More Spies, Black Ties, and Mango Pies

We're not entirely sure how More Spies, Black Ties, and Mango Pies ($30) escaped our notice when it was released in 2009. Maybe we were too distracted by Cookin' With Coolio, which came out at the same time. We digress. The first cookbook is out... [More]

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Moonstruck Classic Hot Cocoa

The next time you need a hot chocolate fix, ditch the Swiss Miss and instead opt for a few heaping spoonfuls of Moonstruck's Classic Hot Cocoa ($12). It's as easy to prepare as the standard packaged varieties, but infinitely more rich and creamy, plus there's... [More]

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Speciale Festa Biscotti Bags

Sure, you could pick up a bag or two of your giftee's favorite coffee and call it a day. Or you could put in a little extra effort and give her a whole new morning ritual. Add a selection of sweet biscotti from Biscotti di... [More]

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Cacao Prieto Bark Bar Sampler

'Tis the season for some of our favorite treats, with chocolate bark at the top of the list. This year, we're gonna pass on tempering our own chocolate and go gourmet. The Bark Bar Sampler ($45) from Cacao Prieto is to die for. They start... [More]

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Wrecking Ball Coffee Subscription

There are a million and three subscription-based gifts you can give this holiday season, so if you're thinking about about sending one to the Outblush headquarters, can we put in a request for the Wrecking Ball Coffee Subscription ($109)? Okay, joking aside, this sub is... [More]

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Kombucha Brooklyn Kit

Nothing gives those holiday hangovers the boot quite like kombucha, a potent concoction of fermented tea. Now you can brew yourself up this wonder drink in the comfort of your kitchen, with this Kombucha Brooklyn Kit ($70). It comes with everything you need to concoct... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Maldon Travel Salt

Not particularly fond of shaking diner-quality salt onto your Michelin-starred meals? Carry a tin of Maldon Travel Salt ($2) with you and add a pinch to your food when necessary. A good salt will brighten your meal, while a poor one will just make it... [More]

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90+ Cellars Holiday Essentials Gift Set

We're a bit obsessed with 90+ Cellars. Turns out, top-tier winemakers don't actually bottle everything they produce, thanks to that whole supply-and-demand business. Where does the rest end up? Well, increasingly, under the 90+ Cellars label. The firm buys up and bottles surplus high-quality juice... [More]

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Virginia Cocktail Peanuts Hostess Tin

If you order a Virginia Cocktail Peanuts Hostess Tin ($20) from MV's Best to give to the hostess of an upcoming holiday dinner, don't open it to take a peek beforehand. We did, and now we have to order another tin. This time, we'll order... [More]

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Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Peanut Butter Bites

Try as we may, we can never seem to master the delicate balance of sea-salted sweets when we try to make them ourselves. Luckily for us, Long Grove Confectionery has. Their Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Peanut Butter Bites ($16) are perfection. Creamy, melty peanut... [More]

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Pickle Candy Canes

Tired of coworkers raiding your personal holiday sweet stash? Throw a few of these Pickle Candy Canes ($5) into the mix. One unlucky grab, and your greedy officemates will be in for a sour surprise.... [More]

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Helliemae's Candy Cane Caramels Gift Box

We can't tell you what we like most about the Candy Cane Caramels Gift Box ($29) from Helliemae's. Okay, that's a lie. We're pretty partial to the lightly-minted, rich flavor of the caramels. But we also adore the packaging. The set of nine individually wrapped... [More]

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Weekender Charleston Mix Set

Got a few long holiday weekends filled with "family fun" ahead of you? Take along the Weekender Charleston Mix Set ($20) and start your visits off on the right foot. A few drinks in and you'll be ready to endure Uncle Jim's armchair snoring, Mom's... [More]

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Williams-Sonoma Peanut Butter and Caramel Cups

Williams-Sonoma Peanut Butter & Caramel Cups

Peanut butter and caramel...these are a few of our favorite things! Taste heaven as you sink your teeth into the Williams-Sonoma Peanut Butter & Caramel Cups ($16).... [More]

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Valerie Confections Everyday Indulgences Gift Box

We're glad this Everyday Indulgences Gift Box ($65) from Valerie Confections is labeled specifically for everyday munching. We aim to eat as much as we can every day until it's all gone. Err, we mean, we hope the recipient of this gift will enjoy gorging... [More]

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What Katie Ate

We've been drooling over the fantastic food photography on What Katie ate for ages. The Australian food lover and photographer has inspired us to look at food as delicious, edible art, and what better way to start than by cracking open her new cookbook, What... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Caramel Marshmallows

Take your hot cocoa to the next level by topping it off with a handful of marshmallows. Did we say, "a handful of marshmallows"? Silly us! What we meant was, "a handful of small-batch, gourmet, caramel-infused marshmallows." For less than seven smackers, you can fill... [More]

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Basic Black Double Old Fashioned Glasses

We're no strangers to unwinding with a stiff double Old Fashioned, so we're eager to toss back a drink or two from the Basic Black Double Old Fashioned Glasses ($35, set of four). Sipping a vintage drink out of modern glass is the perfect way... [More]

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Bellocq Autumn Collection

You can only get cozy with so many Tom and Jerrys before your stomach starts turning into a pit of cement. Trust us, we know! Lay off the booze for a drink or two and fix yourself a cuppa tea from the Bellocq Autumn Collection... [More]

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Alcohol Themed Gift Box

Got a gourmand in the family? Or maybe the better question is who doesn't enjoy good eats paired with their favorite spirits? Dole out a buncha Alcohol Themed Gift Boxes ($50) from By Brooklyn this Christmas and you'll be everyone's favorite person. Packed with goodies... [More]

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