Decomposition Book

No, it's not a zombie owner's manual. The Decomposition Book ($8) is Bookbinders' clever take on that classic black-and-white classroom staple. Each one is made from recycled paper in a plant that uses bio-gas-derived energy. Blank, unlined pages mean that what it holds is only... [More]

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Bibliophile Gift Set

We've bought Paolo Coelho's The Alchemist eight times. Apparently people find it so inspiring, they have to steal it. We've decided to make that a little trickier by papering our next copy with the contents of this Bibliophile Gift Set ($10). In addition to two... [More]

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Peter Reinhart's Whole Grain Breads

It's getting colder out, which means our carb cravings are ratcheting up right alongside our oil bills. And when it comes to carbs, no one satisfies quite like master baker Peter Reinhart. Lucky for us, he finally decided to turn his talents to mastering Whole... [More]

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America's Cheapest Family

It's holiday shopping season, which means so long, cash flow. Unless, that is, we grit our teeth and take some much-needed advice from the authors of America's Cheapest Family ($10). They've packed this book with tips and tricks for keeping your life in the black,... [More]

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Certainly we're not promoting smoking by bringing you this set of TankBooks ($14 for one or $78 for them all). We just love the packaging and that aura of days gone by. Each book is the same size as a pack of cigs, so they'll... [More]

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How to Swear Around the World

Admit it: what is the language skill you really need while abroad? It's not finding out how to get to the zoo. You want to be able to blaspheme like a native. How to Swear Around the World ($13) will teach you how to do... [More]

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The Vegetable Box Cookbook Collection

Got an avid gardener in your life? We've found the perfect gift for them: The Vegetable Box ($37). This cute little package contains a bevy of veggie-themed books packed with recipes and ideas for using up all that fresh produce. It might even save you... [More]

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Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America

While we sometimes wish it weren't so, Pawnee, Indiana doesn't really exist. Fortunately, we can keep the ruse alive by reading Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America ($8) by Leslie Knope. After perusing detailed descriptions of Pawnee's colorful history and current local celebrities, we're ready... [More]

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The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook

Those bags of frozen rice from Trader Joe's have been meeting all of our immediate needs lately, but we're trying to improve our attitude (and habits) and we think The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook ($12) might help. It's full of recipes for all sorts of... [More]

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The Baby Owner's Manual

We're pretty solid on basic car maintenance. We're also whizzes at using our food processors and getting the router up and running. But when it comes to knowing how to handle a squalling, squirming bundle of mini-human, we are completely and utterly at a loss.... [More]

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The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook

Pretty much all of our favorite recipes come from Smitten Kitchen, so we are beyond thrilled that The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook ($20) is finally here - and full of delicious recipes and photos so lovely you'll start salivating. We know we'll be putting our copy... [More]

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Preserving Food Without Freezing or Canning

Think you've got hippie street cred? Think again, mortal. You can't call yourself truly crunchy until you've salted your own codfish. Preserving Food Without Freezing or Canning ($23) describes some seriously old-world techniques for keeping stuff botulism-free through those long, cold, post-apocalyptic winters - without... [More]

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Rustic Fruit Desserts

'Tis the season for warm, gooey, flaky, fruity desserts like apple pie and cherry cobbler. You know, all those desserts that we pretend are healthy because they have fruit in them. If you're looking for inspiration and recipes, Rustic Fruit Desserts ($14) contains everything you... [More]

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Double Delicious!

Jessica Seinfeld's first book made creating delicious and healthy baby food easy. But you weren't about to feed the rest of the family pureed carrots for dinner. In her newest cookbook, Double Delicious! ($18), she includes older siblings and even the adults in the health-food... [More]

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Fifty Shades of Bacon

Tantalizing. Steamy. Drool-worthy. And just the right amount of wrong. And now, with bacon. Need we say more? Fifty Shades of Bacon Cookbook ($20)... [More]

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Fun Stuff Holiday Recipes

Fun Stuff: Holiday

We know you love to bring something when you're invited over for Thanksiving, but your mom emailed us and asked us to drop a subtle hint that your baked brie and raspberry appetizer is getting a little old. Be sure to pick up a copy... [More]

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Red Rain: A Novel

The master of YA spooks, R. L. Stine, has a new goosebump-raising tale out for adults. Red Rain ($17) is a supernatural thriller complete with creepy child twins and haunted islands, perfect for those of us who grew up devouring his words by flashlight under... [More]

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We know e-readers are seemingly replacing books, but we're going to maintain that there are too many word nerds in the world to let the printed page go extinct. We'll safely invest in a few Zipmarks ($9 each) to show our solidarity with our fellow... [More]

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Halloween with Matthew Mead

Buying Halloween with Matthew Mead: Style Made Shockingly Simple ($10) feels a little like we're cheating Martha, the queen of Halloween. But we need some new inspiration, and Matthew Mead's style is impeccable! We can't wait to test some of the drink recipes!... [More]

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Vampire Forensics

Think vampires all look like the studs on True Blood? We wish. But the truth behind the now heavily-sexified myth is a bit more on the gruesome side. In Vampire Forensics ($15), Mark Collins Jenkins examines the real history behind the bloodsucking folklore, uncovering some... [More]

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