Felt Doll Kits

Oh, how we wish we were seven again and we could have a brood of these sweet felt dolls to play with (seriously, why were Troll Dolls the thing back then?). Thank goodness we have a brood of nieces who would love these adorable fairies.... [More]

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Gingerhaus Ultimate Gingerbread House Kit

Somehow we got a mother who made gingerbread houses from scratch, mixed up globs of royal icing to cement it together, and bought unique candies to decorate the house into perfection. We did not inherit that gene, but we still love to decorate. That's why... [More]

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Make Art Mistakes

Encourage your little Picasso to hone their art skills with the Make Art Mistakes ($17) sketchbook. Full of fun drawing exercises and entertaining quotes and graphics, this book is just what they need to get their creative juices flowing. Tuck it into a stocking or... [More]

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Holiday Flower Cupcake Wrapper

Considering poinsettas represent good cheer and success, we think it's only appropriate that you wrap your delicious holiday goodies in these adorable Holiday Flower Cupcake Wrappers ($25 for 25). Because obviously your cupcakes are a success (you made them, after all...) and everyone who eats... [More]

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The Repurposed Library

Let's face it, with iPads, Kindles, nooks and the good ol' internet, books are slowly but surely becoming an afterthought for avid readers. Don't let those shelves full of 'relics' go to waste! The Repurposed Library: 33 Craft Projects That Give Old Books New Life... [More]

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2011 Holiday Gift Idea: Rifle Journals

We (and our pocketbooks!) love the idea of snagging this set of three Rifle Journals ($13) and using them as stocking stuffers or small "any woman" gifts for the holidays. They're small, chic, and we can personalize them by writing a sweet message to the... [More]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Frankie Magazine 2012 Journal

We have a few friends on our gift list this year who are boycotting social media. We'll miss their witty status updates, but know we'll knock their present out of the park with the Frankie Magazine 2012 Journal ($35). It's organized by days and gives... [More]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Where I've Been Scratch Map

The perfect gift for the globe-trotting friend you're secretly jealous of, the Where I've Been Scratch Map ($25) lets them scratch off all of their prior travels with a coin--just like a winning lotto ticket. Which, by the way, is what you'll need to ever... [More]

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2011 Holiday Gift Idea: Pink Orchids Pillow Top Needlestitch

We love a good gift card as much as the next girl, but there's something exciting about unwrapping a present. There's something even more exciting when it didn't come from a detailed list with images. We suggest giving this Pink Orchids Pillow Top Needlestitch ($33)... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: This Took Forever Labels

All those Quick Knits and 2 Hour Craft books are giving us homemade gift makers a bad rap. Look, receivers of handmade goods, just because we could've bought you a cable knit scarf at Target or an apron from Williams Sonoma doesn't mean it was... [More]

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Lace Rabbit Floral Wooden Stamp Set

We doubt we're the only ones who collected stamps as kids? We're upgrading our lame collection of smiley faces and cheap floral stamps (ahhh, the taste of pre-teens) and adding this Lace Rabbit Floral Wooden Stamp Set ($26) to our craft corner. Bust them out... [More]

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Vogue Knitting International Holiday Magazine

We admit we're more than a little jealous of people who can knit their own scarves, sweaters, and stockings. We'd love to join the club of woman who chant 'knit, pearl' quietly under their breath as they click their needles together while a hat magically... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Peering Ninja Decal

It's definitely time to personalize our laptops, and what better way to show off out awesomeness than with this Peering Ninja Decal ($4) from Decal Robot? Maybe when we're out and about, it'll spark up a debate with a hottie about ninjas vs. pirates. We'll... [More]

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Celebrate: Dritz Home Long Straight Upholstery Hand Needles

We love to seize the opportunity to celebrate each and every day - after all, the daily grind can be, well, a grind. We're learning that there are many holidays out there that may not have reached "Hallmark" calendar status, but they still count and... [More]

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Wine Enthusaist Round Wine Cork Board & Trivet Kit Set

Now, this is a craft project we can get behind. We haven't seen the actual instructions on this Round Wine Cork Board & Trivet Kit Set ($30 on sale), but we're guessing that it reads like this. Step 1: Drink a sh*tload of wine. Step... [More]

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Campo Marzio Measuring Tapes

WHY are we bringing you a post about these Campo Marzio Measuring Tapes ($10, each)? Because you're an online shopper! It's always beneficial to have a measuring tape handy when ordering off the internet. We've stocked up because even though most places have easy returns,... [More]

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Crafty Stickers

There's no way you're spending all that time and energy on a handmade gift this year and having someone think you picked it up at Anthro. Sure, theoretically that's complementary since your hand-knit scarf looks like something boho-chic girls would pay $98 for, but in... [More]

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Pretty Little Garden Floral Washi Japanese Tape Set Of 3

The holiday season is busy enough without having to curl 500 ribbons into pom-pom bows. Try wrapping up presents with some Pretty Little Garden Floral Washi Japanese Tape ($10 for 3). It's a contemporary way to do-up packages and looks particularly cool on brown paper,... [More]

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AmeriMist 11 Color Sugar Sanding Kit

Not that anyone expects you to create a sand-mandala on your sugar cookies, but nothing's stopping you from trying with this AmeriMist 11 Color Sugar Sanding Kit ($25). After all, the point of creating a labor intensive mandala is to preach impermanence, right? So, you're... [More]

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Personal Handiwork Labels

Half the point of doing anything crafty is for the recognition, right? Make sure everyone knows just how amazingly crafty and spectacular you are when you sew these Personal Handiwork Labels ($18 for 20 labels) into your work. It tells people, 'Yes, I'm fabulous, and... [More]

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