Fightin' Words Mitten Pattern

Better break out those needles now. You'll want to get stitching so that you'll have the results of this Fightin' Words mitten pattern ($4) ready to wear by the time cooler weather hits. Their comic-book-inspired design is sure to make you the envy of all... [More]

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Decorate-Your-Own Pet Figurines

You love your pets, it's just...did you ever think maybe you could have designed them better? These Decorate-Your-Own Pet Figurines ($8) allow you to recreate your four-legged friends - or create better versions and show genetics how it's done!... [More]

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The Anselm Bookbinding Kit

Wondering what the heck you could possibly do with this Bookbinding Kit ($28)? How about preserving those adorable toddler scribblings, creating an old-school tribute to your most recent awesome vacation, or prettying up that poetry collection you're too shy to send to a publisher? 'Nuff... [More]

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Original Buddha Board

The tagline for the Original Buddha Board ($35) mentions "the art of letting go." Why are all the most important life lessons the hardest? Luckily, the beauty of this board is its impermanence - the water you draw with evaporates, leaving a blank canvas time... [More]

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Versacolor Ink Pads

After hours of Etsy shopping, you've amassed yourself quite a collection of adorable stamps for crafting those invitations, thank-you notes, and other paper projects. So doesn't it burn to be confined to boring blue or black? Break open a whole new world of design possibilities... [More]

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Merchant & Mills Entomology Pins

Skewering defenseless butterflies isn't on our agenda, and we might not be quite up to the task of sewing our own silky underthings. But that doesn't mean we couldn't find a good use for these Merchant & Mills Entomology Pins ($10), like adding an extra... [More]

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Mechanical Music Box Set

There's something enchanting about music boxes, but it's hard to find a porcelain ballerina twirling to something as pop as Lady Gaga. With the Mechanical Music Box Set ($20), you write or transcribe the songs you want to hear via paper strips - anything from... [More]

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Tie-Dye: Dye It, Wear It, Share It

Turns out, tie-dye does have a place outside of sixth grade summer camp. The tips, tricks and projects in Tie-Dye: Dye It, Wear It, Share It ($17) prove that hippie chic can actually be just plain chic. But you could always make yourself a rockin'... [More]

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Chalkboard Tablet

You know the friend or family member we're talking about: the one who refuses to get a Facebook account, won't enable their phone to receive text messages, and - when forced to use one - types on a computer with two index fingers and a... [More]

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Placecard Stamp Set

Turning those dinner parties into fancy affairs just got cheap and easy. With this Placecard Stamp Set ($20), you can transform any scrap paper you've got on hand into pretty and personalized labels. Now all you have to do is figure out how to make... [More]

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Banner Stamp

Whether you're planning on announcing a marriage, a baby, or the fact that you've managed to squeeze back into your skinny jeans, this Banner Stamp ($40) will help give a fun, party-like air to your notes and cards.... [More]

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Wool and the Gang Shakti Shorts Knit Kit

You've already stocked yourself, your friends, and your relatives with scarves, socks, and sweaters. Ready to take on something a little more funky with those needles? This Wool and the Gang Shakti Shorts Knit Kit ($75) will put your talents to fashionable good use crafting... [More]

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Pretty Things Inside Paper Tape

Getting a package in the mail is already fun, but just think how much more excited that special giftee will be when she sees it sealed with this Pretty Things Inside Paper Tape ($10). You'll just have to make sure whatever you put inside justifies... [More]

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Face It Stickers

"Personification" isn't just a vocabulary word from English class anymore! These Face It Stickers ($5) allow us humans to actualize our dreams of making inanimate objects more like us! (Because if that chair had feelings, it would feel envious that it wasn't human.)... [More]

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642 Things to Draw

Yeah, yeah... And artists are supposed to be the creative ones. But most illustrators and doodlers know that if you successfully manage to get past phase one, actually sitting down to draw, then phase two, deciding what to draw, always seems to come as a... [More]

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Darby Smart DIY Kits

Looking to get more crafty? You're in luck! Darby Smart collaborates with bloggers, designers, and stylists to create DIY Kits ($varied). Each designer masterminds a project, from gilded votive candles to studded clutches, and Darby Smart packages it all up for you. Your box will... [More]

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Subversive Cross Stitch

Cross-stitch designs sound just like Grandma's voice, don't they - which is exactly what makes Subversive Cross Stitch ($12 for Basic Kits, $20 for Deluxe) so great! Check out the store to see the all the hilarious messages, from "Hell Is Other People," to "Shut... [More]

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Mixed Heart Balloons

While any type of balloon can take a get-together and turn it into a celebration, a bunch of Mixed Heart Balloons ($5 for 10) can take a celebration and turn it into a classy, romantic affair. These pretties have engagement photo shoot or rehearsal dinner... [More]

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Ribbon With Ruler

This Ribbon With Ruler ($22) is a great way to add a rustic touch to your gift wrap, your centerpiece, or almost anything else crafty. It'll also come in handy if you find yourself with a sudden, desperate need to measure something.... [More]

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Mixtape Stamp Activity Kit

We get it - sharing a Spotify playlist is way easier than burning a CD for your friend, but at least the CD still hearkens back to its predecessor - the beloved mix tape. Plus, this way you have something to embellish with this awesome... [More]

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