Hippo BackPack KnitKit

Adorable alert! We're just been motivated to crank our knitting skills up to the next level, thanks to the overwhelming cuteness of this Hippo BackPack KnitKit ($36). How perfect a present will this sweet animal-shaped carryall make for those little nieces and nephews come Christmastime?... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Monocled Cat and Jack-O'-Lantern Stamp

If there is anything cuter than this monocled cat and jack-o'-lantern stamp ($7), you need to link it in the comments right meow. Because we need to see it and then buy it. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to... [More]

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Slobproof! Paint Pen

We spent half the weekend trying to get our latest Craigslist find up the apartment stairs. The mid-century hutch looks killer in the living room, but the doorframe, on the other hand, looks rather the worse for the wear. The Slobproof! Paint Pen ($20 for... [More]

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Walls Notebook

We constantly scribble in the corners of our notes during meetings, or on the backs of junk mail envelopes when we talk on the phone. But for the next little while we're going to try and keep a Walls Notebook ($17) with us for those... [More]

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Type Selector

Attention, design nerds: we know you're entirely capable of scrolling through fonts on your computers, but how much more aesthetically pleasing is it to browse them by way of this lovely Type Selector ($50)? With 226 fonts, it gives you plenty of gorgeously kerned samples... [More]

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mmiinn X Tape

Fancy up your packages by taping them in X Tape ($19, scroll down) by mmiinn - you can seal your brown box with brass hinges, o-rings, tower bolts, or leather straps. It certainly beats duct tape.... [More]

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Miranda Cat Tape Dispenser

Ditch those flimsy plastic dispensers that come with your Scotch tape (or forty-nine-cent generic brand "adhesive"). Instead, use the sturdy, wooden Miranda Cat Tape Dispenser ($20) in your gift-wrapping and tear-mending. Not only is she cuter to look at, she stands upright properly. You'll be... [More]

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Doctor Who Toile

To celebrate season seven of Doctor Who, sew yourself a simple skirt with Doctor Who Toile ($18 per yard). The pattern may look rather dull at first glance, but soon you'll be spotting Daleks and Weeping Angels peeking out from behind the bushes. Luckily, the... [More]

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MUJI Funny Face Stamp Set

Sure, the MUJI Funny Face Stamp Set ($20) is a bit old-fashioned. Isn't there an app that does the same thing, only with three hundred more facial options? Probs. But isn't spending an afternoon unplugged with your goddaughter or nephew three hundred times more satisfying?... [More]

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The Starry Night Master Kitz

We're thinking of taking up art forgery. We've heard it's pretty lucrative. The only downside? We have the artistic skills of a six-year-old. Lucky for us, The Starry Night Master Kitz ($30) makes it a breeze for us to rip off one of the most... [More]

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Multicolor Tassel Garland

Brighten up your big events with the Multicolor Tassel Garland ($130) from CONFETTISYSTEM. Twelve feet of hand-sewn tassels would look fabulous strung across a head table, or woven together with twinkle lights and hung from the ceiling. There are endless ways to ooh and ahh... [More]

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Smart Smencils

We were already digging Smencils (pencils made of recycled newspaper infused with an array of fun fragrances, from cherry to chocolate). But these Smart Smencils ($45) are more than just an excuse to stick writing utensils up our noses. They pack a powerful olfactory punch... [More]

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Plump Flump Beginner Knitting Kit

We suffer pangs of really, really wanting to learn how to knit well, especially after we peruse places like Etsy. Talk about knit-envy. The trouble is, our total output consists of about a dozen lopsided pot holders and a few sad little dishcloths. Not really... [More]

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Traditional Mexican Paper Flowers

We love the idea of decorating for our next party with these festive paper flowers ($33, bouquet of twelve). The big blooms and bold colors will make for standout centerpieces. We've needed an excuse to try our hand at churros for a while now!... [More]

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OMG you guys, we just took the most ah-maaazing picture and then we totes Instagrammed it so it looks like we took it in the '70s, and we added a focus and it's just the greatest thing ever! Wanna see? Avoid that whole conversation by... [More]

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Flower Cake Wraps Template For Cricut and Sure Cuts A Lot

We're certain no one will notice that bottom of your cake is a frosted mess, the top is sloping, or that one side slid into the back seat when your boyfriend slammed on the brakes at a stop sign he nearly missed. What people will... [More]

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Blom Paper Flowers

Punch out the Blom Paper Flowers ($15) for use in a million and one crafting projects. You can attach ribbons or the included floral wire and use them as gift tags, or stick them onto wooden skewers to make cupcake toppers. We think these would... [More]

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Honest Boy Pencil Sharpener

We never tell a lie. Oh, who are we kidding? We're queens of the little white (big blue) falsehood. That's why we're very glad we aren't cursed to have a body part expand every time we stretch the truth a bit, like the sucker fairy... [More]

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Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter Flocking Powder

Glitter Flocking Powder ($20) isn't just for dusting cards and cutouts. Oh no, friends. Apparently all kinds of quality nail art can be created with it, too! Usually we achieve the sugared look by overeating Peeps, but for lasting results we paint our nails with... [More]

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Color Appeel Crayons

Everyone knows a kid who refuses to color if the crayon is no longer pointy. Annoying, but understandable, no? How can you be expected to color within the lines if you're using a blunt edge? These Color Appeel Crayons ($10) stay sharp and tidy, and... [More]

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