Salted Caramel Sauce

It doesn't matter whether you're the type to mix up a batch of your own homemade ice cream or the type to impulsively snag a few cartons at the supermarket - a bowl full of melty goodness will taste like heaven when topped with a... [More]

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Sable & Rosenfeld Tipsy Cherries

A classic Manhattan cocktail is made from nothing but booze, except for that pesky cherry - until now. Plop one of these whiskey-soaked Sable & Rosenfeld Tipsy Cherries ($6) into your next cocktail, or use them to top a delightfully adult ice cream sundae.... [More]

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Out N About Bamboo Utensil Travel Set

It pays to be prepared, and while we're not sure how often we'll need to whip out a spare set of cutlery, packing our purses with the Out N About Bamboo Utensil Travel Set ($15) seems like a good way to never go hungry. The... [More]

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Origami Wine Tote

True to its name, the Origami Wine Tote ($25) stores flat thanks to notched stitching in the fabric. Transporting your vino? Pop open the tote and nestle your bottle safely inside. It comes with a gift tag in case you want to gift both the... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Nektar Honey Crystals

Keeping a bottle of honey in your office desk drawer is a gamble. Knock it over when the cap is loose and you'll be feeling the sticky consequences for days. Stashing a box of Nektar Honey Crystals ($7 for forty packets), on the other hand,... [More]

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Cereal Marshmallows

Remember eating cereal as kids and avoiding the grainy bits in favor of the delicious sugary marshmallows? Oh, how we'd shake our undeveloped fists at the heavens and lament "Why, oh why, can't they make a cereal that's just marshmallows!?" (That's actually how a lot... [More]

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Laughing Man Dukale's Dream Espresso

We admit it. Hugh Jackman could be selling vacuum cleaner attachments, and we'd suddenly develop a passion for clean carpets. But instead, the singing studmuffin has put his seal of approval onto something we're already nuts for: caffeine. Laughing Man Dukale's Dream Espresso ($14) is... [More]

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Royal Baby Biscuit Tin

Currently, people the world over seem to be divided into two different camps: those of us who are eagerly gobbling up news about the new royal offspring, and those of us who just want the gawking to stop. Can we offer a peace token? Let's... [More]

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brushed nickel ferris wheel cupcake holder 100 small.jpg

Brushed Nickel Ferris Wheel Cupcake Holder

We've got our reasons for liking this Brushed Nickel Ferris Wheel Cupcake Holder ($65). For one, it's more original than a cupcake tree. Two, it reminds us of the uncomfortable Ferris wheel scene from The Notebook. Three, we like to play with food. Four, we... [More]

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Tap That To-Go Sipper Cup

The Tap That To-Go Sipper Cup ($12) from Urban Outfitters: now you can drink your tap water and make puns about it, too!... [More]

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Bitter Tears Kiki Cocktail Bitters

Spending a lot of time lately crying into your drink? We've all been there. Just think of how much more poetically appropriate that depressive concoction would be with a dash of these Bitter Tears Kiki Cocktail Bitters ($22). Spiked with lavender, elderberry and ginger, they'll... [More]

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Best Lunch Box Ever

The clever and nutritious recipes in Best Lunch Box Ever: Ideas and Recipes for School Lunches Kids Will Love ($17) may have been created with kids in mind, but they're pretty scrumptiously perfect for lunch-eaters of all ages. Sure, it takes a little extra thought... [More]

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Sportline HydraCoach

Staying hydrated has never been so easy. This Sportline HydraCoach ($30) will calculate your personal hydration needs throughout the day based on your weight, tracking how much water you've had and motivating you to drink more. Warning: carrying one of these means you can no... [More]

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The Grigri Growlette

The downside to craft beers is that you occasionally order one that's not really your cuppa tea beer. That's where the Grigri Growlette ($32) from Portland Growler Co. comes in. This ceramic beauty holds thirty-two ounces, or two pints, and allows you to stop by... [More]

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Flavored Simple Syrups

It doesn't matter if you're honing your shaved ice craft or just looking for a little boost to your summer booze - the collection of flavored simple syrups ($19 each) from The Bang Candy Company will add a gourmet twist to your refreshments. Each syrup... [More]

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Craft Cocktails

We're usually pretty content to just pour a bit of booze into a cup with a carbonated mixer, but maybe it's time we class it up a little. Craft Cocktails ($50), by mixologist Brian Van Flandern, is a gorgeous recipe book full of fresh drink... [More]

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Sauvignon Blanc Kettle Corn

A big tin of Sauvignon Blanc Kettle Corn ($35 a gallon), the collaboration between Populence and Kim Crawford Wines, is the first ingredient of the recipe for a lazy night in. The rest? Stop at the liquor store and buy a bottle, click on Season... [More]

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Petite Bixby Bar Gift Crate

However much we'd love to believe otherwise, chocolate isn't always good for you, especially when it's packed with corn syrup, and other icky additives. You won't find any of that in this Petite Bixby Bar Gift Crate ($26). These tasty treats are made with organic... [More]

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Dippin' Dots Frozen Dot Maker

The Dippin' Dots Frozen Dot Maker ($20) is definitely marketed towards kids, but there's nothing pretend about our desire to pump out a few bowls of Dippin' Dots! And even if the plastic contraption fails in its attempts to recreate the Dippin' Dots we know... [More]

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Chocolate Rum

Man, the first rum-guzzling pirates who stumbled upon a cacao tree must have been happy. What else do we need to say to entice you to buy this authentic Chocolate Rum ($31) - it's chocolate, it's rum! (You kind of have to click through, if... [More]

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