Whimsy Floral Thermos

Usually, we'd insist that there's nothing better than a cup of coffee sipped from our favorite mug. But we're changing our tune because our breakfast blend tastes mighty good after being poured from the Whimsy Floral Thermos ($19). The vintage print makes us feel like... [More]

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Merlot Grapeseed Oil

Does squeezing your oil from a single variety of grapeseed make a scrap of difference? Damned if we know. But we gotta admit, our inner food nerds are having themselves a shiver of delight over the idea of drizzling this Merlot Grapeseed Oil ($25) onto... [More]

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Waffle Pecan Chocolate Bar

Maple-syrup-coated waffle pieces mixed with pecans and surrounded by milk chocolate? A Waffle Pecan Chocolate Bar ($5) from Ticket Chocolate sounds like the breakfast of our dreams. The best part is that it's almost justifiable. If we tell Mom we're eating pecan waffles for breakfast,... [More]

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Maison Bouche Absinthe Chocolate

It's totally a novelty, but we don't care. We love the idea of munching on this Maison Bouche Absinthe Chocolate ($7) while wearing something lacy and reclining on our decadent chaise longue. All we need are a few artist friends to exchange bored looks with,... [More]

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Hella Bitter Citrus Bitters

Trade in your basic bitters for a bottle of Hella Bitter Citrus Bitters ($20). We guarantee you'll be happy you did. The little bottle is packed full of citrus pith, bringing a few dashes of brightness to your mixed drinks. Traditionally, citrus bitters are used... [More]

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Sea Salt Caramel Gift Tin

Do not, we repeat, do not order a tin of FunkyChunky's new Sea Salt Caramel ($34, on sale) unless you plan on sharing it with a friend or three. Why? Because you'll inhale it all yourself otherwise, and while your mouth may thank you, your... [More]

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Simple & Crisp Apple Slices

If we had known there were so many yummy uses for dried fruit, we would have long ago invested in a food dehydrator. But it's too late. We're already addicted to packages of Simple & Crisp Apple Slices ($4-9). and we have no time to... [More]

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The Good Bean Chickpea Snacks

As a rule, we like our chickpeas ground to a pulp and mixed with a healthy dose of tahini. Mmm, hummus. The exception is when they're roasted and served by the handful in the form of The Good Bean Chickpea Snacks ($19 for six bags!).... [More]

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Butter Me Up Luhse Tea

Got a sweet craving? We bet a nice taste of butterscotch would help satisfy it. Skip stealing those sweeties from your grandma's coffee table and satisfy that urge with a zero-calorie boost of herbal goodness. This Butter Me Up Luhse Tea ($7) combines tasty herbs,... [More]

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Fine & Raw Chocolates Lover's Nibbles

Before you get to the...uh...lover's nibbles you think we're talking about, relax and munch on the chocolate in Fine & Raw's incredible Valentine's collection ($45). Trust us, taking the time to slow down and enjoy these well-crafted aphrodisiacs will be totally worth it. The chocolate... [More]

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Valentine's Day Vintage Trio Gift Set

Forget handing out little paper cards for Valentine's Day. Pass out bundles of these Valentine's Day Vintage Trio Gift Sets ($24) from Maison Bouche and have your friends fight over who gets to be your favorite valentine. Each bar is beautifully packaged in a wrapper... [More]

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Ococoa Butter Cup Collection

Occasionally, we come across food that looks too pretty to eat. Not often - because we'll gobble up just about anything without a second thought - but occasionally. The nine-piece Butter Cup Collection ($22) from Ococoa definitely made us feel a little bad for diving... [More]

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Shuglove Georgia Peach Gummy Bears

Cheerful-looking, Georgia peach-flavored Gummy Bears ($9) packaged neatly in a reusable glass jar? Thanks, Shuglove! Don't mind if we do!... [More]

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Chocolate Editions Neapolitan Bar

We're dead. We've died. Seriously, who knew that death by chocolate was a real thing? The murderer: the Neapolitan Bar ($10) from Mary and Matt's Chocolate Editions. Just look at it. It's a thing of beauty - dark chocolate paired with white chocolate and finished... [More]

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Beer Bites Snack Bowl

Ravens fan? Rooting for San Fran? Either way, make sure you've got your beer nuts stashed in the Beer Bites Snack Bowl ($13) on Sunday. It'll keep them easily accessible for when you need a protein pick-me-up or a handful of tiny grenades to throw... [More]

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B.T. McElrath Dark Chocolate Truffles

Men? Can we tell you something? Valentine's Day is fast approaching and the one thing your ladies can spot a mile away is a box of chocolates chosen off of the shelf of your local Walgreens. A little forethought can go a long way. Order... [More]

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Bunches & Bunches Cloud Cookies

Oh my. We're thinking we could eat our weight in these Bunches & Bunches Cloud Cookies ($25), which would be quite the accomplishment because they're, well, almost as light as clouds. The meringue gives a slight crunch when you bite into it, and the macaroon... [More]

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Infuse Your Mood Tea

We know it's hard to believe, but red wine is not actually the best way to boost your mood. The feeling of that glass in your hand might be divine, but alcohol is a depressant, ladies. On the other hand, this Infuse Your Mood Tea... [More]

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Compartés Mexican Hot Chocolate Truffles

It's looking increasingly likely that February 14th will involve us hanging out with our best girlfriends, telling awful ex stories and getting a touch sloshed. Chocolate will be a required component of the evening, of course, but we're not about to stoop to the level... [More]

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Meal Planner DIY Gift Set

Even though the Meal Planner DIY Gift Set ($21) is marketed as a gift (perfect for new moms!), we need to get our hands on one. It's got a fity-two-week meal planner guide and a plethora of bookmarks for placing between our favorite pages of... [More]

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