilt. Give... [More]

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Chocolate Cake Balls

Much more enticing than Rocky Mountain oysters, these Chocolate Cake Balls ($18) are a delicacy we'd love to have on hand. Made with balls of chocolate cake that are dipped in milk chocolate, then drizzled with dark chocolate, and then topped with white chocolate, these... [More]

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