Sour Cream Coffee Cake

We're fairly certain that if our man brought us Sour Cream Coffee Cake ($15) in bed we'd be game to stay under the sheets for an extra two to five minutes.... [More]

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Edible Sugar Diamonds

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend. We think that's especially so when they are atop a decadent cupcake. Don't be alarmed if we bedazzle every baked good with these Edible Sugar Diamonds ($11). We're girly. And, like Lady Gaga, we were born that... [More]

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Kashmiri Curry by Maya Kaimal

Who wants curry tonight? We do! Who wants to spend a few hours making authentic curry? Not us, thankyouverymuch! Kashmiri Curry by Maya Kaimal ($10) gives us that we-just-slaved-away-in-the-kitchen result even though we spent more time watching Mob Wives (while the chicken simmered) than we... [More]

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Lagunitas Pils

Lagunitas Pils ($10 for six) was made for sunny days (and not-so-sunny days). Described as having a crisp, hoppy aroma, a smooth feel, and a bright flavor, this beer is tops on our list for backyard barbecues and dinners on the patio. Cheers!... [More]

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Kings County Distillery Corn Whiskey

Think corn whiskey is only for people who wear straw hats and chew tobacco? This crystal-clear Kings County Distillery Corn Whiskey ($20) will have you whistling a different tune. The New York-based brand uses locally grown corn with Scottish malted barley to concoct this silky... [More]

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Organic Red Wine Vinegar

Sprinkle it on veggies, blend it into vinaigrettes, or stir it into sauces. However you use this delicious Organic Red Wine Vinegar ($4), it's a staple for your kitchen.... [More]

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Essential Oil Crystals by Florisens

Cocktails get a truly classy makeover with these Essential Oil Crystals ($15). Sprinkle a few into a drink or onto a dish for a huge burst of flavor. (Since they're made from concentrated agave and essential oils, you really only need to use two or... [More]

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Dark Chocolate-Stuffed Fig Bonbons

Hold the freakin' phone here! Dark Chocolate-Stuffed Fig Bonbons ($15)? We just won the flavor jackpot! These tasty chocolates are the perfect dessert for a picnic date. Now we just need to put together a basket with salami, some cheeses, a variety of crackers, and... [More]

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Les Apéritives Victoria Pineapple

These soft Les Apéritives Victoria Pineapple ($12) jellies are great for dressing up cocktails, serving for dessert, or noshing for a pick-me-up. The light dusting of Szechuan berries (peppercorns) gives these tasty things a hint of spice, while the pineapple offers the perfect balance of... [More]

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Vosges Exotic Truffle Collection

Jelly beans and chocolate bunnies not your cuppa? We think the Vosges Exotic Truffle Collection ($75 for 32-piece set) will satisfy even the most discerning of chocolate palates. Take a mouth-watering trip around the world this Easter by savoring truffles like the Black Pearl (ginger... [More]

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Dynamite Calabrian Viagru

Dynamite Calabrian Viagru ($13) adds major spice to any dish you deem worthy of kicking up a few notches. Since the translation of viagru is "Viagra" we're pretty sure it will give any meal a rise. Even if it's just in temperature.... [More]

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Divine Dark Chocolate with Raspberries

Two of our favorite things combined? Chocolate and raspberry? We've got to get our hands on this Divine Dark Chocolate with Raspberries ($4) bar. Forget the gold-wrapped chocolate bunny! We'd rather have a grown-up Easter basket with this tasty chocolate inside.... [More]

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L'Ami Provençal French Hard Candy

Aside from the fact that these Lavender L'Ami Provençal Hard Candies ($10) are totally adorable, they taste amazing. Their mild (and natural) lavender flavor is refreshing to the palate while freshening the breath, too!... [More]

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Classic Macarons

Somehow while we were in France we managed not to eat a single macaron. We know, shame on us. Fortunately for us we can get our fix from 'lette in Beverly Hills. They hand-make their Classic Macarons ($48) in twelve different flavors (you get two... [More]

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Three Philosophers Belgian Style Blend

You don't have to be a philosopher to deduce that Three Philosophers Belgian Style Blend ($8) is a great ale. With hints of cherries, roasted malts, and dark chocolate, this ale will get your mind off deep thoughts and focused on fantastic flavors. Seriously, everyone... [More]

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White Shoyu Japanese White Soy Sauce

We may or may not be guilty of spilling soy sauce on our white shirt EVERY time we eat Chinese food. Seriously, the odds are impressive. We might start carrying around this White Shoyu Japanese White Soy Sauce ($19) to better protect ourselves from the... [More]

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Barely Buzzed Cheese Box

Barely buzzed is not how we would describe ourselves every Monday morning after trying to caffeinate ourselves for the work week ahead of us (okay, maybe it is). Barely Buzzed ($68) is the cheese box brainchild of Beehive Cheese Co. They've packaged a dream team... [More]

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Better Made Chip Assortment

For those "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days" we generally turn to comfort in the form of food. Greasy, salty food to be exact. This Better Made Chip Assortment ($14 for 12) has us covered for fights with the boyfriend, layoffs, deaths, stress, pity-parties,... [More]

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Red Berries Balsamic Vinegar

We're dreaming of all the ways we could use this Red Berries Balsamic Vinegar ($16). We could whisk it into vinaigrettes, sprinkle it on fresh berries and vanilla ice cream, or pair it with olive oil for dipping bread, for a start. Hmm, how else...?... [More]

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Green Peppercorn Mustard

We're a wee bit obsessed with mustard around here. Personally, we think it makes or breaks a meal. You can't eat a turkey sandwich without it. Chicken dishes get a pick-me up when you use mustard in the marinade. And mac n' cheese goes gourmet... [More]

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