Initial Wax Seal with Bright Red Wax

What's not to love about the Initial Wax Seal with Bright Red Wax ($45)? It's a classy throwback to simpler times, your initial looks great against that wine-red color, and it's so much fun to play with melty wax!... [More]

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Fabled Elegance Wall Mirror

Looking for that "mirror, mirror on the wall..." kind of decor? This Fabled Elegance Wall Mirror ($206) is perfect for any queen who's insecure about her looks - but even commoners with snowy complexions can use some reassurance every now and then.... [More]

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American Girl Crafts Owl Sew & Stuff Kit

Sewing is a useful craft! If we hadn't learned how to mend our own clothes when we were young, we wouldn't have been able to wear the same clothes for twenty years. Give the gift of calloused fingers to the next generation with the American... [More]

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Addi Express Knitting Machine

Can't keep those needles whirring fast enough to keep up with friend-and-family demands for your scarves, hats, and bags? Pick yourself up the Addi Express Knitting Machine ($237) and you can be churning out freaking afghans in no time flat. Think the price tag seems... [More]

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Knitting Chart Keeper

We love to knit, and sometimes we get a little too excited and start working on multiple patterns at once. The variety is great, but trying to remember where we were in a pattern from just glancing at an in-progress project often leaves us scratching... [More]

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Box Play Animal Collection

It's no secret that kids would rather play with an empty box than an expensive toy. Kick up their imaginations a notch by letting them add the Box Play Animal Collection ($14) to their cardboard "toys." It contains enough stickers to turn an empty milk... [More]

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Classic Pigment Ink Set

Add a little more color to your crafting with this Classic Pigment Ink Set ($11). The six earthy hues range from bold black to a subtle blue-grey shimmer. They're perfect for taking those stamping and card-making enterprises to the next level.... [More]

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Pocket Decomposition Notebook

Composition notebooks with pretty covers, sized perfectly for tucking into our purses? We're as giddy as schoolgirls! The Pocket Decomposition Notebook ($6) sheds its black-and-white reputation by virtue of several differently-patterned covers, from toile and floral to wood grain and celestial. That Pegasus is calling... [More]

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Epic Letterpress Combo Kit

Feeling witty? Turn that into some cold hard cash with this Epic Combo Kit ($170). Sure, it's an investment, but when you create your own successful Etsy business churning out cards emblazoned with your clever witticisms, you'll be sure to rake it in.... [More]

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Word. Notebooks

We get it. Because you write words in them. These Word. Notebooks ($10) come in packs of three, so be ready to write a large collection of words. And okay, you could probably draw, too, if you're one to buck convention.... [More]

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Alphabet & Numbers Stamp Set

We couldn't care less whether we actually use the contents of this Alphabet & Numbers stamp set ($23) as stamps. With the aged look and antique-style carrying case, the collection itself makes for one seriously lovely piece of home ornamentation. If we do find ourselves... [More]

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DIY Female Terrarium

Hey, some of us really liked making dioramas in school! And now that we're grown, we have to settle for terraria. No problem, as long as they look as good as this DIY Female Terrarium ($40). This kit comes with the recycled glass bottle, a... [More]

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Recipe Writing Rubber Stamps

Sure, it'll take up more space, but just think how much more fun jotting down those favorite cake and casserole recipes will be with these Recipe Writing Rubber Stamps ($25)? This simple set packs a nicely versatile punch in a playful hand-drawn style.... [More]

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Poppy Drops Glitter Collection

Be the. coolest. auntie. ever. and show up for pampering day with pocketfuls of Poppy Drops. Poppy Drops are the ideal compromise. Mom won't let her pierce her ears yet, and stick on earrings never, well, stick. Glitter Collection Poppy Drops ($8) are temporary tattoo... [More]

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Merchant & Mills Oilskin Sewing Kit

Come storm or shine, we'll be ready to snip stray threads or secure buttons with our Merchant & Mills Oilskin Sewing Kit ($75). And with its classic 19th-century style, we really will look like hero-tailors out of a storybook.... [More]

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Ceramic Chihuahua Stamper

If you had asked us yesterday if we thought we'd have a use for a Ceramic Chihuahua Stamper ($24), we would have looked at you funny and replied with a no. That was before we actually laid eyes on the cutest ceramic pup we've ever... [More]

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Build Your Own Snowman Kit

A snowman may be a temporary piece of yard decor, but does that mean we should settle for letting ours look shabby and poorly accessorized? We think not. That's why we'll be making our frosty friends this year using this Build Your Own Snowman Kit... [More]

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Candle Adhesive

Nothing kills that elegant table decor like a drooping taper. Make sure your decorative accents stay where they're supposed to - and don't end up dripping wax all over everything - with this traditional Candle Adhesive ($7).... [More]

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Yellow Owl Workshop Conifer Stamp Set

Unless they're ugly, Christmas cards are freaking expensive. You know what's cheap? Blank paper and envelopes, embellished with this Yellow Owl Workshop Conifer Stamp Set ($13). If only we could find a way to save on stamps.... [More]

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Walden Pond Handcrafted Bone Scissors

Every now and then, we have to treat ourselves to something utterly impractical simply because it's gorgeous. Most of the time, that happens in the form of a dead-end date. This time, we're picking up these Walden Pond Handcrafted Bone Scissors ($38). The idea of... [More]

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