Sauvignon Blanc Kettle Corn

A big tin of Sauvignon Blanc Kettle Corn ($35 a gallon), the collaboration between Populence and Kim Crawford Wines, is the first ingredient of the recipe for a lazy night in. The rest? Stop at the liquor store and buy a bottle, click on Season... [More]

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Petite Bixby Bar Gift Crate

However much we'd love to believe otherwise, chocolate isn't always good for you, especially when it's packed with corn syrup, and other icky additives. You won't find any of that in this Petite Bixby Bar Gift Crate ($26). These tasty treats are made with organic... [More]

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Dippin' Dots Frozen Dot Maker

The Dippin' Dots Frozen Dot Maker ($20) is definitely marketed towards kids, but there's nothing pretend about our desire to pump out a few bowls of Dippin' Dots! And even if the plastic contraption fails in its attempts to recreate the Dippin' Dots we know... [More]

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Chocolate Rum

Man, the first rum-guzzling pirates who stumbled upon a cacao tree must have been happy. What else do we need to say to entice you to buy this authentic Chocolate Rum ($31) - it's chocolate, it's rum! (You kind of have to click through, if... [More]

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EMT Transplant Cooler Bag

Tired of your coworkers stealing from your lunch? This organ transplant lunch cooler ($20) ensures that no one will even want to know what's in your lunch bag (except that shifty-eyed zombie who just got hired in Accounting).... [More]

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No, it's not just clever advertising... SEXCEREAL ($16) is chock-full of vitamins and minerals - but not for lame stuff like sports or growing up big and strong. This cereal's department is bumping uglies! With ingredients like goji berries, chia seeds, and maca powder, this... [More]

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BAGGU Medium Zipper Bags

We nabbed a set of Medium Zipper Bags ($12 for three) from BAGGU for our sunglasses , but have found them to be indispensable, helping us organize everything from road trip snacks to makeup to cords and chargers. The awesome animal prints are vibrant and... [More]

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Red Cup Shot Glass Set

There's something about drinking from red plastic cups that just makes us happy! This Red Cup Shot Glass Set ($12 for four) lends the fun of beer pong to a game of quarters!... [More]

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C. Howard's Violet Mints

When we're picking a flavor to satisfy our candy craving, we don't usually think floral. But C. Howard's Violet Mints ($1) have a sweet, delicate flavor we suspect you'll come to crave. And just imagine how great your breath will smell after you've eaten them!... [More]

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Drink This Wine Gift Tags

The next time you take a bottle of wine over to a house party, spend an extra five seconds to toss on a Drink This Wine Gift Tag ($8 for eight). It's a super easy way to add a cute and personal touch to the... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Bird BottleClip

Stash a few BottleClips ($7) in your purse or your office drawer for an easy way to top your water and take it with you. It'll clip right to your backpack or purse as you commute to work during the week or prepare for a... [More]

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The Original RedNek Wine Glass

Drinking wine from a mason jar - that's pretty lowbrow. Drinking wine from the Original RedNek Wine Glass ($15) - now that's f*cking classy as sh*t!... [More]

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SIGG Active Top Bottles

We've been fans of SIGG water bottles for ages, especially since our originals are still holding up to our daily abuse. Which doesn't mean we're not in love with their new line, including this Active Top Pink ($29)! The bottles boast their signature BPA-free aluminum... [More]

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NYC Trash small.jpg

NYC Trash

Mom always told us not to eat food off of the floor, but NYC Trash ($15) is a delectable treat. No, not the cigarette butts and globs of bubble gum that litter the sidewalk. We're talking pretzels, pecans, and crisp cereal coated in white chocolate.... [More]

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Talisman Designs Cherry Chomper

You could buy the Talisman Designs Cherry Chomper ($8) because it allows you to enjoy your cherries with ease. But we really love that ridiculous-looking mascot whose mouth you'd shove the cherries into!... [More]

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41 Olive Lavender Balsamic Vinegar

We know Lavender Balsamic Vinegar ($18-30) sounds weird, but trust us - it's good. Use it to add an interesting flavor to sauteed vegetables, or drizzle it onto a carbolicious snack like bread or popcorn. If your taste buds are not suited to floral flavors,... [More]

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Stack Wines Assorted 4-Pack

Ahh, summer. We're always finding ourselves on the go, whether it's hiking in the hills or accepting another outdoor barbecue invite. Want to make sure your awesome adventures get even more awesome? Pick up a 4-Pack of Stack Wines ($50). Each stacked plastic bottle is... [More]

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Anchor's Rare Chip of the Month Club

Forget the sweet tooth. You're the type who's always jonesing for a salty snack. Anchor's Rare Chip of the Month Club ($43/month) rounds up regional chip varieties and ships them right to your doorstep. Each bag is around 6-8 ounces, so we're not talking fun... [More]

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Blenheim Old #3 Hot Ginger Ale

Think you can take the powerful heat of ginger? Canada Dry has nothin' on a bottle of Old #3 Hot Ginger Ale ($24 for two dozen). This stuff has spice to spare! We sputtered a bit after our first sips, but now we have a... [More]

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Skillet Original Bacon Spread

Wish you could put bacon on everything? This Skillet Original Bacon Spread ($10) makes it possible. Smear it on burgers, add it to sandwiches, and chow it down on toast. Or you could live on the real wild side and combine it with a slathering... [More]

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