Black + Blanco Sandcastles

All right, so we know it's a stretch to act as if the delicious and crumbly Sandcastles ($6) by Black + Blanco are healthy cookies. Baked from an old Moroccan recipe, however, these are made from rye flour and coconut oil, so they're definitely better... [More]

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Peanut Cocoa Butter

There are a million and one edibles that would benefit from a few tablespoons of Peanut Cocoa Butter ($11 for an eight-ounce jar). Made by Big Spoon Roasters in small batches, this peanut butter boasts of a heaping addition of stone-ground chocolate. We haven't yet... [More]

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Clancy's Fancy Hot Sauce

Chilly evenings call for a big pot of our famous, well, chili! We've got a few secrets when it comes to our recipe, including a few dashes of Clancy's Fancy Hot Sauce ($9) toward the end of an all-day simmer. Made in Ann Arbor, Michigan,... [More]

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Nunu Chocolates Beer Box

Second best to sitting at Nunu Chocolates in Brooklyn, sipping a craft brew and watching chocolatiers dip caramels in chocolate and whip up ganache, is ordering their Beer Box ($12, box of 6) online. Since we don't live close ehough to pop in for a... [More]

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Insect Lollipops

Forget Milk Duds and mini Twix - we'll keep those for ourselves and hand out these Insect Lollipops ($11, for 6) by Vintage Confections to trick-or-treaters instead. Who better to appreciate the gross-out factor of bugs suspended in vanilla-flavored candy than the schoolkids who show... [More]

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Kusmi Imperial Label Tea

Nobody knows winter like the Russians. That's why, since medieval times, they've been drinking warming, spicy concoctions to help beat the chill. It's a tradition that inspired this Kusmi Imperial Label Tea ($20), which combines leaves of fine sencha green with orange, cinnamon, liquorice root,... [More]

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A few weeks ago we found merlot tea, and today we came across Chocca-Roo-Brew ($6) from Joe's Tea Company. Chocca-Rew-Brew steeps into a beverage with a hint of chocolate, thanks to the addition of the, get this, chocolate chips. Yum! The chips combine with rooibos... [More]

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Cascade Hop Candy

Hops: they're what makes beer taste good. They're also pretty darned delicious when flavoring lumps of sugar. This Cascade Hop Candy ($5) captures all their floral, aromatic essence, but thankfully without the IPA-worthy bitterness.... [More]

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Tovolo Bug Pop Molds

Popsicles have been popping up on our Pinterest feed for weeks now. Boozy popsicles, fruity popsicles, Nutella popsicles, you name it, it's been tried. We're going to get ourselves a set of Tovolo Bug Pop Molds ($14) so we can test all sorts of frozen... [More]

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Hot Chocolate on a Stick Gift Tin

We grabbed a Hot Chocolate on a Stick Gift Tin ($25) from Dean & DeLuca to give to a friend with an end-of-autumn birthday, but we're just dying to crack it open ourselves! It smells rich and sweet, and that's through the package! We've thus... [More]

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Cookies and Marshmallow Eye Balls

Biting into a pair of Cookies and Marshmallow Eye Balls ($12, for 4) from the geniuses at Tumbador Chocolate is like handing over a one-way ticket to the nostalgia train. Err, at least, for the thirty or so seconds it takes you to devour them!... [More]

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The Vino2Go ($16) is quite possible the best/worst thing anyone could have invented. On one hand, it makes it super easy to take wine to a tailgate party, preventing spills and dress-ruining stains. But on the other hand, it makes it super easy to take... [More]

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Twice the Vice Classic Cocktails Collection

It's a good thing Twice the Vice's company tag-line is "Enjoy irresponsibly." We aim to do just that with our box of boozy treats from the Classic Cocktails Collection ($28). It matters not whether we're scarfing down Mint Julep, White Russian, or Margarita dark chocolate... [More]

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Unreal Candy Unjunked UN 8 Peanut Nougat Bars

Okay, so the name Unreal Candy Unjunked UN 8 Peanut Nougat Bars ($8 per bag) is a mouthful, but so are the bars themselves... In a good way. Just imagine a Snickers bar with insanely high-quality ingredients and withOUT the weird preservatives and ingredients you've... [More]

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Polaroid Custom Photo Cookies

Need to have out the best dessert at the potluck? Bring a plate of Polaroid Custom Photo Cookies ($24 for 6). Manjar will take your favorite photos and add an edible print to the fondant frosting on their sugar cookies. Use pictures of you and... [More]

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This is a Cookbook

We wouldn't necessarily call This is a Cookbook: Recipes For Real Life ($13) a cookbook for our real lives (we've had takeout twice this week thanks to late nights at work). But we would call it a scrumptious way to start cooking more like the... [More]

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Fletching Bottle Stopper

While we'd love to believe that Cupid has something to do with love, we're a bit too practical for that. The Fletching Bottle Stopper ($12) points the arrow in the right direction. A cozy table by the window, a few glasses of wine, and the... [More]

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St. Helena Martini Olive Juice

We've been known to order our dirty martinis "filthy" when we're at a bar, both so the bartender understands that we really want some olive juice in our drink and also because bandying that word about on a date usually yields exciting results. However, when... [More]

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The Aqua Zinger

We've been flavor-izing our water all summer long in infusion pitchers at home. Now we can make our strawberry-kiwi infused water on the go with The Aqua Zinger ($26). Before we leave for work in the morning, we just chop up a few of our... [More]

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Mugolio Pine Syrup

Ever accidentally tasted pine sap? You know, when you were building forts as a kid, went inside for a snack, and started licking your fingers? It's disgusting. This Mugolio Pine Syrup ($28) doesn't taste anything like it. It's made from fresh spring pine cone buds,... [More]

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