Doodle Duvet

Are you tired of bland, traditional duvet patterns and prefer something with a little more dinosaur on it? The Doodle Duvet ($50) lets you "draw on it, wash it, and do it again." Its personal touch has the spirit of a memory quilt - but... [More]

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Steampunk Bag of Gears

When working with steampunk clothes, where are you supposed to shop for, materials? This Steampunk Bag of Gears ($3) might be useless to a watchmaker, but to the right designer, it's exactly what they've been looking for.... [More]

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HomeMade Gin Kit - Christmas Blend

Don't let the festivities and smiling decorations fool you - the holidays are stressful...and you're going to need something harder than eggnog. Thankfully, the makers of the HomeMade Gin Kit are now offering a Christmas Blend ($10): cinnamon, clove, ginger, and rosemary. The Kit alone... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Heart Pegs

Surprisingly, these darling Heart Pegs ($5 for ten) from Down Under meet our Cheap Thrill requirements, even with regular international shipping charges. What you do with them when they reach your doorstep is up to you. Attach them to packages for pretty presentation, use them... [More]

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Watercolor Postcards: A Portable Studio

If what our moms said was true, the best gifts are homemade (even though they never wore those macaroni necklaces we slaved over...). Why then should you send someone some crappy old postcard when you could paint one yourself - in watercolor! Watercolor Postcards: A... [More]

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Make Your Own Snow Globe Kit

They never got around to making that snow globe for Albuquerque, did they*? No worries, because you can do it yourself with the Make Your Own Snow Globe Kit ($28). Finally natives of Death Valley, the Atacama Desert, and the Australian Outback can join in... [More]

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Day of the Dead Iron-On Transfer Patterns

You know what that throw pillow's missing? An elaborately decorated sugar skull. And you know what would look great on that shirt? An elaborately decorated sugar skull. What would jazz up this tablecloth? Hmm, my instinct is saying an elaborately decorated sugar skull. If we... [More]

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Cavallini & Co. Vintage Maps Stickers

You know what that steamer trunk you're using for a coffee table is missing? These Cavallini & Co. Vintage Maps Stickers ($15), clearly. They'll help make it look like a truly well-traveled thrift store find instead of something you picked up at Walmart.... [More]

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Made By Hand

With great power comes great responsibility, and if you can make a birdhouse without it turning out to be your tenth ashtray this month, then you are powerful indeed and must exercise your gift. Best-selling author Lena Corwin's Made By Hand ($30) contains twenty-six craft... [More]

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Not Very Dangerous Tool Pen Set

Want to feel handy? Write down that to-do list with something from this Not Very Dangerous Tool Pen set ($20). Instructing someone else to get that dishwasher back up and running by way of a scribble from a faux pair of pliers will make you... [More]

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Disorderly Conduct Merit Badges

Let's see... would you rather show off a flag badge for helping the community, or a sugar skull badge for celebrating life? Depends on where your priorities lie, but we much prefer the Disorderly Conduct Merit Badges ($8 each, $115 for a set) - which... [More]

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Flavor Stripes Pen

Remember smelly markers? Who'd have thought enticing children to huff chemical fumes would be such a hit? This Flavor Stripes Pen ($25) reminds us of those good old brain-cell-killing days.... [More]

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Stitch (The) Stars 2014 Calendar

Constellations are the stitch patterns designed by the universe, and you're settling for "Home Sweet Home"? The Stitch (The) Stars Calendar Kit ($25) comes with twelve constellation cards, an embroidery needle, and a skein of glow-in-the-dark floss!... [More]

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Andy Warhol Philosophy Pencils

Add a little extra inspiration to your scribbling with these Andy Warhol Philosophy Pencils ($9). Each one is imprinted with a different bit of wisdom from the soup can man himself, from "Wasting money puts you in a real party mood," to "In the future,... [More]

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Skull & Crossbones Wax Seal

Give your letter recipients the momentary sensation that you're out to get them with this Skull & Crossbones Wax Seal ($12). Sealed letters are classy enough - the skull and crossbones just take it to the next level.... [More]

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Yours Truly Stamp with Ink

While the days of penning beautifully calligraphed letters may be long gone, you can still sign yours with style by using the Yours Truly Stamp with Ink ($28) by imm Living. Okay, so using a stamp may be cheating on the penmanship front, but it'll... [More]

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My Mini Masterpiece

You always liked painting but never wanted to do anything big with it - nothing over five inches. My Mini Masterpiece ($12)... [More]

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Tulip Fabric Spray Paint

Changing the color of upholstered furniture is tricky - you can't just use regular paint like you can with wooden furniture or slow-moving people. Luckily Tulip Fabric Spray Paint ($5) works on any fabric. Our tastes change quickly, but our furniture wears down slowly.... [More]

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Gold Feather Journal

Good things happen when you use the Gold Feather Journal ($22) from Raven & Lily to pen your thoughts. Not only are you writing down your words in a gorgeous artisan-made wood and leather notebook, but you're also ensuring that part of the proceeds from... [More]

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DIY Fortune Cookie Kit

Clever, outside-the-box-style pranksters... you're welcome. The DIY Fortune Cookie Kit ($10) is a great novelty for parties and a great resource for mayhem. It includes twelve pre-baked cookies, instructions on how to make and insert your own fortunes, and - the kicker - resealable pouches... [More]

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