The World's Best Street Food

Our friends are always going on and on about the delicious street tacos they've devoured (without us, no less) all over Los Angeles. Gloat much? We're going to buy Lonely Planet's The World's Best Street Food ($15) so we can have our own culinary adventures... [More]

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Modern Patchwork

Gone are the days of granny-looking quilted projects and country-chic (isn't that an oxymoron?) accessories. Modern Patchwork ($15) actually features projects we'd want to display and give away (without having to worry about whether the recipients like them). We'll start with the cool laundry bag... [More]

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AFAR Magazine

The thing about travel is that it's addictive. One moment you're working away and the next you're lost in a daydream about hiking Machu Picchu or strolling the rain-dampened streets of Paris with a handsome stranger on your arm. The only way to cope is... [More]

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The Party Dress Book

You're working a room of eligible bachelors when a skank walks in wearing your exact dress. Biotch. Who does she think she is? Eliminate "who wore it best?" moments by snatching up The Party Dress Book ($17) and creating your own one-of-a-kind numbers. We've delved... [More]

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Super Natural Every Day

If you are what you eat, and you eat from Super Natural Every Day ($15), does that make you a magical being? (Being well-nourished for once will make you feel like one!)... [More]

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While we're not all vegetarians here, exactly (mmm, steak on the grill...), we do recognize that we should take a moderate approach to our carnivorousness. Herbivoracious: A Flavor Revolution with 150 Vibrant and Original Vegetarian Recipes ($16) gives us scrumptious ideas for those days we... [More]

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Creepy Cute Crochet

Oh look, a knitting pattern for a sweet kitten playing with a darling mouse, all supervised by a wise owl. Yawn. Been there, done that. Creepy Cute Crochet ($13) avoids all those saccharine-steeped craft ideas littering the market. Why not make a brain-craving zombie or... [More]

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Mrs. Lilien's Cocktail Swatchbook

While we're always up for adding a signature cocktail to any soiree, it can be such a buzzkill to search for recipes or wade through some bartender's almanac. Not only does Mrs. Lilien's Cocktail Swatchbook ($10) make finding (and following!) a recipe easy, its format... [More]

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Marshmallows: Homemade Gourmet Treats

Anyone who knows us knows our affinity for marshmallows runs deep. Real deep. Deeper than Kafka, Tolstoy, and Hugo rolled together. If we had it our way, nearly every dessert would have some layer of fluffy goodness. That's why we're buying this Marshmallows: Homemade Gourmet... [More]

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Salad for Dinner

Oh, hey, Summer. We see you brought your friends Bikini, Short Shorts, and Tube Top with you. We were going to just have ice cream tonight, but since you skinny bitches are all here, looks like it's time to bust out the Salad for Dinner... [More]

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Ever wonder how to achieve that perfect wing tip eyeliner? Or are you seriously confused about what kind of brow would compliment your face (it's not any of these)? Ask ($7 on sale) has your answer. Bella Blissett (that has to be a fake name,... [More]

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Nigella Express

Recently we saw a grown woman purchasing a cartful of frozen cardboard pizzas and canned soups. Honestly? That's teen boy food. Life's too short. Sure, we're all crazy busy, but that's no excuse to suffer through freezer-burned TV dinners. We deserve more! Call an end... [More]

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The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

We've been gobbling up Alan Bradley's delicious Flavia de Luce mysteries as fast as we can order them! Flavia, an eleven-year-old amateur detective who spends her days conducting experiments in the chemistry lab of her family home, seems to have a knack for finding trouble... [More]

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I Was Here Travel Journal

No more scrawling your name on bathroom doors and scratching your initials into dinette booths (though we hope you already know not to do that). The I Was Here Travel Journal ($17) is a cool notebook that helps keep track of where you've been, which... [More]

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SnApp Shots: How to Take Great Pictures with Smartphones and App

Every time a photo op happens, the most accessible camera on hand is on our phone. For better or for worse, you'll rarely see us lugging around a separate point-and-shoot or SLR. We're hoping that the tips and tricks in Adam Bronkhorst's SnApp Shots: How... [More]

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Heat Wave

Did you know that don't have to be a fictional person to read Richard Castle's best-selling crime novel, Heat Wave ($11)? We can't wait to dive into the mystery, intrigue, and romance surrounding Kate Beckett...err, we mean Nikki Heat! We know, we know! It's just... [More]

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Atlas of Remote Islands

The biggest obstacle we face in our plans to see the world is being broke. Author Judith Schalansky had a different problem: the Iron Curtain. Deprived of the right to travel, she instead played tourist in her mind, exploring the planet through books. In her... [More]

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Dreaming in French

We read Dreaming in French: The Paris Years of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, Susan Sontag, and Angela Davis ($16) in one sitting. (We finished on a Sunday morning at 3:00am!) Kaplan captures Kennedy, Sontag, and Davis as young women during their coming of age years abroad.... [More]

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Weber's Time to Grill

If it were up to us it would always be time to break out the Weber. What's not to love about smoky meats and tender veggies? Grilling can be a quick way to get dinner to the table on crazy weeknights, so we turn to... [More]

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A Perfectly Kept House Is The Sign Of A Misspent Life

A Perfectly Kept House Is The Sign Of A Misspent Life ($55). We couldn't have said it better. This awesome book is a reminder that you can have all the messy things you love while still maintaining a stylish home. It's all in the arrangement.... [More]

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