Define Bottle

Nalgenes are out, stainless steel water bottles are so five minutes ago. We understand that you're tired of carrying around regular old H2O; talk about boring! You want something more. Luckily, there's an easy way to get what you want even if you're on the... [More]

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Lester's Fixins Food Soda

Lester's Fixins Food Soda ($3) offers... unique food flavors. And we're not talking about something as humdrum as "cherry" or "lemon-lime." We're talking Ranch Dressing, Sweet Corn, Pumpkin Pie, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Buffalo Wing, and the hard-to-go-wrong Bacon. (If it weren't for that Bacon... [More]

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Planning a party? Make it a charitable one by purchasing all of your vino from ONEHOPE Wines ($19+). ONEHOPE partners with celebrated winemakers, like Robert Mondavi, Jr., to create tasty beverages with an altruistic mission: sending half the profits of each bottle sold to charity.... [More]

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5 Pound Bag of Kraft Cheese Powder

Every time we make mac and cheese, it's the same story. We look at that dinky pile of powdered cheese - whatever wasn't blown away by that soft breeze - and wonder why there isn't more. Doesn't Kraft know the cheese is the best part?... [More]

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Chocolate Skulls

Making chocolate look like stuff is nothing new, but holy wow! These Chocolate Skulls ($543) look so realistic! At about five and a half pounds each, these works of art were molded after actual skulls, and come in white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate.... [More]

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Cinnamon Crunch Somersaults

We're burned out on our snacking options - one cannot exist on chips and trail mix alone! Luckily Somersaults ($2 and up) are something different; they're crunchy little nuggets made from sunflower seeds that come in a whole array of flavors (we like Cinnamon Crunch... [More]

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Freshly Baked Fossils Cookies

Oh, so that's what happened to the dinosaurs! The cavemen must have devoured them after discovering that they tasted exactly like vanilla-lemon sugar cookies. Yum! Freshly Baked Fossils Cookies ($36 per dozen), baked and decorated by Linda's Edible Art.... [More]

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Monty Python's Wafer Thin Mints

Monty Python's Wafer Thin Mints ($3) are wafer-thin, for an explosive ending to a very fulfilling meal!... [More]

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Dig-Ins Dino Fossil Cookie Cutters

Frosting is what turns it from baking to an art form. Since we all can't be Michelangelo-level food designers, think of these Dig-Ins Dino Fossil Cookie Cutters ($15) as paint-by-number. The skeleton stamp makes it easy to fill in the colors.... [More]

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Coca-Cola Can Glass

...but whatever you put in it, no Pepsi!!! Coca-Cola Can Glass ($4)... [More]

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Slush Mug

Summer might be coming to an end, but that doesn't mean our frozen treat habit needs to dissipate with it. With the Slush Mug ($10), you can have your very own Slurpee without leaving home! What's the best part? You can have whatever flavor you... [More]

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Mini Pops Sampler Pack

If you're on a gluten-free diet, a bag of popcorn is definitely a no-no. Unless it's a bag of Mini Pops ($23)! Technically, the snack is air-popped sorghum grain, so it's completely corn- (and gluten-) free. The tiny grains pop similarly to corn, but don't... [More]

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Respect the Chemistry Beaker Mug

The final season of Breaking Bad is well underway, and we are (not so) patiently awaiting the series conclusion. Not yet addicted? Pour yourself a few cups of coffee, drink them from the Respect the Chemistry Beaker Mug ($27) and start from the beginning (it's... [More]

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Cupcake Good Lunch Snack Sacks

Ditch wasteful plastic baggies and pack lunch snacks in these reusable fabric Cupcake Good Lunch Snack Sacks ($14) from Oré. Each set includes three bags in different sizes for holding everything from fruits and veggies to almonds to a few handfuls of cereal. If cupcakes... [More]

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Oblique Wine Holder

Ah, saves lives, eases burdens - and even better, it makes our homes look cool! The most important component of the Oblique Wine Holder ($45) is the physics behind it!... [More]

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Vineyard Whale Wine Tote

If you showed up to your next party carrying two bottles of your hostess's favorite vino in the Vineyard Whale Wine Tote ($40) from Vineyard Vines, just imagine what could happen next. You could find yourself being served up the biggest rib rack or pie... [More]

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Panda Onigiri (Rice Mold) Set

You're not going to pass up any opportunity to put a panda face on something, are you? We thought not. Just don't get too attached to your creation - in the end, only one of you can survive. Panda Onigiri (Rice Mold) Set ($20)... [More]

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Home Made Cookie Stamper

Nothing says "Home Made" like a seal designed for mass production! Home Made Cookie Stamper ($10).... [More]

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Bubble Lunch Tote

Who knew carrying your lunch in an organic cotton lunch bag was so badass? Rebel Green did! Their Bubble Lunch Tote ($24) features a bubble-gum-chewing vixen who will give you a daily reminder to reduce, reuse, recycle, and rebel. While the first three are self-explanatory,... [More]

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Watermelon Oreos

Great...just when we figured out how to fight the temptation to eat regular Oreos, the diet-killers at Nabisco come out with Watermelon Oreos ($20). Maybe the fact that they're fruit-flavored makes them healthy?... [More]

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