The French Laundry Cookbook

If you've ever had the luck to eat at The French Laundry in Napa Valley, you'll already know that owner Thomas Keller is responsible for making the most delicious and elegant French food imaginable. If you haven't gotten to Napa Valley we suggest picking up... [More]

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Celebrate: A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. is arguably one of the most influential and inspiring men our country ever had the honor of claiming as a citizen. He peacefully fought for equality, spoke of hope, and reminded our nation that we were not a united whole until... [More]

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The Book of Disquiet

We suspect that there are really only two reactions possible for any of you who pick up this book: you'll either be exasperated or mesmerized. Put us down for mesmerized. The Book of Disquiet ($12) is a collection of fragments written and compiled under that... [More]

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Quick and Easy Japanese Cooking

We like quick prep meals, and we love eating ethnic, so Quick and Easy Japanese Cooking ($15) is a perfect cookbook for our hectic schedules and discerning tastes. Using simple preparation and tools most of us have already (although a donabe pot would be a... [More]

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Big Little Felt Universe

With all our friends having babies, we figured it would be more personal to give handmade gifts (and cool toys) rather than generic onesies and bottles. Or, give Big Little Felt Universe ($17) and a giant stack of unique felt as a fun gift for... [More]

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Traveler's Atlas

There is nothing nerdy about loving geography (and knowing where different countries are), after all a fifth of Americans can't even locate the US on a world map. Don't be part of the 20%. Traveler's Atlas ($58). For all your happy travels.... [More]

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It could just be that it's lunchtime and we're uncomfortably hungry, but we definitely think Scanwiches ($23) is a coffee table book worth owning. We're all for food porn, but it's especially appealing when the delectable items featured are things we could actually make and... [More]

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Japanese Braiding: The Art of Kumihimo

We're seeing braided jewelry everywhere this season and although we love the look of cord and bead jewelry, we can't justify the upwards of 400 dollars price tag that comes with the pieces we're immediately drawn to (what can we say, we have good taste...).... [More]

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Lonely Planet's 1000 Ultimate Experiences

Anything that helps us from spending yet another boring weekend re-organizing our creative corner in the home office is welcome in our house. With tons of suggestions for amazing places to visit and experience, Lonely Planet's 1000 Ultimate Experiences ($16) will keep us exploring new... [More]

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Puffin Classic Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie Hardcover

It's no secret that physical books are sadly going out of vogue. We hope this inspires more publishers to publish more pretty, hardcover versions of books like this copy of Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie ($17). It's just one in a series of cloth bound... [More]

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Saveur Comfort Foods Book

Saveur The New Comfort Food Book

Our New Year's resolution may be out the door already. We've set our sights upon this sinfully rich and delicious book packed with recipe upon recipe of palate pleasing American and international comfort foods from macaroni and cheese to huevos rancheros. Saveur The New Comfort... [More]

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The Fortune Telling Book

Using tea leaves and a crystal ball, The Fortune Telling Book ($11) claims to give handy tips on divining your future and discovering what's in store for you (if you believe in that sort of thing...) Will this year be the year we pen that... [More]

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Fortune-Telling Birthday Book

We see wisdom in your future. Possibly a tall dark man. Definitely hilarity. Fortune-Telling Birthday Book ($7).... [More]

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Best In Travel 2012

Have you ever found yourself with an open week or long weekend and thought "Well, what should I do with this free time?" Slap yourself right now if the first thought that popped into your head was clean your apartment and catch up on the... [More]

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Essence of Chocolate

Like dirty romance novels, Essence of Chocolate ($21) is one of those books you take in the corner of the bookstore to read in privacy. No one an accuse you of being obscene while you lustfully read through and make plans to copy what you... [More]

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Mini Cupcakes Cookbook

So let's see... If these are mini cupcakes, does that mean we can eat 10 for the price of 2 regular sized ones? Will we be judged if we eat the whole tray? We love us some mini things, and cupcakes are top of the... [More]

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I Know How To Cook

While the title ranks right up there with "Everybody Poops" as strangest book title ever, we are a little in love with idea of having 1400 french recipes at our fingertips. For the first time ever, I Know How To Cook ($45) has been translated... [More]

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The Greens Cookbook: Extraordinary Vegetarian Cuisine from the Celebrated Restaurant

If you've ever been to Greens vegetarian restaurant in San Francisco, CA, you know that they don't serve amazing vegetarian food. They serve amazing food. Period. You will not miss the meat at all. If one of your New Year's resolutions is to incorporate Meatless... [More]

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Bon Appetit

This year we swore we were going to eat less processed foods and more meals from scratch. And while we ate considerably more fruits and veggies, we also defaulted to eating out when the boxes of whole wheat couscous and raw chicken looked too daunting... [More]

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Better Each Day

Anything that can help us unplug from the internet (damn you Facebook and your addictive qualities!), stick to our good health diet, and teach us to relax is something we sit up and take notice of. We tend to shy away from books that make... [More]

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