Halloween Skull Pancake Molds

Serve up some festive fall flapjacks with help from the Halloween Skull Pancake Molds ($20 for three) from Williams-Sonoma. Plop down the molds on a hot griddle, fill with your favorite pancake mix, and flip when the bubbles start to subside. And if you really... [More]

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Squirrel and Acorn Sugar Cake Decorations

As if baked goods weren't sweet enough already! Now you can top off your fall cakes, cupcakes, muffins, and other sugary concoctions (might we suggest something featuring pumpkin?) with the Squirrel and Acorn Sugar Cake Decorations ($4 for 12) from Sweet Estelle's Baking Supply. Package... [More]

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babycakes heart shaped waffle maker small.jpg

Babycakes Heart Waffle Maker

Looking at the Babycakes Heart Waffle Maker ($18) wafts us down Memory Lane and back to the days when we dotted our 'i's with hearts and the concept of food on a stick still seemed original. But if you've got a little one that age,... [More]

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Twister Aerator & Decanter with Stand Set

Finally, something to combine the sophisticated art of wine-tasting with the less-than-sophisticated amusement of gumball machines! You can tell yourself you're buying the Twister Aerator & Decanter with Stand Set ($80) because aerating the wine brings out the true aroma and flavor, but there's just... [More]

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Peeled Snacks Dried Fruit Lovers Mix

Need a midday pick-me-up treat that isn't a five-hundred-calorie latte with whip? Get your sugar fix from a serving of Peeled Snacks dried fruit. Each bag contains fruit...and nothing else! You get a sweet treat without any additives, extra sugars, or oils. You can order... [More]

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Glass Mini Milk Carton

The child in us likes the Glass Mini Milk Carton ($14) because of the fond memories of milk time from our youth, while the adult in us doesn't want the child in us to touch it, because it is glass and they'll probably break it.... [More]

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Queen of Fucking Everything Mug

Don't sell yourself short by only being the queen of "this house" or "England." Even ruling the entire world is beneath you. When you tell your subjects the extent of your sovereignty, leave no room for confusion with the Queen of Fucking Everything Mug ($17).... [More]

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Fast-Food Salt Shaker

Passing the salt? That sounds like way too much effort, especially when you're trying to enjoy a meal! The Fast-Food Salt Shaker ($50) eliminates unnecessary work by allowing you to roll the salt instead of passing it. Now we're just waiting on that knife that... [More]

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Public Enemy #5 Peach Brandy Blueberry

Actually, this scrumptious jar of Bathtub Gin's Public Enemy #5 Peach Brandy Blueberry ($12) is full of jam. We know, you felt a moment's worth of disappointment, but slather a spoonful of the stuff onto a slice of toast and you'll forget all about your... [More]

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Engraved Cocktail Muddler

Ooh, classy! AHeirloom's Engraved Cocktail Muddlers ($18) turn muddling into a personalized affair by engraving the handle with the initials of your choosing. Wanna wow the bride and groom? Package one of these with a signature cocktail recipe, drink ingredients, and a few highball glasses,... [More]

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Slingshot Coffee Co. Two-Pack

Sometimes we'd like to have coffee injected directly into our veins, but failing that, a strong dose of cold press concentrate is the next best thing. Have it delivered directly to your door via Slingshot Coffee Co.'s beautiful growlers ($17). Order a two-pack, with one... [More]

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Make Your Own Bubble Gum Kit

You DIY-ers never know when to quit, do you? The Make Your Own Bubble Gum Kit ($26) comes with everything you need to make a quarter-pound of gum in the flavor of your choice! (Spoiler Alert: most of the ingredients are sugar.)... [More]

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Shark! Heat Sensitive Mug

Just when you thought it was safe to enjoy your hot cocoa... The Shark! Heat Sensitive Mug ($11) seems to depict a nice day at the beach at first...but not for long. The lower the liquid level, the higher the body count!... [More]

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Better Off Spread Nut Butters

Sure, a spoonful of Skippy or Jif tastes sinfully indulgent, but if you want to reach true nirvana, collect a few Better Off Spread Nut Butters ($10-14). Since there are both sweet and savory flavor profiles available, you can use these organic butters on just... [More]

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INNA Shrubs

Have you discovered the palate-pleasing tingle of a shrub yet? No, we're not suggesting you go chew on whatever scraggly plant is growing in your backyard. A shrub is a tangy-sweet drinking vinegar, and it makes an ecellent refresher when mixed with sparkling water. Take... [More]

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Define Bottle

Nalgenes are out, stainless steel water bottles are so five minutes ago. We understand that you're tired of carrying around regular old H2O; talk about boring! You want something more. Luckily, there's an easy way to get what you want even if you're on the... [More]

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Lester's Fixins Food Soda

Lester's Fixins Food Soda ($3) offers... unique food flavors. And we're not talking about something as humdrum as "cherry" or "lemon-lime." We're talking Ranch Dressing, Sweet Corn, Pumpkin Pie, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Buffalo Wing, and the hard-to-go-wrong Bacon. (If it weren't for that Bacon... [More]

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Planning a party? Make it a charitable one by purchasing all of your vino from ONEHOPE Wines ($19+). ONEHOPE partners with celebrated winemakers, like Robert Mondavi, Jr., to create tasty beverages with an altruistic mission: sending half the profits of each bottle sold to charity.... [More]

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5 Pound Bag of Kraft Cheese Powder

Every time we make mac and cheese, it's the same story. We look at that dinky pile of powdered cheese - whatever wasn't blown away by that soft breeze - and wonder why there isn't more. Doesn't Kraft know the cheese is the best part?... [More]

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Chocolate Skulls

Making chocolate look like stuff is nothing new, but holy wow! These Chocolate Skulls ($543) look so realistic! At about five and a half pounds each, these works of art were molded after actual skulls, and come in white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate.... [More]

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