Ancient Moonlight White Bud Bar Tea

Yes, it's a novelty, but we don't mind. We think the notion of a tea bar is pretty darned neat. And the leaves that were pressed into this Ancient Moonlight White Bud Bar Tea ($24) aren't your run of the mill teabag crumbles. Think tender,... [More]

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DavidsTea The Chocolate Box

Attention dudes: if you buy us chocolates, we will undoubtedly scarf them like kids hitting the drive-through on the way home from fat camp. But please do us a favor: opt instead for this DavidsTea The Chocolate Box ($30). It's stuffed with sample-size portions of... [More]

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Bourbon Smoked Sugar

Put the finishing touches on your sweet stuff by adding a few spoonfuls of Bourbon Smoked Sugar ($11) from Bourbon Barrel Foods. With a sweet caramel and smoky oak flavor, it adds a depth to your crumbles and brûlées that regular granulated sugar can't. We're... [More]

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LorAnn Oils Princess Cake & Cookie Bakery Emulsion

We're not cannibals, but if we did chow down on an actual princess, we suspect she'd taste like a combination of bacon and pearls. This LorAnn Oils Princess Cake & Cookie Bakery Emulsion ($4) sounds slightly more appealing, with hints of vanilla, citrus, and almond.... [More]

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Divine Brine Wasabi Dills

Get your pickles with a nostril-clearing kick. These Divine Brine Wasabi Dills ($9) are perfectly packed with a burst of the same green stuff you use to dress up your peas and your tuna maki. We think it lends these tasty cucumbers just the right... [More]

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NibMor Daily Dose of Dark

Everyone gets to that point in the middle of that day where, if you don't take a moment to yourself, you going to end up taking something else. Like vengeance. Skip the rage and put a hurting on some NibMor chocolate ($37) instead. We could... [More]

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Best Squeak Ever Cheese Knife

Do you like cheese? Do you like hosting parties where you offer cheese? Do you like impressing your friends with your cool stuff while hosting cheese parties? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this Best Squeak Ever Cheese Knife ($13) is the... [More]

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Shortstacks Bourbon Salted Pecan Pancake Mix

Is it the weekend yet? No, we're not asking merely because we're sick of working. We're wondering how long we'll have to wait before we can spend our morning cooking up this Shortstacks Bourbon Salted Pecan Pancake Mix ($6). We weren't sure pancakes could get... [More]

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Kerfluffles Classics Mallow Club

We know that artisan marshmallows are a thing these days - we're hesitant to call them "the new cupcake", but they're certainly headed in that direction. Or, wait, are whoopie pies the new cupcake so that makes marshmallows the new whoopie pie? Dang, now we're... [More]

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Rocq Macarons Sweetheart Collection

We didn't think desserts could get more elegant than a delicate French macaroon. But then we opened a box from the Rocq Macarons Sweetheart Collection ($65) - they're heart-shaped! Rocq ships each box of delights in a temperature-regulated fortress, so they'll reach you and your... [More]

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Dave's Coffee Syrup

Coffee martinis: they're like the classy version of Red Bull and vodka. We drink 'em when we want to be awake but not completely lucid. This Cold-Brewed Coffee Syrup ($11) makes the absolute best base for our caffeinated cocktail, but old coffee from this morning... [More]

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Slim & Sage Pacific Light Set

While we know in the backs of our minds that we should always be taking palm-sized portions of meat, gobs of veggies, and the only skinniest of cake slices, we can't help but pile our plates sky-high with our favorite foods. Enter Slim & Sage.... [More]

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Champagne Gummy Bears

When we were in college, we soaked gummy bears in alcohol for a a delightful boozy treat. Now that we're sophisticated, mature, worldly ladies, we don't get drunk in such a juvenile way. Instead, we simply enjoy the taste of our current favorite beverage in... [More]

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Gatsby Bar Tools with Ice Bucket

What's the Valentine's Day guy-gift equivalent to chocolates and flowers? Well sure, sexy lingerie comes to mind, but it should already be part of your romantic evening, right? If you want to hand over a classy gift in an actual box, consider the vintage-inspired, stainless... [More]

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Momofuku Milk Bar Cookie Mix

Momofuku is always on our list when we make it to New York, but we're not able to jet set every time we want a compost cookie*. And somehow, we've never been able to recreate the flavors and textures of our favorite Milk Bar treats... [More]

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Hot Chocolate on a Stick Variety Box

A few weeks back, we tried to make our own hot chocolate melts. Disaster. Learn from our mistakes and leave the chocolate tempering to the pros. Turn to a Hot Chocolate on a Stick Variety Box ($18) from popbar for all of your yummy drink... [More]

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Standard Baking Co. Pastries

If you haven't yet had the chance to stop by Portland, Maine's Standard Baking Co., don't fret! It's true that goodies made by someone else seem to taste better, but busting out the Standard Baking Co. Pastries ($20) book and getting your own hands dirty... [More]

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Hot Toddy Sorbet

We love the idea of a hot toddy: a warm, boozy concoction that we're allowed to guzzle when sick because - hey! - it's supposed to be good for us. The problem is that most hot toddies we've tried to whip up for ourselves ended... [More]

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Whimsy Floral Thermos

Usually, we'd insist that there's nothing better than a cup of coffee sipped from our favorite mug. But we're changing our tune because our breakfast blend tastes mighty good after being poured from the Whimsy Floral Thermos ($19). The vintage print makes us feel like... [More]

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Merlot Grapeseed Oil

Does squeezing your oil from a single variety of grapeseed make a scrap of difference? Damned if we know. But we gotta admit, our inner food nerds are having themselves a shiver of delight over the idea of drizzling this Merlot Grapeseed Oil ($25) onto... [More]

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