Color Me Girl Crush

Good news for ladies who love ladies (but not necessarily in a sexual way)! The Color Me Girl Crush ($11) is a cool collection of drawings by Mel Elliott featuring some of your favorite female celebrities. Grab some crayons and get to coloring stars like... [More]

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Jerk Balloons

We know a fair amount of a-holes who could use one (or more!) of these Jerk Balloons ($9 for 25). Each one sports a fitting insult, like "you suck," "you're a douchebag," and "I hate you." And while we know it's ridiculously passive-aggressive, we'd happily... [More]

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Pizza Pennant Kit

College shmollege! Instead of celebrating your allegiance to your alma mater, you should create and tack up pennants ($30) that give a nod to your favorite junk food: pizza. Just make sure you order a piping hot pie while you sew felt pepperonis onto your... [More]

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Orb Pencil Sharpener

Sketching on the go? Don't forget to pack your bag with an Orb Pencil Sharpener ($12) from j-me. The ergonomic shape rests easily in the center of your palm for quick pencil sharpening and the cup keeps the shavings from scattering all over your work... [More]

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Doodling Robot

Uh oh, the robot takeover of humanity is on its way. In the future, even art will be created by robots. Who needs creativity when a vibrating machine gripping pens can make a picture worthy of hanging on the refrigerator? Might as well give in... [More]

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Zap! Embossing Heat Gun

Crafty ladies for the Second Amendment! We may not be all that familiar with real pistols, but best believe we rarely leave the house without our trusty Zap! Embossing Heat Gun ($30). You can't be a boss embosser without some hot air; Zap! speeds up... [More]

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No Coke in the Bathroom Cross-Stitch Pattern

We're willing to teach ourselves to cross-stitch if it means we'll be able to create this hilarious sign. We may or may not be planning to hang it on the bathroom door before our roommate's next snooty wine-and-cheese party with her uptight work friends. No... [More]

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Rotating Love Stamp

Do you enjoy the cheesy romantic phrases on those Valentine's Day conversation hearts but can't stand the chalky flavor? The Rotating Love Stamp ($12) allows you to skip right to the lazy pickup lines and pound them all over notes to your friend. With phrases... [More]

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Wood Handle Custom Return Address Stamp

Your handwriting is rubbish! It'd be fine if you were a doctor (but then wouldn't everything be better if you'd just gone to med school like your mother asked?) but as it stands, you look like a slob. There's no easy solution for improving your... [More]

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Potholder Kit

Remember this toy from your childhood? You made your mother more brightly colored potholders than she knew what to do with. Now you can share that activity with kids of your own. The Potholder Kit ($18) is nearly identical to the set you used as... [More]

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Cavallini Cats Rubber Stamps

That totalitarian committee that calls itself your "town council" has forbid you from having more than five cats in your household. What kind of communist nonsense is that?! Fortunately, there's no ordinance against decorating your home with countless pictures of cats. With Cavallini Cats Rubber... [More]

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City Toile Wrapping Paper

We bet a gift wrapped in a bit of City Toile Wrapping Paper ($9 for 3 sheets) from Rifle Paper Co. will get admired before it's even opened. It features recognizable landmarks from some of the world's greatest cities. The only time you should stash... [More]

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Make Your Own Ukulele Kit

Take the first step toward YouTube stardom with the Make Your Own Ukulele Kit ($40). Build your own ukulele with this fun DIY kit, paint it to your liking, and then start learning the chords to that catchy Plain White T's song. Assembly should only... [More]

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Superéditions Draw Your Own Book

The hardest part about drawing isn't depicting the human nose accurately or mastering perspective, but thinking of what to draw! The Superéditions Draw Your Own Book ($16) offers very creative suggestions based on a storyline involving an alien on vacation. It just takes one little... [More]

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Liquitex Professional Set of Fluorescent Paint Markers

The strength of paint, with the ease of a marker. This Liquitex Professional Set of Fluorescent Paint Markers ($36, set of 6) permanently applies quick-drying neon colors to just about any surface you desire. Just make sure not to leave them next to your highlighter... [More]

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Speedball Ultimate Fabric & Paper Block Printing Kit

Seventy percent of new business start-ups are internet T-shirt shops. (We swear that's a real fact, don't bother to look it up.) Maybe you're thinking, "Gee, how do I get in on that action?" Start printing your own shirts from home! You don't have to... [More]

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Torafu Stamp Kit

The dumbest stamp you ever bought? Easy, it's that tramp stamp tattoo. What were you thinking? The smartest stamp you'll ever buy? Also easy, it's the Torafu Stamp Kit ($32). This user-friendly set allows you to create various shapes and stamp to your heart's content.... [More]

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Cityscape Decorative Packing Tape

We were hoping for more skyscrapers on this Cityscape Decorative Packing Tape ($7), but even if it looks more suburban than the name would suggest, it's too cute to resist. Best of all, we love that the tape is clear, so that when you stick... [More]

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DIY Bottle Lamp Kit

Recycle your bottles into a cool lighting fixture with the DIY Bottle Lamp Kit ($40). It comes with a metal lamp frame and lamp base, so all you have to do is pick your favorite bottles to illuminate your living space. We won't judge you... [More]

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Brass Colored Pencil Set

You already have some colored pencils in your junk drawer, but hell if you can find the color you need in that mess. The Brass Colored Pencil Set ($75) is pretty enough that you can leave it on your desk at the ready. Why shouldn't... [More]

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