Waxing Kara Wildflower Honey

Honey is one of the few foods that doesn't spoil, and that, combined with its subtle nuances in flavor (based on harvesting region), makes it an excellent hostess or housewarming gift. Add lovely packaging, like the great label on Waxing Kara's Wildflower Honey ($18), and... [More]

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Funny Side Up Owl Egg Shaper

Every time we try to shape our eggs ourselves, they always end up scrambled by the end! The Funny Side Up Owl Egg Shaper ($10) takes your boring breakfast and makes it into fun edible art.... [More]

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New York Coffee Cup

Not much says New York like the iconic Anthora cup, designed by Leslie Buck and introduced in the 1960s. Now that it's a little rarer to find these cups in coffee joints around the city, you can invest in this ceramic version ($15) to make... [More]

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Sparkling Wine Making Kit

You rang in this year with a $4 bottle of André. Next year, why not class things up a bit? This Sparkling Wine Making Kit ($80) will help you create your very own bubbly tipple out of your favorite wine in just four to eight... [More]

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Damn Fine Teas

You don't have to be British to be particular about your tea. These Damn Fine Teas ($20) are produced by hardcore tea lovers who weren't satisfied with the run-of-the-mill manufactured teas. Available in Earl Grey, Red-Tailed Hawk (an Indian blend), and three different black custom... [More]

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Zen Dipping Bowl

Oil and vinegar. Ketchup and mustard. Bacon dip and vegetarian dip. Opposing sauces in some respects, but all just condiments at the end of the day. Let the Zen Dipping Bowl ($8) restore harmony without mixing them and turning them all icky.... [More]

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Williams Sonoma Corn  Potato Chowder

Williams-Sonoma Corn & Potato Chowder

The holidays may be over, but it doesn't mean we can't indulge just a little...even if our New Year's resolution was to diet. The Williams-Sonoma Corn & Potato Chowder ($75) can be delivered right to your doorstep so you can dig into a rich and... [More]

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The Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert

Ready to leave behind the comfort of your white Zin bottle and step into the wide world of wines? Let master sommelier Richard Betts help you navigate new territory with his humorous (and scented!) book, The Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine... [More]

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Rum & Cola Tea

A true old salty dog would start the day off with a stiff drink, so we admittedly fall short of that grizzled standard. But at least this Rum & Cola Tea ($15) is infused with the flavors of a classic cocktail, right down to the... [More]

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Alma Lavender Caramel Sauce

We'll be putting this lavender-infused caramel sauce ($8) everywhere once we get it in our grubby little hands. We'll try it on toast and on ice cream, maybe a dab in our coffee, a dollop in our yogurt, as a dipping sauce for fruit, as... [More]

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Ruffian x Izola Lady 3 oz. Flask

The Ruffian x Izola Lady 3 oz. Flask ($27) isn't specifically a flask for the ladies, but all the same, we're digging the eclectic print enough that we'd love to call one of these our own. The three-ounce size is perfect for helping us wet... [More]

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graze Subscription Box

We can one-hundred-percent get behind the graze Subscription Box ($6/month). With a super small price tag, over ninety different natural and healthy snacks, and the option to have it sent to your home or your office, graze keeps us munching on the good-for-us stuff (instead... [More]

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Grasshopper Pie Chocolate Bar

It's a lot easier to sneak bites of a chocolate bar than a piece of pie when you're out and about, but we'd be lying if we said that didn't bum us out. If it was a little more socially acceptable and less of a... [More]

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Taza Chipotle Chili Chocolate

Leave the chocolate oranges to the kiddies. We want our sweets to pack a bit more of a punch. This Taza Chipotle Chili Chocolate ($5) combines rich dark chocolate with a dash of fiery chipotle for a treat with a perfect spicy kick. It's also... [More]

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Milk Chocolate Sardines

These milk chocolate sardines ($14) kind of creep us out. They look just a little too much like scaly, oily fish, complete with the traditional roll-away tin. Will we eat them anyway? Obviously. We'd eat something that looked like a pile of rotting tarantulas if... [More]

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Kusmi Tea Euphoria Blend

Tea is already our go-to feel-good beverage, whether it's a cold night, a bad date, or busting a seam in our favorite pair of jeans that has us down. The Kusmi Tea Euphoria blend ($20) promises to make that hot cuppa just that much more... [More]

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Get Along with your Co-workers Tea

Wouldn't it be great if making your workplace an environment of social harmony was as easy as drinking a hot beverage? Sadly, this Get Along with your Co-workers Tea ($5) probably won't stop Ethel from hoarding all the Post-it notes or prevent Gary from monopolizing... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Truffle & Porcini Mushroom Gnocchi

Handmade gnocchi efforts? Ehhh... let's just say that the globs of goo were technically edible, but not exactly appetizing. We'll stick with scarfing down World Market's Truffle & Porcini Mushroom Gnocchi ($3) until after we've had a bit more practice. Sure, it's packaged food, but... [More]

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Emerald Polka Dot Chocolate Lollipops

You'd think that the most impressive thing about the Emerald Polka Dot Chocolate Lollipops ($12-17 for five) by The Frosted Petticoat would be the flawless design. It's hard to believe that there's chocolate underneath that shimmery exterior, but there is, and the best part? You... [More]

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Chocolate Seduction Cake

Chocolate Seduction Cake

Could it really be...love at first sight? Yup, it sure is! The Chocolate Seduction Cake ($65) is a rich chocolate cake with chocolate Bavarian cream and chocolate ganache covered in fudge-dipped brownies and chocolate chips. We'll take two, please.... [More]

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