This is a Cookbook

We wouldn't necessarily call This is a Cookbook: Recipes For Real Life ($13) a cookbook for our real lives (we've had takeout twice this week thanks to late nights at work). But we would call it a scrumptious way to start cooking more like the... [More]

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Fletching Bottle Stopper

While we'd love to believe that Cupid has something to do with love, we're a bit too practical for that. The Fletching Bottle Stopper ($12) points the arrow in the right direction. A cozy table by the window, a few glasses of wine, and the... [More]

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St. Helena Martini Olive Juice

We've been known to order our dirty martinis "filthy" when we're at a bar, both so the bartender understands that we really want some olive juice in our drink and also because bandying that word about on a date usually yields exciting results. However, when... [More]

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The Aqua Zinger

We've been flavor-izing our water all summer long in infusion pitchers at home. Now we can make our strawberry-kiwi infused water on the go with The Aqua Zinger ($26). Before we leave for work in the morning, we just chop up a few of our... [More]

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Mugolio Pine Syrup

Ever accidentally tasted pine sap? You know, when you were building forts as a kid, went inside for a snack, and started licking your fingers? It's disgusting. This Mugolio Pine Syrup ($28) doesn't taste anything like it. It's made from fresh spring pine cone buds,... [More]

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Wrap It All Bottle Carrier

No need to hide that gorgeous bottle of Pinot in a wine bag. Slip it into a minimalist Wrap It All Bottle Carrier ($24) and you're good to go. Though, let's face it, Pinot or Pinocchio, you couldn't care less. You pick out your wine... [More]

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Organic Maple Honey Caramel Spread

If you thought Nutella was the end-all of yumminess, then you haven't tried a heavenly spoonful of Organic Maple Honey Caramel Spread ($20). This stuff makes us want to high five a million angels and thank the universe that it exists. It's caramel-y and buttery... [More]

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Kaol Mints

Spark a spicy, herbal explosion in your mouth with these Kaol Mints ($14), tiny packages of pumped-up flavor, infused with licorice, cinnamon, clove, and - of course - mint. When you take them, everyone will assume you're swallowing tiny ball bearings, which will instantly up... [More]

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Air Heads Animal Balloon Set

What do the critters that make up this Air Heads Animal Balloon Set ($14) have over typical balloon animals? For one thing, they actually look like what they're supposed to be, instead of all being variations on "dog." We also love the bored, bewildered, and/or... [More]

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truffle truffle Assorted Caramels

We can die happy now. Don't get us wrong, we're waiting for old age for sure, but we can cross the truffle truffle Assorted Caramels ($18) off our Must Eat Bucket List. These little bites of ooey-gooey caramel are made by candy geniuses. Each is... [More]

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Ramen to the Rescue Cookbook

On a shoestring budget? We've been there. Unfortunately for us, Jessica Harlan's Ramen to the Rescue Cookbook ($10) wasn't around during our college years to help us create gourmet meals out of one of the cheapest ingredients in the supermarket. We made do, but we... [More]

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Carried Away Robot Lunch Bag

Your favorite food truck just decided to decamp to the west side of town. And while that is all sunshine and profits for them, you are left staring at your boring old lunch box with no motivation to eat what's inside. Well, get hungry for... [More]

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Starbucks VIA Pumpkin Spice

As much as we want to, we can't start every day with a Pumpkin Spice latte from Starbucks. Instead, we'll add a Starbucks VIA Pumpkin Spice ($8) packet to a cup of warm milk now and then. At 140 calories per mug (one packet plus... [More]

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Fowler's Sponge Candy

We may be jumping the gun here, but when the weather starts to cool, we immediately search the Fowler's website for their Sponge Candy ($20 per lb). A Buffalo, NY holiday favorite, sponge candy has been growing in popularity all over the country. We prefer... [More]

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Black Tea Merlot

A cup of Black Tea Merlot ($16) from Vintage Tea Works does not, in fact, have any alcoholic properties. On the one hand, boo. On the other hand, we can't very well drink wine all the time, can we? (Don't answer that.) The tea does,... [More]

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Siberian Pine Chewing Gum

Here's today's bit of historical trivia: early American colonists learned from native tribes to drink tea made from pine needles for a much-needed vitamin C boost. We're not sure if you get quite the same scurvy-fighting benefit from Siberian Pine Chewing Gum ($5), but this... [More]

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Black+Blum Bento Boxes

Leave paper sacks and plastic bags to the elementary school crowd. These Black+Blum Bento Boxes ($18) validate your adult card as fast as a mortgage payment. And this variation is BPA-free and comes with a reusable fork. Last night's mac-n-cheese has never looked so grown-up.... [More]

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Sugarpova Spooky Sour Gummies

The only thing spooky about Sugarpova Spooky Sour Gummies ($6) is how quickly they disappear. Despite their tartness, we managed to take down an entire bag in record time. Though we imagine creator Maria Sharapova (yes, that one) exercises plenty of restraint when feasting on... [More]

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S'Muffins Dozen

So what if second-day shipping for a S'Muffins Dozen ($30) is almost as expensive as the s'muffins themselves? We'd do just about anything to nom on a s'more muffin-style. The graham cracker muffin is dipped in a base of chocolate and topped with a roasted... [More]

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Ballard Bee Company Honey

Though we've always been a leetle nervous around large groups of bees, we can't help but appreciate the sweet, heavenly taste of Ballard Bee Company Honey ($14). Seriously, we just licked clean a huge spoonful. Ballard gathers pure honey from urban hives, often placed on... [More]

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