Pi Bottle Opener

The mysteries of pi have plagued mathematicians for centuries, but its secrets are finally known: it's the numeric code for opening beer! While alcohol and arithmetic generally don't mix, this Pi Bottle Opener ($30) makes drinking 3.141592653589793 times more fun!... [More]

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Galaxy Desserts Trophy Mousse Cake Sampler

If we had a nickel for every time we'd wished someone would show up on our doorstep with a gourmet cake, we'd have ourselves at least enough spare change to order this Galaxy Desserts Trophy Mousse Cake Sampler ($38). The treats included in this package... [More]

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Brooklyn Hard Candy Candy Makers Collection

Sweet tooth giving you that old, familiar ache? Satisfy it in old-school fashion with the Candy Makers Collection ($88) from Brooklyn Hard Candy. You'll get a full assortment of old-timey jars full of treats in flavors ranging from Concord grape to key lime. We can... [More]

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Jeni's Ice Cream Sandwiches

Thank you, modern postal service, for making it possible to receive a batch of ten amazingly flavored, gourmet ice cream sandwiches ($70) from Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams through the mail. They ship in forty-eight hours and arrive chilled and ready to savor cram into your... [More]

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Sriracha Chocolate Bars

Is pepper-infused chocolate too bland for you? Heat things up with a few Sriracha Chocolate Bars ($8 each). The heat hits the palate a second behind the rich dark chocolate - right after the point when you start thinking you can handle it. Even if... [More]

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Hibiscus Watermelon Iced Tea Bags

If we could distill summer into a glass, we think it'd probably taste something like this Hibiscus Watermelon Iced Tea ($10). Made by the brewing maestros over at Republic of Tea, this fruity, sweet-tart combo makes a perfect pitcher of refreshing, caffeine-free goodness. Drink it... [More]

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Fleurir Chocolates 25 Pc. Assortment Box

We don't know about you, but we never tire of beautifully packaged chocolate scrumptiousness. The big box of assorted chocolates ($44, on sale) from Fleurir is certainly no exception. Not only are the decadent handmade candies pretty to look at, they're filled with our favorite... [More]

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Apple Tarte Tatin Black Tea

Craving sweets but trying to resist in the name of maintaining your pant size? Give this Apple Tarte Tatin Black Tea ($7) a try. Packed with dried apples, raisins and warm, aromatic spices, it's an almost-zero-calorie tribute to a classic indulgent dessert.... [More]

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MySuperSnack Soft Granola Bites

The great parent-of-toddlers conundrum: do you spend hours in the kitchen concocting homemade snacks for your kiddos, or do you give in and let them munch on processed crackers and cereals? Avoid both the time sink and the unhealthy foods by giving your kids a... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Kikkerland Dapper Drink Markers

Attention, please! We mustache you a question! Got any upcoming plans for another wine night with the ladies? If so, don't forget to bring along these Kikkerland Dapper Drink Markers ($5). Yes, you will have to make the difficult decision between The Handlebar, The Walrus... [More]

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Zoë's Cherry Blossom Chocolates

Easter treats aren't just for kids, and they also don't have to mean stale grocery store bunnies or Cadbury Creme Eggs (not that we're knocking old reliable Cadbury). We figure this year, we'll put together our very own basket, and we'll be stuffing it with... [More]

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Suntory Yamakazi 18 Year Single Malt

Suntory Yamakazi 18 Year Single Malt ($180) is a good reason to start paying attention to Japanese whiskeys if you haven't already. This award-winning, beautifully aromatic stuff combines rich notes of burnt sugar, cedar and pepper in a concoction that gives the likes of... [More]

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Peabody Jones Vodka

It pays to be a little discerning when it comes to your alcohol. A bottle of Barton may be cheap as hell, but you'll regret it in the morning when the stale taste lingers in the back of your mouth. Ew! A bottle of Peabody... [More]

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MORE Cupcakes

Finally, someone gets it! MORE Cupcakes ($75 per dozen) totally give us the excuse we need to do what we're going to do anyway: eat MORE than we should. The box of yum contains twelve cupcakes in twelve different flavors like carrot and ginger, salt... [More]

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Chocolate Zombie Bunny

You're already planning on devouring your Easter chocolates like one of the Infected, so why not start out with a seriously gruesome-looking Chocolate Zombie Bunny ($16)? It ain't easy saving the world from zombie rabbits, but someone ought to bite off their heads before they... [More]

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Amella Gray Sea Salt Caramels

The Gray Sea Salt Caramels ($20) from Amella aren't just caramels. They're caramels made with blue agave nectar, dipped in dark chocolate, and sprinkled with sel gris, a high-quality sea salt harvested off the coast of Brittany. They're the ultimate in indulgent, so go easy... [More]

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Snackle Mouth Granola Nut Clusters

While the packaging on for the Snackle Mouth Granola Nut Clusters ($4) is off-putting (okay, slightly terrifying), the maple-bacon-flavored treats inside are well worth the initial awkwardness of ripping open the pig-nosed tiki man box. Expect a scrumptious and naturally sweetened snack of maple-covered bacon... [More]

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Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

While we would probably throw in the towel after guzzling down a single Irish Car Bomb, we're pretty sure we could eat at least three to four Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes ($48 per dozen). What can we say? Booze-laced sweets are our vice and these... [More]

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Cacao Retro Gift Set

Looking to fall into someone's good favor? Your boss, perhaps? Mother-in-law? Kill 'em with kindness! Oh, and a Cacao Retro Gift Set ($30) won't hurt the cause. It's full of old-school sweets, like whoopie pies, s'mores bars, oatmeal cream pies, and hello dolly bars. Certainly... [More]

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Jesben Italian Tomato, Peppers & Herbs Slow Cooker Sauce

How have we spent all winter using our slow cookers without the addition of a few jars of Jesben Italian Tomato, Peppers & Herbs Slow Cooker Sauce ($6 on sale)?! As easy as it is to dump a buncha ingredients in a slow cooker and... [More]

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