Double Dot Mini Cooler

Oh, won't you be the coolest Mom, sending your baby off to college with the Double Dot Mini Cooler ($59). This adorable little cooler is perfect for keeping beer water and soda in her dorm room - no dealing with that nasty communal fridge! This... [More]

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Mini Locker Notes

Not that we would ever encourage anything other than solid, focused dedication to proper schooling, but if you were going to pay attention to something other than algebra (like Justin Bieber's hair... is that what the kids are into today?), wouldn't you want to write... [More]

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Personal Shopper: A Prep School Wardrobe for Laura K's Senior Year

Laura K. writes, "Okay so I'm a big fan of Outblush and have been since I was like twelve (which is a line that I know you've gotten about sixty times but it's true!), and I'm a tad apprehensive about sending in a personal request... [More]


Essential 10: REAL Dorm Room Must-Haves

Okay, so some "College Dorm 101" checklists will spout off a ten-page list of stuff like an espresso machine, treadmill, Xbox, and waffle iron. You're smart, so you know most of the stuff on these lists is unnecessary bupkus. But what should you actually bring,... [More]


Personal Shopper: Dorm Bedding for Jeanetta

Jeanetta C. wrote, "Hi! I love Outblush! I am going to be a freshman in college and I leave to move into my dorm in less than 4 weeks but i have no bedding - not even a cute blanket! If you guys had a... [More]



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ReMu Junior Bags

Start your kids on the path to reusable and recycling with the ReMu Junior Bags ($11). Water resistant, machine washable and adorable, these rocking bags hold up to 30 pounds. Perfect for that freshman heading to her first grocery store trips without Mom and Dad!... [More]

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1500iD Speed Dial Combo Lock

Here's one for the gamer in your life headed back to school this fall: Master Lock's new 1500iD Speed Dial Combination Lock ($11) might look like a normal combo lock with a quick first glance, but this lock actually works by simply pushing the center... [More]

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Juicy Couture 'Toile' MP3 Alarm Clock

The Juicy Couture 'Toile' MP3 Alarm Clock ($98) is begging to be given to that soon-to-be freshman fashionista. It'll be hard to curse at the 8 o'clock alarm when it looks so darn cute and features an MP3 dock and of course, snooze button! Seriously,... [More]

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Amy Butler Laptop Wrap

Maintaining some personal style while you protect your electronics is always a plus, but the thing that really gets us are cases with some panache and functionality. This Amy Butler NOLA Laptop Wrap ($80) really takes the cake, because not only does it come in... [More]

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Linea "Bota" Triple-Panel Floor Screen

Instead of a new bedding set or pots and pans, how about hooking up that college freshman with some way cooler gear for their new living space. The Linea "Bota" Triple-Panel Floor Screen ($190) is great for dividing small spaces and giving privacy. The screen... [More]

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IM Text Shower Tote

Now that graduations are over, the search begins for the freshest in campus and dorm gear. The IM Text Shower Tote ($8) is perfect for carrying the essentials to the dreaded communal showers with hip instant message and text message emoticons. The tote is water... [More]

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"Like" Stamp

For the teachers in your life, the "Like" Stamp (£9.99) is a back-to-school gift must! Imagine how hip and cool the kids will think she is when she stamps their papers with a Facebook thumbs up. We know you wanna with the "with it" supervisor... [More]

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Personal Shopper: A Backpack of Awesomeness for Tara

Tara writes, "I have flown into a panic. Why? Because next year I start college and I just cannot figure out what to replace my giant, old, JanSport backpack with. (it was really meant for hiking--it's that big!) I love it, and it served me... [More]


Fresh Wave Stinky Dorm Kit

We loved college, but we did not love "Eau de Dorm," that distinctive aroma of hundreds of hard-partying laundry-doing newbies crammed into a small building for months on end. Gah! If you've got a pal heading to the residence halls soon, they'll definitely appreciate the... [More]

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Postalco a6 Notebook

There's something so infinitely romantic about a good piece of stationary. In this time of iPhones, smart phones, digitized pens, and laptops that weigh less than your latte, it's easy to forget the simple joy of taking the time to write a note, a thought,... [More]

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How Many Licks?

Wanting to challenge your brain or answer some of life's more curious questions? How Many Licks?: Or, How to Estimate Damn Near Everything ($10) takes a humorous and educational look at how to best estimate things like how many people are having sex at this... [More]

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Know It All No. 2 Pencil Set

We've all got a know-it-all in our lives, and now we can beat 'em at their own games with a set of Know It All No. 2 Pencils. ($11 for set of 6) Keep 'em at your desk , and you'll feel ever so smart... [More]

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KoKo Sadie Lunch Bag

The insulated KoKo Sadie Lunch Bag ($25) takes brown bagging it to another level. Very uptown girl, this cute sack sports an awesome tartan plaid that's easy to wipe clean and will keep your lunch from getting smooshed on your commute. We could totally see... [More]

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Miso Soup K Workstation

Too bad dorm rooms never look as elegant as the Miso Soup K Workstation ($Inquire). If Bill Gates was our sugar daddy (sexy), maybe we'd get this sleekly modern two-toned workspace as a back to school present... But until pigs fly, we'll have to appreciate... [More]

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unch box-s.jpg

Munchler Four-Pack Lunchbox Set

Built NY's cute food and drink containers make great back to school solution. Meet Benny, Boo, Lefty and Meadow, the cast of characters that make up the Munchler Four-Pack Lunchbox Set ($23). Thanks to award-winning ilustrator Stephen Savage, our zoo animal friends have tons of... [More]

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