BBQ Branding Iron

Hey, barbequing isn't easy - you're right to be proud of your work! Mark your well-done grilling with any message you want with the BBQ Branding Iron ($23). Thanks to its set of interchangeable letters, you no longer have to rely on your cooking to... [More]

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Noble Verjus

We're already familiar with Noble's blended maple syrups, but this Noble Verjus ($28) opens a whole new page in their tasty book. Made of fresh, unripened grape juice, this golden liquid is an elegant way to add a touch of tartness to a wide variety... [More]

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The Original Bacon Kit

Forget those pallet headboards and tutorials for making new cardigans out of old sweaters. We've found the most badass DIY project you can tackle. The Original Bacon Kit ($31) comes stocked with everything you need to transform a bland slab of pork belly into that... [More]

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Jeni's Sweet Corn & Black Raspberries Ice Cream

They're not ingredients we would have ever thought to put together, but now that we've seen it, this Jeni's Sweet Corn & Black Raspberries Ice Cream ($12) sounds like the frozen essence of summer. Give this unusual combination a try and find out for yourself.... [More]

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Heirloom Tomato Sauces

Love tossing those exotic Brandywines and Cherokee Purples into your summer salads? Well, there's no reason the flavorful fun can't last all year long, thanks to these Heirloom Tomato Sauces ($14). Take your pick of four single-varietal flavors - Green Zebra, Yellow Roman, Orange Strawberry... [More]

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Game of Thrones House Sigil Mini Cookies

Sex, blood, betrayal, and baked goods. This set of Game of Thrones House Sigil Mini Cookies ($16) combines two of our favorite things: the on-screen version of George R. R. Martin's filthy, violent, epic fantasy, and dessert. They certainly don't give them away, but the... [More]

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Flavored Birch Wood Toothpicks

They're possibly the most embarrassing date-killers after forgetting you set an alarm with a Bieber ringtone: bad breath and something funky sticking in your teeth. Take care of both problems in one fell swoop with these Flavored Birch Wood Toothpicks ($5). A little trip to... [More]

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Alice in Wonderland Energy Drink

Want to make a quick trip through the looking glass? Cut down on caffeine for a week or two and then down this Alice in Wonderland Energy Drink ($5). With a healthy dose of just what you need to get your motor running, it'll have... [More]

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NW Elixirs #1 and #2 Twin Pack

Food a little blah lately? Spice it up with some hot sauce (red, green, or both) from the #1 and #2 Twin Pack ($17). We just about died from yum overload when we grilled chicken wings and tossed them with melted butter and several dashes... [More]

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Golf Drinking Game

Believe it or not, there are drinking games out there that don't require a ping-pong table. In fact, this Golf Drinking Game ($16) would fit neatly onto a desk or coffee table. Refine your swing as you try to keep your itty-bitty ball out of... [More]

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Absinthe with Black Salt Caramels

Some sweets and treats sound downright naughty. These Absinthe with Black Salt Caramels ($9) from Jonboy, for example, seem like the sort of thing we should have to walk behind a special beaded curtain to buy. They're spiked with small-batch absinthe from the Pacific Distillery,... [More]

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Salted Caramel Sauce

It doesn't matter whether you're the type to mix up a batch of your own homemade ice cream or the type to impulsively snag a few cartons at the supermarket - a bowl full of melty goodness will taste like heaven when topped with a... [More]

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Sable & Rosenfeld Tipsy Cherries

A classic Manhattan cocktail is made from nothing but booze, except for that pesky cherry - until now. Plop one of these whiskey-soaked Sable & Rosenfeld Tipsy Cherries ($6) into your next cocktail, or use them to top a delightfully adult ice cream sundae.... [More]

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Out N About Bamboo Utensil Travel Set

It pays to be prepared, and while we're not sure how often we'll need to whip out a spare set of cutlery, packing our purses with the Out N About Bamboo Utensil Travel Set ($15) seems like a good way to never go hungry. The... [More]

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Origami Wine Tote

True to its name, the Origami Wine Tote ($25) stores flat thanks to notched stitching in the fabric. Transporting your vino? Pop open the tote and nestle your bottle safely inside. It comes with a gift tag in case you want to gift both the... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Nektar Honey Crystals

Keeping a bottle of honey in your office desk drawer is a gamble. Knock it over when the cap is loose and you'll be feeling the sticky consequences for days. Stashing a box of Nektar Honey Crystals ($7 for forty packets), on the other hand,... [More]

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Cereal Marshmallows

Remember eating cereal as kids and avoiding the grainy bits in favor of the delicious sugary marshmallows? Oh, how we'd shake our undeveloped fists at the heavens and lament "Why, oh why, can't they make a cereal that's just marshmallows!?" (That's actually how a lot... [More]

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Laughing Man Dukale's Dream Espresso

We admit it. Hugh Jackman could be selling vacuum cleaner attachments, and we'd suddenly develop a passion for clean carpets. But instead, the singing studmuffin has put his seal of approval onto something we're already nuts for: caffeine. Laughing Man Dukale's Dream Espresso ($14) is... [More]

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Royal Baby Biscuit Tin

Currently, people the world over seem to be divided into two different camps: those of us who are eagerly gobbling up news about the new royal offspring, and those of us who just want the gawking to stop. Can we offer a peace token? Let's... [More]

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brushed nickel ferris wheel cupcake holder 100 small.jpg

Brushed Nickel Ferris Wheel Cupcake Holder

We've got our reasons for liking this Brushed Nickel Ferris Wheel Cupcake Holder ($65). For one, it's more original than a cupcake tree. Two, it reminds us of the uncomfortable Ferris wheel scene from The Notebook. Three, we like to play with food. Four, we... [More]

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