A Collegiate Collection: For the Southern Belle

Gimme a "S"! Gimme a "T"! Gimme a "Y"! Gimme a "L"! Gimme a "E"! What's that spell?


Ok, no it doesn't. But we weren't English majors (we totally were) so don't expect much. But what we do expect from you as a loyal Outblush readers is that y'all be well versed in the language of back-to-school arts which is why we bring to you A Collegiate Collection: For the Southern Belle. Any girl should know that college is a place of higher learning (duh) but it's also a place to showcase your fashion chops. You should develop a stronger sense of style along with a strong GPA, never compromising one for the other. You should be the prettiest, smartest co-ed you can possibly be. And with these university must-haves, you'll be on the Outblush Dean's List every semester.

Supply List for Class:
Once you get over thinking that class is a chance to dress up in high heels with your best jeans and a full face of makeup on, you'll be thankful we told you to stock up on (#1)Hanes tanks ($8) and (#2) Soffe shorts ($8). Pair that with a university hoodie and you'll be set for 75% of the year. Crash course in footwear: despite the heat index of 112 degrees, (#3) UGG Boots ($150-200) in all their glory are required footwear for any female this side of the Mississippi. (Mind you, we at Outblush do not condone wearing UGGs, but for whatever reason they are necessary campus apparel.) This same shoe paradox applies to wearing (#4) sandals ($30) and (#5) Sperrys (shown $89) when it hits 31 degrees (maybe) in the afternoon during the winter. It just happens that way here in the South. The same way (#6) Vera Bradley ($12-118, depending on bag style) happens, in the same pattern for every possible bag/wallet/school supply need all at the same time.

Late Night Wardrobe Changes:
Like totally, for sure, you just got a manicure. And you need somewhere to show it off. And in the South (or basically any college town), you're going to get gobs and gobs of frat party invites and Back-to-School BOGO offers on beer pitchers that require a sensational outfit. While (#7) two grand is a lot to spend on a cocktail dress, you need a good quality outfit that you can wear over and over. Frankly, no bar cares how many times you've worn that dress. Plus, frat parties are always themed, so have loads of (#8) toga dresses, (#9) knee-high socks and (#10) mens' ties around for costume decor.

Game Day:
Sipping Firefly and lemonade out your monogrammed (#11) Tervis ($20) tumbler has been and always should be a cherished Southern extra curricular activity done while wearing (#12) school letters, (#13) jean shorts and (#14) coordinating hair ribbons. Simple as apple pie.

A-B-C's of Fashion:
Don't fuss too much on what you wear to class. Honestly, it's too hot and the walk is too long to care. Trust us. We've been there, done that, literally got 15 t-shirts.
A: Cute tank tops ($27) and simple shorts will get the day-to-day job done.
B: On days when getting dressed is just too much of a chore (read: Thirsty Thursday are not always your best friend), cotton dresses will be your best bet.
C: Transition from class time to coffee date on campus with ease by dressing it up just a touch more with maxi dresses. (Bonus points for showing a little skin up top without revealing too much down below.)


One Ring to Rule Them All

Posted on 08.30.11 at 1:07 PM

I just want to mention that I went to college before UGGS. Or at least I didn't see them on campus, and Magzilla and I went to the same college.


Posted on 08.30.11 at 1:37 PM

Thanks for the UGGS disclaimer. I live in Florida and girls here still find them necessary. I can't help picture a herd of elephants when I see a group of girls walking towards me in them.


Posted on 08.30.11 at 2:09 PM

I'm not saying any one person should wear them, I'm just saying they happen. Like Lady Gaga's meat dress.


Posted on 08.30.11 at 3:22 PM

Plus, um, hi, it's Florida, where it's always super hot and humid... WHY WEAR FLEECY BOOTS? (Especially if you're wearing them with cutoff shorts and a tank top. WTF?)


Posted on 08.31.11 at 11:29 AM

Can we have one of these for schools in the Northeast???

Amy C

Posted on 08.31.11 at 4:48 PM

This is pretty spot on, except (at least in Texas) it's actually pretty rare to see Uggs out if it's over 60 (I know, it's still a pretty high temp for fleece boots, but we don't like the cold), and NOBODY wears soffee shorts anymore. It's almost all nike shorts, the ones that curve up a little on the side, and oversized greek shirts.


Posted on 09.02.11 at 4:28 PM

Sperry's have also gone the way of Soffe shorts, OUT (at least at Ole Miss).

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