New York Naturals Kale Chips Four Pack

We admit it: we have a Ruffles addiction. Especially if they're dusted with a flavorful, sodium-rich coating, like cheddar and onion or salt and vinegar. Our bikini bottoms, however, are not so much a fan of our chip problem. To do them a favor, we're... [More]

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French Bull Electric Travel Mug

When four cups of coffee aren't enough to jolt us out of our Monday slump, we just stare our French Bull Electric Travel Mug ($16) square in the dots for an added dose of energizing power. It keeps our coffee piping hot and our afternoon... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Sarcasm Beer Coolie

We could argue that both beer and sarcasm go great with just about everything, but the Sarcasm Beer Coolie ($5) reminds us that they're especially effective when paired with each other. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy!... [More]

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Tequila Pocket Shot

So you found yourself hostage to the most boring date in the history of singledom. Oh, sweet merciful, no! Between awkward silences and discussions about his love of calculus you were in major need of a little liquid relief. Luckily you packed one (or three)... [More]

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Lucero Chocolate Infused Olive Oil

We're crazy intrigued by the idea behind Chocolate Infused Olive Oil ($17-28). We've always used our olive oil to coat savory foods - our grilled veggies, or rosemary and garlic crusty bread. But we're sure our love of chocolate will motivate us to use this... [More]

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Ceramic Beer Bottle

Forget flasks, steins and punch top cans - we want to drink our brew out of a Ceramic Beer Bottle ($140) hand-crafted by New York artist Richard Stauffacher. We're thinking about picking up a growler full of our favorite local ale and sipping it all... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Savannah Bee Winter White Honey

You know that one item that you find on vacation and fall in love with, immediately buy, and probably gift to everyone in your family the following Christmas? Savannah Bee Winter White Honey ($6) is that item for us. Delectable Idaho Rocky Mountain wildflower honey... [More]

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Graphic Image Leather Coffee Cozies

Our boss got us all reusable coffee mugs for Christmas last year. And that was great, and all. Until we started mixing up our creams and sugars with vanilla pumps and cinnamon sticks. These Graphic Image Leather Coffee Cozies ($28) keep our Americanos and Dirty... [More]

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Flappin' Jack Pancake Mix

Making from-scratch pancakes on a Saturday morning is a nice thought, but our brains are not ready for such complex activities (insert lazy tone) after a late Friday night. We prefer to achieve mom-quality fluffy pancakes with Flappin' Jack Pancake Mix ($11). They're easy, they... [More]

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KIND Healthy Grains

KIND bars are one of our go-to snacks and hunger-abaters, but KIND has now gone beyond (and dare we say above) the bar with their new Healthy Grains ($35/6-pack). They're granola-like clusters that you can eat with milk, with yogurt, or just straight outta the... [More]

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Old Mill of Guilford Gingerbread Mix

We know gingerbread is typically associated with winter and cold weather, but there are plenty of ways to get this spicy dessert into your summer baking repertoire. Top a cake whipped up from Old Mill of Guilford Gingerbread Mix ($8) with tangy lemon sherbet or... [More]

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Wild Herb Pestos

With the warm weather comes the need to satisfy our taste buds without overheating our apartment. We turn to BBQ, pastas, and light salads. These delish Wild Herb Pestos ($14) turn grilled chicken into five star fare, transform pastas into mouthwatering comfort dishes, and add... [More]

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Amano Cuyagua Dark Chocolate Bar

When you need an escape (but your husband has the car) just slip on some headphones and treat yourself to an Amano Cuyagua Dark Chocolate Bar ($9). Made from Venezuelan cocoa beans, this chocolate has barely-there undertones of melon and spice. With dark chocolate so... [More]

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Floral Flask

What they call flower power, we call a good, stiff drink! As long as the job gets done, it's all the same to us. Floral Flask ($18).... [More]

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Fentimans Summer Soda Collection

Fentimans sodas ($15 for six) offer the summer flavors that we dream about. In Mandarin and Seville Orange Jigger, bright Victorian Lemonade, and elegant Rose Lemonade, these are a welcome relief for the dog days. Serve one up in a tall glass with ice, an... [More]

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Williams-Sonoma Hot Curry

We've been told time and again that eating spicy foods in hot weather may, in fact, cool us down. We'll bite (literally!) and try heating up our grilled chicken with some of this Williams-Sonoma Hot Curry blend ($8). Even if spicy foods aren't your thang,... [More]

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Chocolate Chip Sour Cream Pancake Mix

Someone has been listening to our private thoughts. How else could anyone know that what we really want for breakfast is flapjacks made with chocolate chips and sour cream? We can't be bothered with making pancakes from scratch (we have stuff to do!) so we'll... [More]

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Original Australian Steak Sauce

Offer your guests some prize-winning Original Australian Steak Sauce ($7) to douse their porterhouse with and they won't even notice that their meat is a wee bit charcoaled overdone.... [More]

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Stacked Wines

Remember Little Hugs? Those kids' drinks that were basically melted Fla-Vor-Ice in a plastic barrel? In the '80s, we'd pull back those foil seals and suck down that sugar water like it was the nectar of the gods. We suspect they're the real inspiration behind... [More]

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L'Epicurien 3 Citrus Jam

This past weekend, we used an entire loaf of bread for nothing but toast. Usually we're in it for the carbs, but this time, the bread was just a vehicle for the delicious L'Epicurien 3 Citrus Jam ($13). If you ever wanted to experience summer... [More]

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