bkr Bottle

Glass water bottles are all the rage, but with good reason! They keep your water clean, and help keep plastic bottles out of landfills. The bkr bottle ($28) (pronounced "beaker") is one of our new favs. Each one comes wrapped in a dishwasher-safe silicone sleeve,... [More]

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Nutty Steph's Magic Chunks

Not that we're complaining, but as good as granola is, it can always be made better with the addition of chocolate! We're grateful that the people at Nutty Steph's agree with us. They take yummy oat-and-nut-laden granola, roast it with pure Vermont maple syrup, dip... [More]

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TABASCO Gallon Jugs

Imagine the look on your dinner guest's face when he asks for a little Tabasco and you slam this baby down on the table! If you like to spice up everything you eat, this TABASCO Gallon Jug ($39) is the next best thing after a... [More]

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Fried Chicken & Champagne

The Fried Chicken & Champagne cookbook ($25) by Lisa Dupar initially sparked our interest because we're forever splurging on champagne despite our fried chicken budget. Also, noshing on a fried chicken leg whilst sipping champagne sounds like a fantastic way to spend an evening. We... [More]

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Bad Dog Fire & Damnation Bitters

Momma always told us that the Devil's brew would send us straight to hell. Bad Dog Fire & Damnation Bitters ($22) sounds like it's gearing up to make good on her promise. Its potent blend of pepper and other spices is designed to make your... [More]

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It's settled. Once you have possession of your very own raw pine PieBox ($35), your summer potluck fate is sealed. The upside? Hurrah! You get to show up to parties and barbecues with pie! The handcrafted PieBox accommodates just about any pie you can dream... [More]

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Old Salt Merchants Jamaican Ginger Sugar

Forget what the Starks tell us: winter is on the out, and that means Dark and Stormy season is just around the bend. And what better way to enjoy our favorite summer tipple than in a frosty glass seasoned with a nice rim of Old... [More]

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Vegan Bacon Olive Oil

Would you like to use this Vegan Bacon Olive Oil ($16) to easily add the flavor of bacon to any meal? We might as well ask if you'd like some air to breathe.... [More]

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FINE & RAW Two-Piece Bonbon

Even though the Two-Piece Bonbon ($8) from FINE & RAW is enough earthy, dark chocolate to share with a friend, we're encouraging you to hoard it all for yourself. You'll eat one bonbon, savoring the rich, lightly salted chocolate, and immediately want to devour the... [More]

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Sea Smoke Salt

What? You're using plain ol' sea salt to season your food? Impress your palate with Sea Smoke Salt ($10). It's harvested from the Puget Sound and then smoked above a wood fire. (Especially yummy on grilled meats and veggies.)... [More]

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Wineforest Wild Elderberry Shrub

There's the wild elderberry shrub, and then there's a bottle of Wild Elderberry Shrub ($13) from Wineforest. A shrub, similar to a concentrated syrup, is used to flavor carbonated beverages. Pour a little into soda water for a sweet, berry-flavored drink. Add a bit of... [More]

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Mokaccino Coffee and Chocolate Bars

We're psyched that the mouth-melting Mokaccino Coffee and Chocolate Bars ($14) from TCHO come in packs of two. It means we can open up one and munch on it for an afternoon snack and save the other for the next time we bake. That bar... [More]

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Grill Out Kit

Dusting off the ol' grill? Perfect! It's time to invite family and friends over and christen the spring with a backyard barbecue! No need to do a ton of planning; the Grill Out Kit ($85) from Pig of the Month BBQ ought to provide you... [More]

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Coco Cafe Cafe Latte Coconut Water Espresso

Try saying Coco Cafe Cafe Latte ($23 for a pack of twelve) five times fast! The name may be a mouthful, but the drink is actually pretty refreshing. It's a blend of sweet coconut water, mocha, and coffee. Yes, yum! Keep a stash in your... [More]

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Bum Bag Drinks Cooler

Finally, the glamorous life of a hobo is just a little more obtainable! This Bum Bag Drinks Cooler ($11) looks just like the trendy paper bag that's so popular in bum culture these days - but it's really a waterproof drink cooler with an elastic... [More]

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Hammond's Candies Signature Caramel Marshmallow Tin

We've tasted plenty of caramel-enhanced marshmallows, but this Signature Caramel Marshmallow Tin ($13) from Hammond's Candies has reawakened our love for them. Chewy on the outside and gooey on the inside, the little bites are sticky sweet. But let's face it, if you're shoving a... [More]

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chocri Custom Chocolate Bar

Play gourmet chocolatier by creating a chocri Custom Chocolate Bar ($varies). Start with a base of milk, white, or dark yumminess, then mix and match a host of traditional or off-the-wall additions, from nougat to dried flowers to cornflakes. Our favorite option? Real gold flakes.... [More]

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Anarchy in a Jar Jam Trio

These goodies are far from your average jellies. The Anarchy in a Jar Jam Trio ($24) breaks all the culinary codes, going beautifully on a heck of a lot more than toast. With flavors like Strawberry Balsamic, or Grapefruit & Smoked Salt Marmalade, these small-batch... [More]

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Black Truffle + White Cheddar Popcorn

Don't be deceived by the size of the picture above. The Black Truffle + White Cheddar Canister ($10, on sale) from 479° Popcorn holds half a gallon of delish, savory popcorn. It's enough to feed a gaggle of your gal friends when they come over... [More]

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Lunch Box Revolution Cookbook

Yikes! When you add up a week's worth of nine-dollar lunch wraps, the truth is in your diminished bank account: it's time to start packing a few sammiches. Or to get creative! The Lunch Box Revolution Cookbook ($8), meant as a companion to the black... [More]

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