Sunprints Kits

Sure these Sunprints Kits ($15) would make awesome birthday or holiday presents for our nieces and nephews, but we kinda want to make our own abstract art to hang on our fridges. Or our dining room walls. Or to personalize thank you notes. Or...... [More]

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80's Glam Sharpies

Like, these 80's Glam Sharpies ($30) are so totally rad! We are using them to the max! The plain black ones we used to have are so bogus. We are so gonna doodle all over our Trapper Keeper with these, for sure.... [More]

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Cretacolor Calligraphy Set

We have a feeling the next few entries in your journal are going to look like this: 'Dear Journal, I just got a new Cretacolor Calligraphy Set ($18) that I found through my favorite website Outblush! Do you love the way I write my curly... [More]

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Cityscape Stamp Set

Satisfy your architectural fancies with the Cityscape Stamp Set ($30) by Yellow Owl Workshop. Handmade in the USA, you can re-create that charming little scene in your local neighborhood. You know, the one where the old lady refused to sell her house so she now... [More]

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Alvin Multi-Roll Tape Dispenser

If you happen to be one of those Martha-Stewart-esque uber crafty people who's jumped on the Washi tape bandwagon and is using it for everything under the sun, you'll be pleased to see this Alvin Multi-Roll Tape Dispenser ($36). Now you can scrapbook, wrap presents,... [More]

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Simus The Rhinoceros

Those wooden artist dummies are so Art 101. We prefer to channel a little C.M. Coolidge and paint rhinos doing every day things like playing Skipbo, dancing ballet, or reading a paper while eating breakfast in the south breakfast nook. If dogs can play poker... [More]

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Liberty Book of Home Sewing

We're sure that anything you make with Liberty fabric would be insanely stylish, even if you can't sew a straight seam to save your life. However, if you want the pinnacle of chic hand-sewn stuff, take a look at the patterns in the Liberty Book... [More]

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The Cross Bird Twine Holder With Scissors

We could go quoting Julie Andrews and tell you that brown paper packages tied up with string is one of our favorite things, or we could just show you the Bird Twine Holder with Scissors ($35) from The Cross and let you swoon for yourself.... [More]

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Oopsey Daisy Wall Mural Cherry Blossom Birdies

We're pretty sure your little mini-me will be waking up on the right side of the bed every morning when their eyes fall on Oopsey Daisy's Wall Mural Cherry Blossom Birdies ($126) first thing. It kinda makes us think of Japanese cherry blossom festival. And... [More]

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Japanese Washi Masking Tape Set of 2

We've pretty much determined that all gifts from now on will be taped with Japanese Washi Masking Tape ($7). Not only does it add a little color to your present, but it can even substitute as a bow in a pinch. Use it to get... [More]

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Yudu Personal Screen Printer

Forget about wearing same ol', same ol' graphic print tees. The Yudu Personal Screen Printer ($195) makes it easy to start cranking out tee shirts for that clothing brand you've been talking about doing forever. You can also use it to decorate totes, reusable grocery... [More]

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Knucks Temporary Tattoos

Go badass on a temporary basis with Knucks Temporary Tattoos ($5, set of 2) at Tattly. You can adorn your knuckles or wrists with clever words and phrases like, "Lost Luck" or "Stay Fast." Okay, so they're not exactly on the rebel without a cause... [More]

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MrSketch- Markers-small.jpg

Mr. Sketch Scented Water Color Markers

There's a reason mom was able to keep all six kids quiet during church and its name is Mr. Sketch Scented Water Color Markers ($9). Not because we were having a good ol' time drawing but because we spent much of the hour sniffing their... [More]

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Royal Design Studio Feathered Damask Stencil

Is your bedroom feeling a wee bit overly modern? Are you wishing you had a little more masterpiece theater action going on in your house? Get the effect of a chic floral wallpaper without all the pasting, great aunt smell, and permanence with this cool... [More]

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Foxen Fabric

We're not sure if these foxes are practicing square dancing or standing on two legs in preparation for total world domination. What we are sure of is needing this cool Foxen fabric ($18 per yard and up) for re-covering our boring couch pillows or for... [More]

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Alphabet Crayons

Kids, schmids. We want a set of Alphabet Crayons ($39 for full set of 26 letters) all to ourselves. Along with a giant roll of butcher's paper so we can create our own paper tablecloths and spend boring dinner parties doodling.... [More]

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Arrow Olivia Sewing Cabinet

Well hello there, fresh and fun Arrow Olivia Sewing Cabinet ($449)! We've been searching for you, but foolishly we were looking in thrift stores and flea markets. And you know what we found? A lot of junk. Sure, we could spend hours sanding and painting... [More]

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Fairy Cupcake Wrappers

It doesn't matter if you burn the bottoms. It doesn't matter if your frosting's lopsided. It doesn't even matter if they taste good. Guaranteed, you're going to sell the most cupcakes at the bake sale if you wrap 'em in these Fairy Cupcake Wrappers ($25).... [More]

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Rag and Bone Bindery Little Lion Album

When it comes to our more domestic hobbies, we find it a little hard to focus. We were so distracted by knitting, sewing, canning, tatting, needlepoint and greeting card-making that our scrapbooking has gotten a little behind. But the darling Rag and Bone Bindery Little... [More]

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Yoga Me Olive Wood Stamp

Send along some inner peace when you write your friends and family with the Yoga Me Olive Wood Stamp ($7) by A Hue of Duck Egg Blue. It would make a nice little touch to your correspondence, whether you're the type to go all out... [More]

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