Special Guest Post by Natasha at Glo: Ask Natasha

Today's guest post is brought to you by dating, sex and relationships enthusiast (read: obsessive ponderer) Natasha Burton, the Relationships Editor at Glo, a recently-launched lifestyle e-magazine for women. She'll be bringing you her picks of the best products, accessories and books for your love... [More]

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Football: A Woman's Guide

At first, you were just humoring him; the really cute guy who loves to watch college ball on Saturday afternoons with his friends. Now, you're sick of hearing them talk about which first down went through the uprights to fumble into a safety. Or, whatever...Football:... [More]

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Financial Planning for Women

Think of us as older sisters here. We know you're busy. We know you're balancing work and home. We know how tight money can be. But for the love of all that's good, take a little time to learn about finances. Learn how to take... [More]

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The Hunger Games

Will this be the next Twilight? It seems everywhere we turn these days, someone is talking about Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games, a Young Adult trilogy that combines action, adventure and romance. The first book, The Hunger Games ($10), a dystopian tale of a government... [More]

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Your So-Called Life

So here we are, grown women, full-blown adults, and we still find ourselves having those moments of "why is this STILL an issue?" Whether it's confusion over what to do about a relationship, trying to determine the best way to break away from a toxic... [More]

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Am I The Only Sane One Working Here?

You ever have one of those days? The lady who sits next to you in the office is screaming at her boyfriend over the phone, using her "whisper voice," the guy a few cubicles over can't stop clearing his throat, making the very idea of... [More]

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We're tickled by Trespass: A History Of Uncommissioned Urban Art ($26) both because "uncommissioned urban art" is the kindest phrasing for graffiti we've ever heard, and because the works of art showcased in this available-for-preorder book are detailed, beautiful, and often thought provoking... even if... [More]

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The Book of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks

We hope our "readers" will thoroughly "enjoy" The Book of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks ($10) as much as we "did." This little gem, assembled by the creator of the "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks, examines the punctuation mayhem exhibited on signs, menus, posters and placards. Perfect... [More]

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Gunn's Golden Rules

We would read just about anything written by Tim Gunn - or buy anything he read aloud, for that matter - so it's just icing on the nattily-dressed cake that his new book, Gunn's Golden Rules: Life's Little Lessons for Making It Work ($14) is... [More]

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Pets Who Want to Kill Themselves: Featuring Over 150 Suicidal Pets!

If for some reason you have a pet that seems glad, joyous or even remotely happy to have you dressing it up in a ridiculous outfit - said pet is a freak of nature. For all you other pet owners who know the shame you... [More]

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Chivalry Book

Whether he's your knight in shining armor or you just wish he'd hold the bleeding door open for you once in a while, the guy in your life is sure to enjoy reading about Chivalry ($11). The book takes a look at the life of... [More]

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Kids Make Music!

Kids Make Music! ($11) may not turn that special kid in your life into a Mozart, Sinatra, or even Lady Gaga, but it will introduce him to all kinds of musical styles while tricking him into having fun. Even little Eminem had to start somewhere...... [More]

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Pocket Cash

Jim Marshall, legendary music photographer, completed Pocket Cash ($14) just prior to his death, bringing us an inside look at the Man In Black. Never-before-seen photos of his Folsom and San Quentin recordings, as well as intimate moments fill the pages of this stunning collection.... [More]

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Transit Maps of the World Book

Transit Maps of the World Book

We didn't even realize how many cities offered mass transit until we peeked inside the Transit Maps of the World Book ($17). This book was so enlightening...who would have thought we would have learned about the subway system in Lyon while shopping for a gift... [More]

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Breakups & Rejections Book

Oh, the torture of breaking off a relationship - whether it's with a guy, longtime acquaintance, or some other unhealthy entanglement. And anyone who has ever been in management (with a heart, that is) knows how completely hideous it is to fire an employee. Breakups... [More]

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Mini Goals Notepad

We start a To-Do list, week after week it grows, week after week we become more discouraged as nothing gets crossed off. Let's start with small goals, shall we, and boost our morale. The Mini Goals Notepad ($10) will give us daily direction in smaller,... [More]

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D.I.Y. Delicious

So maybe you can't reupholster your own couch, or sew yourself a formal gown, or knit a blanket for your granny, but you can definitely whip up something in the kitchen - even if it's just a bowl of cereal, you did it yourself! Expand... [More]

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Not Your Mother's Microwave Cookbook

Microwaves kinda get a bad rap in the kitchen - many serious chefs refuse to even have one - and we used to just use ours to nuke frozen dinners and popcorn... 'Til we discovered there was more that little box could do, thanks to... [More]

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This Is A Call: The Power

Yes, we own The Secret DVD, book and book on CD - so naturally we were super pumped to hear Rhonda Byrne was introducing a follow-up, The Power ($11). The Power is said to help us understand how to change our relationships, money, health, happiness... [More]

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Start 'em young learning their alphabet and developing an eye for clever design with Alphabeasties and Other Amazing Types ($14). The animals formed out of letters bring out our inner typography geek, and it's time to pass that on to the next generation.... [More]

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