Peabody Jones Vodka

It pays to be a little discerning when it comes to your alcohol. A bottle of Barton may be cheap as hell, but you'll regret it in the morning when the stale taste lingers in the back of your mouth. Ew! A bottle of Peabody... [More]

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MORE Cupcakes

Finally, someone gets it! MORE Cupcakes ($75 per dozen) totally give us the excuse we need to do what we're going to do anyway: eat MORE than we should. The box of yum contains twelve cupcakes in twelve different flavors like carrot and ginger, salt... [More]

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Chocolate Zombie Bunny

You're already planning on devouring your Easter chocolates like one of the Infected, so why not start out with a seriously gruesome-looking Chocolate Zombie Bunny ($16)? It ain't easy saving the world from zombie rabbits, but someone ought to bite off their heads before they... [More]

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Amella Gray Sea Salt Caramels

The Gray Sea Salt Caramels ($20) from Amella aren't just caramels. They're caramels made with blue agave nectar, dipped in dark chocolate, and sprinkled with sel gris, a high-quality sea salt harvested off the coast of Brittany. They're the ultimate in indulgent, so go easy... [More]

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Snackle Mouth Granola Nut Clusters

While the packaging on for the Snackle Mouth Granola Nut Clusters ($4) is off-putting (okay, slightly terrifying), the maple-bacon-flavored treats inside are well worth the initial awkwardness of ripping open the pig-nosed tiki man box. Expect a scrumptious and naturally sweetened snack of maple-covered bacon... [More]

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Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

While we would probably throw in the towel after guzzling down a single Irish Car Bomb, we're pretty sure we could eat at least three to four Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes ($48 per dozen). What can we say? Booze-laced sweets are our vice and these... [More]

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Cacao Retro Gift Set

Looking to fall into someone's good favor? Your boss, perhaps? Mother-in-law? Kill 'em with kindness! Oh, and a Cacao Retro Gift Set ($30) won't hurt the cause. It's full of old-school sweets, like whoopie pies, s'mores bars, oatmeal cream pies, and hello dolly bars. Certainly... [More]

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Jesben Italian Tomato, Peppers & Herbs Slow Cooker Sauce

How have we spent all winter using our slow cookers without the addition of a few jars of Jesben Italian Tomato, Peppers & Herbs Slow Cooker Sauce ($6 on sale)?! As easy as it is to dump a buncha ingredients in a slow cooker and... [More]

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Recchiuti Confections Burnt Caramel Sauce

Skip the Ben & Jerry's (sooo expensive!) and bring home a pint of plain ol' vanilla ice cream instead. It's going to act as a mere flavor enhancer for the spoonfuls of Burnt Caramel Sauce ($10) you toss over it. The Recchiuti Confections treat is... [More]

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Campbell's Soup Mug

Andy Warhol would be kicking himself because he didn't think of this first! The Campbell's Soup Mug ($9) gives you a little pop art with every sip of coffee. A must-have if you eat your soup from mugs!... [More]

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Lavender Honey Drops

Pop just one of the Lavender Honey Drops ($11) from L'Abeille Occitane into your mouth and you'll get addicted. These hard candies are made from lavender honey gathered in Provence, and everyone knows the French have mastered sweets! As a bonus, the little drops are... [More]

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Sugar Bob's Finest Kind Smoked Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is delicious, it's a fact. But you know what's even tastier? Smoked Maple Syrup ($12)! It's simple, with only two ingredients (syrup and beech smoke) and tastes just like what you'd expect it to. It's a bit much for pancakes alone, but it's... [More]

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Quinn Vermont Maple & Sea Salt Microwave Popcorn

Give ol' Orville Redenbacher a break and zap a bag of gourmet Quinn Popcorn instead. We've been snacking our faces off on the Vermont Maple & Sea Salt flavor ($5). It's a cinch to pop a bag in the microwave, add the two packets of... [More]

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Lacquerware Round Bento Boxes

We've seen our fair share of bento boxes, but color us impressed with these Lacquerware Round Bento Boxes ($49-65). They're unusual in pattern and shape and we're already thinking up delicious meals to arrange inside them. We're not so advanced that we can make hard-boiled-egg... [More]

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Well, sword-swallowing just got way easier! Swordsicles ($19) are ice cube trays with the shapes of swords from all over the world! Make deadly drink-coolers or lethal popsicles! And remember - even if there's no sharp edge, it doesn't mean the brain freeze can't hurt... [More]

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Cracker Smack

Your boyfriend's idea of snacks for the baseball team's annual barbecue reaches only so far as the chip aisle at the grocery store. This does not sit well with you. You're more inclined to dress up his prized saltines with Cracker Smack ($5). Decently spicy,... [More]

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Frying Pan-da

Sure, the only difference between the Frying Pan-da ($55) and a normal nonstick frying pan is the cute panda face design. So why buy it? The cute panda face design! Just look at those eager to help you with your scrambled eggs.... [More]

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Chemistry Book Flask

While we're fairly adept at chemistry, right now all we're choosing to concentrate on is that the mixture of one part smuggled whiskey to two parts movie theater Big Gulp equals rule-breaking deliciousness! Well, that and a need to pee thirty-eight minutes into the film.... [More]

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You're Cute Cards

Remember way back on January 1st when you vowed to be more confident and proactive in your own love life this year? How's that comin'? Need a bit of help? Pack the You're Cute Cards ($10 per box of twenty-five) from Ashkahn into your purse... [More]

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Choc Cross Buns

While we're not advocating that you replace your traditional Easter treats with Choc Cross Buns ($12 for a box of six) from Hotel Chocolat, we are advocating that you add them to your life. It's never too early for chocolate, right? Especially when it's a... [More]

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