Disorderly Conduct Merit Badges

Let's see... would you rather show off a flag badge for helping the community, or a sugar skull badge for celebrating life? Depends on where your priorities lie, but we much prefer the Disorderly Conduct Merit Badges ($8 each, $115 for a set) - which... [More]

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Flavor Stripes Pen

Remember smelly markers? Who'd have thought enticing children to huff chemical fumes would be such a hit? This Flavor Stripes Pen ($25) reminds us of those good old brain-cell-killing days.... [More]

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Stitch (The) Stars 2014 Calendar

Constellations are the stitch patterns designed by the universe, and you're settling for "Home Sweet Home"? The Stitch (The) Stars Calendar Kit ($25) comes with twelve constellation cards, an embroidery needle, and a skein of glow-in-the-dark floss!... [More]

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Andy Warhol Philosophy Pencils

Add a little extra inspiration to your scribbling with these Andy Warhol Philosophy Pencils ($9). Each one is imprinted with a different bit of wisdom from the soup can man himself, from "Wasting money puts you in a real party mood," to "In the future,... [More]

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Skull & Crossbones Wax Seal

Give your letter recipients the momentary sensation that you're out to get them with this Skull & Crossbones Wax Seal ($12). Sealed letters are classy enough - the skull and crossbones just take it to the next level.... [More]

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Yours Truly Stamp with Ink

While the days of penning beautifully calligraphed letters may be long gone, you can still sign yours with style by using the Yours Truly Stamp with Ink ($28) by imm Living. Okay, so using a stamp may be cheating on the penmanship front, but it'll... [More]

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My Mini Masterpiece

You always liked painting but never wanted to do anything big with it - nothing over five inches. My Mini Masterpiece ($12)... [More]

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Tulip Fabric Spray Paint

Changing the color of upholstered furniture is tricky - you can't just use regular paint like you can with wooden furniture or slow-moving people. Luckily Tulip Fabric Spray Paint ($5) works on any fabric. Our tastes change quickly, but our furniture wears down slowly.... [More]

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Gold Feather Journal

Good things happen when you use the Gold Feather Journal ($22) from Raven & Lily to pen your thoughts. Not only are you writing down your words in a gorgeous artisan-made wood and leather notebook, but you're also ensuring that part of the proceeds from... [More]

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DIY Fortune Cookie Kit

Clever, outside-the-box-style pranksters... you're welcome. The DIY Fortune Cookie Kit ($10) is a great novelty for parties and a great resource for mayhem. It includes twelve pre-baked cookies, instructions on how to make and insert your own fortunes, and - the kicker - resealable pouches... [More]

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Pop N' Play Castle

Honestly, where were these totally awesome Pop N' Play Castles ($50) when we were kids?! Oh, that's right, we built them out of cardboard blocks and our imaginations. All the same, we're not hatin'. In fact, this cardboard castle ought to foster plenty of imaginative... [More]

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Make Your Own Bubble Gum Kit

You DIY-ers never know when to quit, do you? The Make Your Own Bubble Gum Kit ($26) comes with everything you need to make a quarter-pound of gum in the flavor of your choice! (Spoiler Alert: most of the ingredients are sugar.)... [More]

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Sashimi Gift Wrap

While we don't encourage wrapping fish in the Sashimi Gift Wrap ($5, single sheet) - let's leave that job to the seaweed - we think it'll certainly add a bit of fun to your packages.... [More]

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Bird Washi Tape Dispenser

If you're a big fan of washi tape, we're guessing you're also fond of adorable desktop accessories. Unite the two, and you get this bird-shaped Washi Tape Dispenser ($20), which will hold your favorite roll at the ready. Now whenever the urge to decorate an... [More]

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Eiffel Tower Scissors

Add a touch of Pair-ee to a mundane activity? You don't have to ask us twice. These Eiffel Tower Scissors ($8) look so natural, it's almost like they built the tower afterwards.... [More]

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Thrill Murray Coloring Book

Remember when you were a kid and used to get lost in coloring books full of your favorite cartoon heroes? Nowadays, as adults who still use coloring books, your tastes have become more sophisticated and your subjects have shifted from ponies and princesses to iconic... [More]

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Lumi Inkodye Starter Kit

Bear with us - the Lumi process is kind of involved, but if you can do it, it's a cheaper alternative to silk-screening. First, buy the Lumi Inkodye Starter Kit ($30) with the help of an awesome intermediary website - we suggest Outblush. Then, once... [More]

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Retro Oven Cupcake Box

Download, print, and fold your own Retro Oven Cupcake Box ($4 for the PDF). The adorableness is almost overwhelming! The file also includes cupcake flag designs, ready for your own clever phrases or notes: thank guests for attending your party, cheer on the local ball... [More]

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Crayon Bandolier Belt

Warning: No matter how cool her crayon organizer is, your child's still not going to clean them up on her own. Crayon Bandolier Belt ($25)... [More]

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DIY Ukulele Kit

Painting and assembling a custom ukulele ($45) with your kid might be approaching a new record level of twee, but if you don't try out this DIY project together, you might never find out if you've got a little luthier or a Tinier Tim on... [More]

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