Lillie's Q Barbeque Sauce Crate

Dry rubs are all well and good, but when it comes to barbeque, we say to hell with the purists and give us some sauce. Lillie's Q Barbeque Sauce Crate ($45) contains Memphis-inspired Smoky, tomato-based Carolina, and the totally tasty mayo-and-vinegar Ivory.... [More]

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Puppy Cake Carob Cake Mix

You're not spoiling your dog enough. Oh, sure, you may have bought Ruffles that Swarovski crystal collar and a whole wardrobe of adorable jackets, but he'd give it all up for cake. With Puppy Cake Carob Cake Mix ($7), you can make him one of... [More]

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NYC Taxi Espresso Beans

New York City cabbies certainly drive like they're hopped up on a quart or two of coffee, so it seems appropriate that the Superior Nut Store chose to use their signature colors to decorate these candied NYC Taxi Espresso Beans ($6). But be warned: these... [More]

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Three Olives Dude Vodka

Have a Mountain Dew-loving man in your life? Or maybe you're the one who likes to spend your late night crushing cans of the neon yellow stuff while you play Halo. If that's the case, then Three Olives Dude Vodka ($59) is going to blow... [More]

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Ozark Float Trip Coffee

We want to go on a float trip. A few days spent on the water and off the grid with nothing to do but fail at catching bass sounds like paradise. Alas, our bosses, families, and mortgages won't let us slip away. We'll just have... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: American Vintage Beer Biscuits

While the combo of a cold beer and a hot slice of 'za makes for the ultimate meal, occasionally you need to nom on something a little less full of carbs and fat. Sub in these American Vintage Beer Biscuits ($6). The crackers come in... [More]

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Death Star Ice Mould

We know, we know... we here at Outblush don't post nearly enough Star Wars stuff! We're going to correct that now with the Death Star Ice Mould ($16). Hoth-cold drinks with no Jedi tricks!... [More]

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Saturdays Blend No. 1

We may love Saturdays because they give us a break from the daily grind, but we really love Saturdays because they give us a chance to grind up the fragrant Blend No. 1 ($14) from Saturdays. We can sip the heavenly medium-dark roast in a... [More]

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Stay Puft Marshmallows

"I tried to think of the most harmless thing. Something I loved from my childhood. Something that could never ever possibly destroy us. Mr. Stay Puft!" These actual Stay Puft Marshmallows ($13) are a wholesome treat for any scientist. On the front of the box,... [More]

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White Whale House Guest Trio

The aptly named trio of cocktail mixes in the House Guest set ($45) from White Whale will keep you prepared for company. The mixes are far from your generic daiquiri or Bloody Mary supermarket brand. The Filthy Liar (our favorite!) is a blend of fresh... [More]

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Cookies & Corks Tasting Sampler

Cheese is great and all, but wouldn't you really like to accompany your wine with something a little sweeter? Cookies & Corks makes a range of treats specially designed to complement specific varietals. Think Espresso Chocolate with an earthy Cabernet, or Apricot Sage with chardonnay.... [More]

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aFire KOKO Coconut Charcoal

When it comes to grilling up the perfect steak, not all fire is created equal. The flames generated by this aFire KOKO Coconut Charcoal ($10), for example, burn hotter and cleaner than conventional briquettes. That means that no chemical aftertaste will mar the flavor of... [More]

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Sweeteeth Gift Pack

Occasionally we wonder why it's not the case that every gift given is of the chocolate variety. Then we realize we're a bit peckish and could use some chocolate. After that, we buy a Sweeteeth Gift Pack ($22) and vow that, from now on, every... [More]

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Apocalypse Cakes: Recipes for the End

The hilarious Apocalypse Cakes: Recipes for the End ($14) by Shannon O'Malley is our kind of cookbook. O'Malley mixes sarcastic black humor with baking to bring readers treats to eat as the world ends. No matter how the earth meets its doom, we'll be well-fed... [More]

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Stache Straws

Just when we were getting sick of that mustache fad, they go and make something clever! These Stache Straws ($9) make you look hip while you sip!... [More]

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Itsy Bitsy Mini Edible Butterflies

Spruce up even the tiniest pastries with these Mini Edible Butterflies ($11 for two dozen). Made with vanilla-flavored potato starch paper, these colorful treats are a great way to add a burst of color and charm to items as small as a sugar cube.... [More]

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6-Bottle Bike Bag

We think we need to invest in one of these 6-Bottle Bike Bags ($53). If we're going to spend many a summer afternoon drinking our calories with friends, we may as well bike to and from each get-together to burn them off! Each six-pack saddlebag... [More]

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Alcohol by Volume Glass

Be careful with the Alcohol by Volume Glass ($7). The fact that it spells out the alcohol by volume percentage for beer, wine, and stronger spirits is a double-edged sword - sometimes not knowing is half the fun!... [More]

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World's Largest Box of Nerds

And you thought we Outblush editors were big nerds! If you've got a sweet tooth specifically geared for ambiguously shaped lumps of sugar-coated sugar, you've got to get your hands on the one-and-a-half-pound World's Largest Box of Nerds ($23)!... [More]

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Skin-Smart Single Steeps

We're trying real hard to curb our 2:00pm caffeine habit. And while we really wanted to replace our cuppa coffee with another vice (cookies?), it's probably best if we do something good for ourselves. Tea Forté has us covered with their new Skin-Smart Single Steeps... [More]

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