purely elizabeth Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

How would you like those Christmas baked goods without the New Year's gift of additional cellulite ripples? This purely elizabeth Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix ($9) might just make that impossible dream come true. It exchanges the usual sugary, buttery, refined flour recipe for a concoction... [More]

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Coconut Breeze Sugar

We have big plans this winter to crank up the heat one night and host a "beach party." How great would it be to dance around to the Beach Boys in summer attire while drinking piña coladas rimmed with some Coconut Breeze Sugar ($10) from... [More]

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Booze Hats

Hey, it's a crazy party, so everyone should be wearing a funny hat, especially the guests of honor! Cap off your bottles with these festive Booze Hats ($7), available in Sombrero or Carmen.... [More]

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The Mason Shaker

Now the bartenders at your dream farm wedding/barn dance party can keep every single aspect of the bar thematic with the Mason Shaker ($29). Phew, that stainless steel cocktail shaker was really making our eyes twitch. Mason jars for everyone!... [More]

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Askinosie Chocolate Gingerbread Dark Chocolate Bar

Gingerbread? Chocolate? A wrapper that comes with crayons and a fill-'er-in holiday scene? The Gingerbread Dark Chocolate Bar ($13) from Askinosie Chocolate is setting the bar pretty darn high. Never again will we be satisfied with munching on a Hershey's Kiss or settling for a... [More]

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Dolfin Carnet de Voyage Minibar Set

If we can't travel the world in the flesh, we suppose this Dolfin Carnet de Voyage Minibar Set ($12) lets us do it in the next best way imaginable: by gorging ourselves on chocolate. Each of these six snack-sized bars is spiked with exotic flavors... [More]

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Death Star Lollipops

Ever wonder what the Death Star might have tasted like? We were guessing maybe like an evil that could destroy worlds, or possibly Brussels sprouts. Turns out, it's marshmallow. At least, that's the delicious flavor of these Death Star Lollipops ($15 for six).... [More]

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Magpies Bakeshop Popped Tarts

While we can't technically say that the incredibly scrumptious Popped Tarts ($3 each) from Magpies Bakeshop are healthy for you, we can honestly tell you that they're both better tasting and made from way fewer processed ingredients than their mainstream counterparts. They're a happy alternative;... [More]

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Custom Edible Image Cookies

You could take a few classes or apprentice yourself to a master to learn how to painstakingly craft gorgeously decorated treats...or you could skip the work and just order up a batch of these Custom Edible Image Cookies ($40). These sugary delights come topped with... [More]

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Mariage Frères Loose Leaf Tea

Mariage Frères has tins of loose leaf tea that will blow your mind. Seriously, the French tea company has spent the last hundred and thirty years perfecting the art of the perfect blend. Grab a canister ($25) for your favorite tea drinker, attach a set... [More]

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Sweet + Spice = Everything Nice!

We'd be interested to try these Cameron Hughes and Krave pairings. The Sweet + Spice = Everything Nice! set ($75) includes three bottles of Cameron Hughes wines (two reds and a white) and three bags of Krave beef jerky. It sounds a little strange -... [More]

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Full Set of Style Glasses

These days microbrew popularity is on the rise and there is a seemingly infinite number of choices in flavors and styles. Order the Full Set of Style Glasses ($171) from Etsy seller The Pretentious Beer Glass Company to accommodate your different types of brews. Pour... [More]

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The Modern Gourmet Wing Sauce Variety Pack

Football season: it inspires passion in all of us, even those who couldn't care less about the next field goal. If you're indifferent to the game, you're certainly not indifferent to the tasty Sunday afternoon snacks. And just think how much more exciting they'll get... [More]

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Frosted Snowman Cupcake Molds

Yay! A legitimate excuse to eat three cupcakes at once! Frosted Snowman Cupcake Molds ($14). Comes with four silicone molds.... [More]

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Texas BBQ Smoking Bags

Imagine sitting under a starry night sky while a handsome cowboy cooks you up a thick, juicy steak over a crackling campfire. We can't tell you where to order the sky or (sadly) the handsome cowboy, but you can at least get a taste of... [More]

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Eau Good Filter Water Bottle

We need a new water bottle, and even though we went looking for a plain Jane with no bells and whistles, we came across the Eau Good Filter Water Bottle ($20) from black + blum and couldn't resist. We're intrigued by the addition of charcoal,... [More]

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TheSpanishTin Customizable Spice Kit

Have a variety of spice in life! With this customizable spice kit ($22), you can choose any four of the following: Far East Spain Blend, Hot Smoked Paprika, Nora Chiles, Piquant Rice Blend, Mediterranean Grill Blend, Smoky Spanish BBQ Rub, Mediterranean Rosemary Salt, and Salud... [More]

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Vintage Teaworks Black Tea Merlot

Wine is admittedly awesome. But there are times - nine in the morning, for example - when it isn't exactly appropriate to pour ourselves a glass of Pinot. For those moments, we'll happily turn to Vintage Teaworks' collection of wine-inspired teas. This Black Tea Merlot... [More]

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Andrea Branzi Scoiattolo Nutcracker

We never would have liked a hairless, non-puffy-tailed squirrel until seeing the Andrea Branzi Scoiattolo Nutcracker ($134). Great use of the tail - almost as if squirrels were designed to be metal nutcrackers.... [More]

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Little Devil Bloody Mary Spice Mix Packets

Your favorite eatery just added a Bloody Mary bar to the menu, woo! Unfortunately, they've got a light hand when it comes to the spice mix. Kick it up a notch by stashing a few Bloody Mary Spice Mix Packets ($17) in your purse. Each... [More]

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