PostalCo A6 Notebook

Keep the small A6 Notebook ($18) from PostalCo on hand for jotting down quick notes. (A6, for those of us who are used to measuring paper by inches, is about 4"x6"). It'll slide easily into your purse, take up minimal room on your desk by... [More]

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MAKR Farm Ruck Sack

The school year may be almost over, depending, so we're not suggesting you get a Farm Ruck Sack ($165) from MAKR to carry your books as you trudge to class. Nope, this utilitarian bag is better served storing all the things you need for an... [More]

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Boy, Snow, Bird: A Novel

Boy, Snow, Bird ($17) is one of those books you end up begging all of your friends to read (buying them copies if need be) just so you have someone to talk about it with. It's a breathtaking, unsettling interpretation of the classic Snow White... [More]

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Uni Promark View Highlighter

Pardon us for getting all excited over a pack of highlighters, but seriously, why aren't they all designed like these Uni Promark Views ($15 for five)? The middle part of the tip is clear, letting you see exactly what you're highlighting as you drag the... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Livework Mechanical Pencils

Sure, you can buy a whole pack of simple No. 2s for the same price as one Livework Mechanical Pencil ($4 each), but where's the fun in that?! These lovely-colored writing instruments will brighten up your desk space whether you use them to jot down... [More]

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Marie Study Planner

Do your "study plans" usually consist of a series of exhausting last-minute all-nighters? Maybe it'd be worth investing in this Marie Study Planner ($21). Not only will it look cute in your backpack, it'll also help motivate you to get some of that work done... [More]

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Russbe Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bag Set

Ditch disposable sandwich bags and opt for the Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bag Set ($6) from Russbe. The durable plastic bags come in packs of four - two sandwich-sized bags and two snack packs - and are dishwasher-safe and ready for use and reuse.... [More]

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Briggi Rouge Fleur Lunchbox

Back when we were in middle school, the "cool kids" brown-bagged their lunches, but these days, bento boxes and fabric containers are redefining the lunch hour. Set your sights on this Rouge Fleur Lunchbox ($28) from Briggi. The insulated nylon bag is adorned with a... [More]

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Robot Pencil Case

Sure, we can do just about anything we need to these days on our smartphones. But we figure you'll want to start toting an assortment of old-fashioned writing instruments around with you anyway, if it gives you a reason to carry this Robot Pencil Case... [More]

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Eat A Salad Organic Lunch Bag

Head out to eat at your favorite quiet spot during lunch hour and no one will be the wiser that your new Eat A Salad Organic Lunch Bag ($20) really contains last night's Chipotle leftovers!... [More]

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SuperME Cape Backpack

Grown-ups get new backpacks in September, too, right? Because we are so rocking one of these SuperME Backpacks ($39). Hello, it comes with a cape and mask. If anything is going to get us to hustle into the office, it's a backpack with a cape... [More]

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Dakine Jewel 26L Backpack

This tough-stuff Dakine Jewel 26L Backpack ($70) is not messing around! It's loaded with handy pockets (including a small, lined pocket for your sunglasses!), a cushioned laptop sleeve, and even an insulated cooler flap for storing water bottles or snacks like yogurt and fruit. With... [More]

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Mean Girls Pencil Set

Back when Amanda Seyfried was only a supporting actress and Lindsay Lohan had at least the semblance of innocence, there was this little movie called Mean Girls. Relive the classic with the Mean Girls Pencil Set ($8), six pencils each with their own separate quote.... [More]

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Frozzypack Lunchbox

We've never found ourselves facing the problem of how to keep leftover sushi cold before we can tackle it at lunch the next day, and not because we have the awesome Frozzypack Lunchbox ($25), which keeps foods fresh and cool for up to seven hours,... [More]

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Lunch Mail

Your kiddos may claim that the best part of lunch is the sandwich cookies/fruit leather/Dunkaroos (do they still make those?!), but we bet their grins get even bigger when they see notes from Mom tucked inside their boxes! Lunch Mail ($8) makes it easy to... [More]

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Cupcake Good Lunch Snack Sacks

Ditch wasteful plastic baggies and pack lunch snacks in these reusable fabric Cupcake Good Lunch Snack Sacks ($14) from Oré. Each set includes three bags in different sizes for holding everything from fruits and veggies to almonds to a few handfuls of cereal. If cupcakes... [More]

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Secret Message Writing Set

It's always embarrassing having your note read out loud to the entire class - especially if it's about someone in the class! The Secret Message Writing Set ($6) contains two pens with special ink that's only visible under black light. Where are you going to... [More]

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Bubble Lunch Tote

Who knew carrying your lunch in an organic cotton lunch bag was so badass? Rebel Green did! Their Bubble Lunch Tote ($24) features a bubble-gum-chewing vixen who will give you a daily reminder to reduce, reuse, recycle, and rebel. While the first three are self-explanatory,... [More]

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Fuzzy Wuzzy Pencils

The vivacious colors and cuddly texture of the Fuzzy Wuzzy Pencils ($8) will bring you comfort when you need it most: while taking tedious history notes and writing out never-ending algebraic equations.... [More]

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Ack! The school year is starting in earnest and there're a thousand and one things on your to-do list. But school lunches? Pfft, it's in the bag. Or box, as the case may be. Boxtera ($35 per month) is a subscription service that sends a... [More]

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