Cheap Thrill: Salty Road Salt Water Taffy

It's not summer until we can treat ourselves to gooey, chewy taffy! We've always been mesmerized by the taffy pull at the county fair, but stocking up on the taffy bars is a big, fat fail. Two weeks later, they're always stale. That's when we... [More]

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Sticky Toffee Pudding

The boyfriend is behaving badly. The boss is breathing down your neck. And your sister is pregnant again and will not shut up about it. We totally support your holing up on the couch and watching Anne of Green Gables on repeat all weekend. It's... [More]

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99 Thank Yous

Feel free to hum "99 Red Balloons" while you're pouring out your gratitude in one of these 99 Thank Yous cards ($20 for ten). Or listen to "Anchor." We're currently playing it on repeat in our house.... [More]

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Dalmatia Fig Spread

You could spend all day in a hot kitchen peeling, steaming, boiling, stirring, and sweating to make a few jars of jam. Or you could just pick up some Dalmatia Fig Spread ($6) to smear on fresh buttermilk biscuits and soft cheeses. Not that we're... [More]

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Blueberry Bourbon Balsamic Sauce

What's sweet, delicious, and blue (maybe kind of purple) all over? This Blueberry Bourbon Balsamic Sauce ($9). Drizzle it on bruschetta, use it for marinating chicken, or blend it into a vinaigrette. Whatever you dream up, anyone you want to impress will think you're a... [More]

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Melinda's Black Pepper Ketchup

We don't want just any ketchup for our fancy homemade garlic potato fries. No, no. We want Melinda's Black Pepper Ketchup ($7 on sale). Maybe it's the bold punch of the pepper. Maybe it's the fresh tomato flavor (which is out of this world). Maybe... [More]

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Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets

A few years ago we read in some swanky magazine about these fruits that could alter your tastebuds so sour and bitter things taste sweet. And then, just recently, we stumbled them again in the convenient form of these Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets ($15). We... [More]

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Pomegranate Blood Orange Syrup

Summer is approaching, which means we're setting aside our heavy winter favorites like hot chocolate and mulled cider for lighter fare. We're super into flavoring sparkling water with this Pomegranate Blood Orange Syrup ($18). Just a little goes a long way towards making delicious spritzers... [More]

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Whiskey Sour Pickles

Literally everyone we know is having a baby in the next few months, meaning we have a lot of baby showers to attend. We're skipping the onesies and the bottles that look like boobs and giving a gift just for Mom. Whiskey Sour Pickles ($10).... [More]

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Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 2011

You might be surprised when you buy a bottle of Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 2011 ($14) and realize that there is no cork, but instead, a screw top. Don't let that give you pause. We can almost guarantee that you won't be re-screwing that... [More]

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Coop's MicroCreamery Hot Fudge

We know it's summer and that people are back to only eating fruit and drinking green tea to get their warm-weather bodies back (sigh), but Coop's MicroCreamery Hot Fudge ($12) deserves a little attention, y'all. Since it's so rich, drizzle just a little over a... [More]

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Eastern Shore Creamed Corn

We know, we know, creamed corn, ick. But this Eastern Shore Creamed Corn ($30) is on an entirely different level from the creepy canned version your granny served you. Think cheesy asiago goodness, rich butter, sweet corn, and cream. Are you sold yet? We are.... [More]

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Blosm Flavored Whipped Cream

Literally add a little flava (like cinnamon praline or French vanilla) to the bedroom with one of these Blosm flavored whipped creams ($4). They're perfect for topping hot chocolate, ice cream sundaes, or your lover's body. Yummy!... [More]

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Double Chocolate Decadence Cookies

You know those days when you really want to knock someone out, but you keep your calm and resort to using your big-girl words to solve an issue? On those days we think you deserve a treat for keeping it together. We resort to eating... [More]

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While we're not all vegetarians here, exactly (mmm, steak on the grill...), we do recognize that we should take a moderate approach to our carnivorousness. Herbivoracious: A Flavor Revolution with 150 Vibrant and Original Vegetarian Recipes ($16) gives us scrumptious ideas for those days we... [More]

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The Globetrotter Popcorn Sampler

We admit, we watch waaaay too many movies in our house. We spend most nights camped out on the couch, scrolling through Netflix and Hulu Plus for flicks we haven't yet watched. We might as well turn movie month night into an occasion with The... [More]

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Sage-Roasted Mushrooms

We love making a tasty main dish, but when it comes to whipping up creative sides we get stumped. We're tired of basic green salads, so it's a good thing these Sage-Roasted Mushrooms ($35) add a little oomph to weeknight dinners and stand up to... [More]

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Cigare Rolled Butter Cookies

Obviously Freud's "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar," (if he actually said it) was not referring to these delicious Cigare Rolled Butter Cookies ($25). These treats go way beyond the basic stinky stogie. We're thinking they'd make a cool housewarming gift, a good yes-it's-a-baby-now-let's-not-blow-smoke-in-its-face... [More]

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Artifact Bags No. 215 Lunch Tote in Waxed Canvas

Paper bags are so elementary and Tupperware is just a little too ordinary. But this Artifact Bags No. 215 Lunch Tote in Waxed Canvas ($65) pushes the boundary. It has an executive attitude that we hope the actual executives will notice. (They say that it... [More]

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Sriracha Lollipops

Remember how you didn't use to like Atomic FireBalls as a kid, but now you're taking shots of Fireball whiskey on occasional wild nights? And how Sriracha was way too effing spicy for you when your palate was less evolved, but now you're eating Sriracha... [More]

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