EveryDrop Water Filter

You faithfully filter your water at home, but what happens when you're on the go? Do you grab your water bottle and fill 'er up at the drinking fountain at work? Filter water through the portable EveryDrop Water Filter ($20) and enjoy clean, yummy H2O... [More]

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Askinosie Chocolate Roasted Cocoa Nibs

Imagine chocolate was good for you. And we mean seriously good - good enough that you could stuff it into your face without worrying a bit about your waistline. Well, sometimes dreams really do come true. Askinosie Roasted Cocoa Nibs ($11) have all the flavor... [More]

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PB Crave Variety Pack

We like our peanut butter the way we like our heroes in spy movies - mixed in with something bigger. Offering premium natural peanut butter blended with wild honey and additional delicious ingredients, the PB Crave Variety Pack ($18) includes three different flavors: Cookie Nookie... [More]

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Brad's Vampire Killer Kale Chips

We never thought we'd be raving about vegan cheese-flavored kale chips, but dreadlock our hair and call us Joaquinoa, we are in LOVE with Brad's Vampire Killer Garlic & Vegan Cheese Flavor Kale Chips ($8). They're crunchy, salty, spicy, and c'mon, you can't help but... [More]

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Norpro Pie Topper Cutter Set

We're not saying the way you top your pies is wrong...we're just saying that our way is the only way that's right. With this Norpro Pie Topper Cutter set ($9), you can use the cherry design to decorate your cherry pie or the leaf design... [More]

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Young's Double Chocolate Stout

So many of our favorite things come in double chocolate form. Brownies, cookies, ice cream...the list goes on. Now we can add yet another of our beloved treats to it: beer. Young's Double Chocolate Stout ($4) packs a super chocolately punch with a healthy dash... [More]

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Handpainted Tiffin Carrier

Be the envy of the entire office with the Handpainted Tiffin Carrier ($75). Imagine walking down the halls with your lunch in this stainless steel beauty while passing your coworkers as they fumble with their Tupperware and plastic baggies in crumpled up, slightly wet paper... [More]

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Thanksgiving 101

Oh, crap. Turkey Day is staring us down and we're at a loss for how to start our meal planning. Maybe we can manage to throw together a T-day dinner from the recipes in Thanksgiving 101: Celebrate America's Favorite Holiday with America's Thanksgiving Expert ($7)... [More]

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Republic of Tea Tea of Good Tidings

Too often something "tasting like Christmas" means it'll make you feel like a cinnamon stick exploded in your mouth. Not so this Tea of Good Tidings ($12) from Republic of Tea. This holiday-inspired blend gives the usual spice-bomb flavor philosophy the pass, instead using a... [More]

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Maze Cafe Coffee Cup and Saucer Set

The Maze Cafe Coffee Cup and Saucer Set ($15) finally gives a purpose to that one stray drop that always seems to escape the cup somehow! We no longer have to settle for sticking our finger in it and drawing simple shapes on the desk.... [More]

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HomeMade Gin Kit - Christmas Blend

Don't let the festivities and smiling decorations fool you - the holidays are stressful...and you're going to need something harder than eggnog. Thankfully, the makers of the HomeMade Gin Kit are now offering a Christmas Blend ($10): cinnamon, clove, ginger, and rosemary. The Kit alone... [More]

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Big Bite Brittle

Some holiday traditions shouldn't be skipped, no matter what the state of our current diet regime. There's that tasty glass of eggnog, the requisite sprinkle-dusted sugar cookie, and of course, a chunk of good, old-fashioned peanut brittle. Big Bite Brittle ($17) delivers that annual indulgence... [More]

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Dark Chocolate Malted Fudge

If you don't immediately want to attack this jar of Dark Chocolate Malted Fudge ($11) from Dave's Homemade with a spoon then you've got better self-control than we do! In fact, we defy you to think of a better combination of words. (And while you... [More]

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Shark Bowl

[Insert Jaws Joke Here]! The Shark Bowl ($17) is way more fun than you'd think finding a huge lump of something in your cereal would be!... [More]

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Your husband always looks askance at your stack of monthly subscription boxes full of beauty products, but it's just envy. Surprise him with a Mantry subscription ($75/month), and not just because we think it has the best name ever. We know he'll dig the five... [More]

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Absinthe Gumballs

One of the most potent alcohols in history is now suitable for children! Pop one of the Absinthe Gumballs ($4) in your mouth and you'll swear you're chewing on a green fairy! No alcohol or wormwood, though... :(... [More]

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DAVIDsTEA Gingerbread Rooibos Tea

Pumpkin what? Pssh, it's time to make the switch to winter flavors, like gingerbread! Start simple by brewing yourself a pot of gingerbread rooibos ($8 for 1.76 oz). The loose blend contains crystallized ginger, molasses, cinnamon, and currants to create a sweet and spicy cuppa... [More]

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They Draw & Cook

We're usually drawn to cookbooks that house tantalizing photos of steaming seafood dishes or chilled chocolate tarts, but after flipping through They Draw & Cook: 107 Recipes Illustrated by Artists from Around the World ($16) by Nate Padavick and Salli Swindell, we have a new... [More]

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White Drinking Chocolate

Move over, pumpkin spice lattes, it's time for hot chocolate to take a spin in the spotlight. If you're looking for something with a little more depth than your usual Swiss Miss, sip on some White Drinking Chocolate ($21-105) from L.A. Burdick. It may cost... [More]

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Wild Ophelia & The Hunger Games Chocolate Bar Library

Catching Fire hits theaters on November 22nd, and what better way to celebrate than with Vosges's (incredibly messed-up if you think about it but probably still delicious) Wild Ophelia & The Hunger Games Chocolate Bar Library ($60)? Pack your biggest hobo purse with the collection... [More]

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