Sarsaparilla Soda Syrup

We'd love to be able to swagger into a saloon, order some sarsaparilla, and then expectorate with laser accuracy into a conveniently positioned spittoon. The only problem is, we're lucky if our local saloons have Diet Coke on tap, never mind this Old West-style refresher.... [More]

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24 Days of Tea

During the rush of the holidays, use the clever advent-style 24 Days of Tea ($30) to help you take five and relax. A warm mug of herbal tea can work wonders on your mood, especially when you're sampling a new flavor every day. We don't... [More]

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Spiced Apple Syrup

Why stick to boring old maple on those pancakes when you can douse them in this Spiced Apple Syrup ($13)? It'll add a whole new winter-warming note to your breakfast. Or to a nice shot of bourbon, if you're having one of those mornings.... [More]

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Uni-Corn Corn Holders

We've found a better way to eat corn on the cob. And no, we're not referring to the typewriter-style vs. around-the-world debate - which is hardly a debate at all, since people who eat around-the-world are clearly insane. We're talking about these Uni-Corn Corn Holders... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Beer Savers

We often find ourselves cracking open a beer to enjoy with dinner and not finishing it. Goodness knows boyfriend doesn't need to polish it off for us, so we just pop on a Beer Saver ($7 for six) to keep it fresh and tasty until... [More]

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Nantucket Off-Shore Renaissance Rub

Think six tins is a lot of spice rub to buy? It's not. Our buddy had a monster girlfriend whose only redeeming quality was that her family had a top-secret spice blend they whipped up once a year like druids over a magic cauldron. This... [More]

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Empire Mayonnaise Co. Fall Mix

Okay, so we know we're well on our way into winter, but we're gonna urge you to scoop up the Empire Mayonnaise Co. Fall Mix ($22) before it's all gone. Mayo? Over the internet? You better believe it! The gourmet goods ship quickly and don't... [More]

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National Lampoon Growler

We think your potluck contribution to all of your holiday parties should be a seasonal microbrew poured from the National Lampoon Growler ($20). Your mother may give you a disproving look, but you'll be popular with the rest of the family. And mom may come... [More]

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Slap Ya Mama Essential Slap Pack

You know what your life is missing? A little spice. Heat things up with the Essential Slap Pack ($17), which comes with everything you need to add a bit of authentic Cajun flavor to your cuisine. And you can enjoy it guilt-free, as we are... [More]

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Tequila Board Buffet

Since tequila has a way of rendering its drinker immobile after a few shots, make sure you bust out your PatrĂ³n on the Tequila Board Buffet ($90). The board has cutout spots for your liquor, glasses, salt, and lime. It also comes with a small... [More]

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Gusto Rubs of the States Gift Set

Okay, so it's a bit of a misnomer. This Gusto Rubs of the States Gift Set ($22) includes blends for everything from brisket to tri-tip steak, inspired by the cuisine of culinary capitals like Memphis and East Texas - which are obviously not states. But... [More]

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Williams Sonoma Perfect Endings Present Cake

Perfect Endings Present Cake

We never believed in love at first sight bite until...the Perfect Endings Present Cake ($135). You may think it's way too pretty to eat, but we beg to differ! Underneath this gorgeous white chocolate fondant wrapping are four sinfully delicious layers of devil's food chocolate... [More]

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Minnie Beasley's Almond Lace Cookies

On particularly rotten days we like to run a bath, lock the door, pop open a Diet Coke, and indulge in some Almond Lace Cookies ($22) while we soak off the stress. Nothing helps us to relax more than a sweet treat. And when the... [More]

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Shot Flask

A swig from a flask is risky, what with the possibility of backwash so keep your boozin' hygienic by using the Shot Flask ($25, on sale) while you're out and about. The leather-trimmed flask includes a collapsible stainless steel shot glass. What a concept.... [More]

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Magician's Cereal Marshmallows

Forget your health. Forget your waistline. Forget your self-respect. Just buy these Magician's Cereal Marshmallows ($14) and indulge in a long-put-off childhood fantasy. There will be no lame grain-based bits to get through in order to enjoy what you really filled that bowl for, just... [More]

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Whisky Advent Calendar

Advent calendars: they're traditionally an exercise in disappointment. We spend an entire day waiting for one stale, crappy piece of chocolate. This Whisky Advent Calendar ($240) might just redeem all its tasteless cousins. Instead of a flavorless lump vaguely shaped like a reindeer, each day... [More]

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Meri Meri Toile Cupcake Boxes

The gifting season is upon us! Stock your pantry with a bunch of Meri Meri Toile cupcake boxes ($12, set of three) and, as you break out your mixing bowls and pastry bags, make sure you whip up enough goodies to share. Each printed box... [More]

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Hot Fireman's Pear Jam

We do love ourselves a hot fireman every now and then... jam, we mean. This Hot Fireman's Pear Jam ($8) is a pulse-raising blend of Bartlett pear and chipotle pepper with a hint of cinnamon. When we need a fix, we just spread some on... [More]

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Crack Caramel Crack Pops

Yes, they will get stuck in our teeth for a week. And yes, they're packed with enough calories to take us up a jean size or two. We don't care. These Crack Caramel Crack Pops ($55) are too delectable to resist. It probably helps that... [More]

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Gingerbread Oreo Cookies

In the middle of a conversation we were having about our favorite subject, food, someone mentioned that Nabisco had recently released limited edition Oreo flavors, including Gingerbread Oreo Cookies ($10+). Wait, what?! We scoured our supermarkets to no avail. And then the Internet told us... [More]

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