I Know How To Cook

While the title ranks right up there with "Everybody Poops" as strangest book title ever, we are a little in love with idea of having 1400 french recipes at our fingertips. For the first time ever, I Know How To Cook ($45) has been translated... [More]

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The Greens Cookbook: Extraordinary Vegetarian Cuisine from the Celebrated Restaurant

If you've ever been to Greens vegetarian restaurant in San Francisco, CA, you know that they don't serve amazing vegetarian food. They serve amazing food. Period. You will not miss the meat at all. If one of your New Year's resolutions is to incorporate Meatless... [More]

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Bon Appetit

This year we swore we were going to eat less processed foods and more meals from scratch. And while we ate considerably more fruits and veggies, we also defaulted to eating out when the boxes of whole wheat couscous and raw chicken looked too daunting... [More]

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Better Each Day

Anything that can help us unplug from the internet (damn you Facebook and your addictive qualities!), stick to our good health diet, and teach us to relax is something we sit up and take notice of. We tend to shy away from books that make... [More]

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Architectural Digest

Confession: We got a free subscription for Architectural Digest ($24) thinking we'd just enjoy looking at the gorgeous homes they featured inside. While we absolutely love seeing the homes of French aristocrats to Hollywood celebrities, we were totally sold on our first issue by the... [More]

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American Fashion Travel

We already had a bad case of wanderlust, but American Fashion Travel ($45) has got us itching to explore our planet even more thanks to its travel tips, hotel suggestions, and packing ideas. See how the designers we love travel, what inspires them, and where... [More]

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The Happiness Diet

Maybe it's the way our skinny jeans have gotten so tight they threaten to cut our circulation when we sit down, or the fact we can sleep eight hours and still feel exhausted each morning, that we decide it was time to take a look... [More]

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The Big Book Of Boy Stuff

While the title says boy, this book is actually cool for either gender. The Big Book Of Boy Stuff ($12) is filled with funny stories, facts (Did you know someone actually died from getting hit in the head by a turtle?), how-tos, and jokes that... [More]

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Reamde by Neal Stephenson

If you liked "Snow Crash" and "Cryptonomicon" you're going to love Reamde ($20) by Neal Stephenson. Consistent with his previous action-filled adventure thrillers, Reamde is one of those books you won't be able to set down. Save it for after Christmas (keep it under the... [More]

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American Fashion Cookbook

It would seem that the American Fashion Cookbook ($45) would consist of low flavor carb chicken dishes and desserts consisting of paper thin apple slices and a glass of cold water (after all, those models and designers look like they don't eat like the rest... [More]

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Yiddish With Dick And Jane

You could say: 'That crazy lady was complaining on and on about her family and how they're all jerks. And I told her 'Relax and have something to eat.' Or you could say: 'That meshugana was kvetching on and on about her mishpocheh and how... [More]

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Handmade Hellos

Last time we went to pick up a card at the store we turned it over and saw it cost five bucks. Five bucks for a piece of paper?! We'll spend an evening crafting cool cards and watching chick flicks rather than pony up serious... [More]

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2011 Holiday Gift Idea: The Lego Ideas Book

Ah, we remember when we were just little lasses playing with the buckets and buckets of Legos our older brothers had amassed. Where was The Lego Ideas Book ($15) back then? We settled for building houses, cities, and cars in mismatched color combinations, but we... [More]

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Make Art Mistakes

Encourage your little Picasso to hone their art skills with the Make Art Mistakes ($17) sketchbook. Full of fun drawing exercises and entertaining quotes and graphics, this book is just what they need to get their creative juices flowing. Tuck it into a stocking or... [More]

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The Handbook Of Practical Spying

Small enough to tuck in a trench coat pocket, but detailed enough to cover all your spying needs, The Handbook Of Practical Spying ($10) is the perfect gift for your CIA aspiring younger brother or generally busybody uncle. With exercises to prepare you for covert... [More]

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Personal Library Kit

Nothing ticks us off more than lending a favorite book only to have it disappear into the great wide yonder. The Personal Library Kit ($16) helps you keep tabs on your favorite novels and non-fiction and also stands in as a great prop for that... [More]

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Farts Around The World Book

Farts Around The World Book

Expand your horizons and learn about global flatulence. Do the French really fart? Oui oui Are Americans really proud of their obnoxious noxious farts? Yup Learn more and listen as this book comes equipped for a sound unit to convey those pleasant sounds. Farts Around... [More]

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The First Real Kitchen Cookbook

Ah, one of the first true hurdles of adulthood: learning to make something other than pancakes and ramen in the kitchen. For those of you who've realized that woman cannot survive on froyo and pizza alone (and still fit into her jeans, at least), check... [More]

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The Art of French Baking

The Art of French Baking ($45) is not something we would ever attempt to master. It is, however, something we know our bestie wants to learn to do like a pro. We're getting her this for Christmas because someone's going to have to help her... [More]

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Cats in Costumes Zine Comic

For whatever reason (probably the exponentially increasing number of cats in our house), we've been given tons of little books about cats, and this year we wouldn't be surprised to receive this Cats in Costumes Zine Comic ($4). It features 22 pages of, well, illustrated... [More]

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