Flower Cake Wraps Template For Cricut and Sure Cuts A Lot

We're certain no one will notice that bottom of your cake is a frosted mess, the top is sloping, or that one side slid into the back seat when your boyfriend slammed on the brakes at a stop sign he nearly missed. What people will... [More]

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Blom Paper Flowers

Punch out the Blom Paper Flowers ($15) for use in a million and one crafting projects. You can attach ribbons or the included floral wire and use them as gift tags, or stick them onto wooden skewers to make cupcake toppers. We think these would... [More]

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Honest Boy Pencil Sharpener

We never tell a lie. Oh, who are we kidding? We're queens of the little white (big blue) falsehood. That's why we're very glad we aren't cursed to have a body part expand every time we stretch the truth a bit, like the sucker fairy... [More]

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Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter Flocking Powder

Glitter Flocking Powder ($20) isn't just for dusting cards and cutouts. Oh no, friends. Apparently all kinds of quality nail art can be created with it, too! Usually we achieve the sugared look by overeating Peeps, but for lasting results we paint our nails with... [More]

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Color Appeel Crayons

Everyone knows a kid who refuses to color if the crayon is no longer pointy. Annoying, but understandable, no? How can you be expected to color within the lines if you're using a blunt edge? These Color Appeel Crayons ($10) stay sharp and tidy, and... [More]

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"You're Old" Birthday Cake Candles

Birthday coming up for someone special in your life? If you're in charge of the cake, why bother counting candles? (Let's admit: it gets harder every year.) Instead, cover your bases with these "You're Old" Birthday Cake Candles ($7). Like the Magical Sitar, they only... [More]

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Tree Crewel Embroidery

With all our friends popping out babies, we're starting to run out of cool baby shower gifts. We're getting a little sick of buying onesies, bottles, and baby shampoo, and we're planning on giving this Tree Crewel Embroidery ($14) to our next round of knocked-up... [More]

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Deluxe Decorating Pen

We were going to make a joke about how you can get your kids to eat veggies by using the Deluxe Decorating Pen ($17) to let them dress their plate with cheese sauce or ranch. But, let's be honest, we want one for ourselves for... [More]

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Monkey Puppet Kit

When your sister said babysit, she didn't mean plant the kids in front of Dora the Explorer for four hours while you stalk your friends' profiles on Facebook. Establish yourself as the coolest aunt by bringing this Monkey Puppet Kit ($16) to keep the kids... [More]

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Portable Scissors

We can think of many times we've wished we had a pair of scissors handy. Like the time we forgot to cut off the tag on an incredibly delicate silk tee (no ripping of tags there!), and the time we were trying to speed-wrap a... [More]

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Pop Tart Cat Scarf Pattern

After a sugar-fueled breakfast of strawberry Pop-Tarts we had the genius idea to write about "fancy" Pop-Tarts, which, somehow, led us to the most awesome discovery on the Internet. The Pop Tart Cat Scarf Pattern ($5). Fo Realz? Yes, people, you can now grab this... [More]

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Blank Puzzle

We don't know about you, but we think it would be pretty awesome to receive a personalized puzzle as a birthday card. This Blank Puzzle ($7) can be written or drawn on. It can also be left blank, if you're mean.... [More]

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Playing With LEGO Christmas Bricks and Paper Set

We know Christmas is far away, but as the weather starts warming up, we can't help but begin wishing for the holidays and the cool weather that comes with them. Hence this Playing With LEGO Christmas Bricks and Paper Set ($21 on sale), which will... [More]

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Printing by Hand

We can't imagine we're the only ones who have left a fabric store wondering why textiles all look like they were designed by the same three little old ladies. Maybe we're picky, or maybe we just know that the floral meets chevron print that's been... [More]

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Custom Inspector Stamp

Want to leave your mark on the world? It'll be a breeze with your own Custom Inspector Stamp ($23). Get one designed with your own personal logo, and you can label your stuff, stamp your friends, or turn anything flat into an instant business card.... [More]

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Star Trek Knitting Project Bag

By posting this Star Trek knitting bag ($21), we're not suggesting that all knitters are inherently nerdy people who like cult pop culture classics. We're suggesting that all COOL knitters are inherently nerdy people who like pop culture classics enough to show it off twice... [More]

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Beach Stone Buttons

A belt upgrade can take a simple dress from wearable to stunning. Guess what? The same goes for buttons. Ditch the ones that came with your frock or sweater and replace them with these adorable Beach Stone Buttons ($8) to lend a natural, earthy accent... [More]

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Thistle Coin Purse Crewel Embroidery Project

What happens when you put our accessory obsession and our sporadic-but-intense craft obsession together in a confined space? You get this Thistle Coin Purse Crewel Embroidery Project ($25). We're totally going to buy a few to craft and give as gifts for Christmas this year.... [More]

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Martha Stewart Knit & Weave Loom Kit

We just booked a round trip to Peru for under three hundred bucks per person (crazy!), which means that we've saved enough on airfare to buy as much alpaca yarn as our backpacks can carry. Now we just need a Knit & Weave Loom Kit... [More]

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Leese Design iPhone 4 & 4S Cross Stitch Case

For those of us with a crafty sensibility, it's tough to just go with an unadorned store-bought phone case. But before you get out the hot glue gun and rhinestones, check out the Leese Design iPhone 4 & 4S Cross Stitch Case ($24). It comes... [More]

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